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  1. I tried the setting the seat back and leaning while turning my head opposite and I must say it worked remarkably well, gets the whole back in to the turn instead of just the neck like I was used to doing. Thanks for the suggestion. That also helped with reducing some motion sickness I was getting before as well, completed an entire mission without feeling like I was going to yak by the end
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. My concern are RL physical limitations where even looking horizontally at a 90 deg angle or with much cervical extension is very challenging and painful. Not looking to do anything that could be considered unnatural. I'll try some of your suggestions and see if they can accommodate enough.
  3. I just recently made to transition to VR with HP Reverb and absolutely love it. However coming from TrackIR I really miss the sensitivity profile settings when turning my head. I have a fixed seat that I play from and turning my head is not as easy as it once was when I was younger. Does anyone know if it's possible to change the ratio of real head to virtual head turn? A curve would be great but even 1.5x would be great.
  4. Your posts and YouTube channel had been a godsend for me. Congrats on 10k. Il2 Operation Bodenplatte please!
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