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  1. Now we need self-propelled Flak and 122mm cannon against Tiger.
  2. Take-off Ground attack Lorenz Single campaign
  3. Tiger is now very well protected.
  4. Zimmerit yet was not used in summer 43. First in 44.
  5. Hi Tante fans, video from Stalingrad career . I recommend for play
  6. Career works wery well, here my dramatic landing with cargo, Stalingrad 20th november :-)
  7. THX, very good historical campaign, Now I played v1.3 on 2.010. I had no problem with functionality.
  8. I have a problem during a night flight. If I switch to map, enlighten my eyes. It is available any night mod for map? For example, red backlight.
  9. I have problem with height trimm on He 111. Not working. Plane is still heavy on the tail. But In external view is visible movement +- 100% ... With Ju 87 no problem .
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