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  1. Sturmvogel historical campaign


    Unit: I./II./V./VI./KG51

    Date: December 1944 - February 1945

    Base: Hopsten

    Number of missions: 18

    Release: 2 weeks

    The missions are based on this book








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  2. Update 1.1 in first post

    -Need instal enclosed Ju52 skins by ACG_Rostic

    -Removed cinematic effect 

    -Wind force is reduced

    -Runway lighting during night takeoff

    -Minor adjustments to missions


    For installation v1.1 remove old v1.0.









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    KG51 jet-bomber attack from base Hopsten/Rheine December 1944/February 1945



    The missions are based on this book



    Sturmvogel historical campaign

    Unit: I./II./V./VI./KG51

    Date: December 1944 - February 1945

    Base: Hopsten

    Number of missions: 17

    Release: Summer



    -High difficulty (only one fast-attack, the plane does not have a bombsight - less chance to hit)
    -To complete the mission is not necessary to meet the objective. It is necessary to land back on the main or backup base. 
    -Long routes to the target.
    -Instrument flights and navigation in poor visibility (4 missions)
    -Frequent threat by enemy fighters. Your only advantage is speed.
    -Flight at low altitude causes too high fuel consumption.


    Missions are built on available and incomplete historical information...and game options. No taxiing for takeoff. The jet-planes were started on the runway from the need to save fuel (Taxiing cost 200 liters of fuel). The player does not have to do the starting procedure.


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  4. @Nadelbaum thx for this feedback, I don't want to spoil. I tested this situation many times but yet the game sometimes does what it wants. I will try to insure this situation even better in the update. You can start the mission again for this time. 

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  5. On 4/3/2020 at 11:07 AM, Feathered_IV said:


    I remember staring at that boxart and a screenshot of the FB Hurri for ages as I saved for a copy of Forgotten Battles back in early 2003.  Getting those same feels again, now that I've lost my job and am back to counting pennies.  Makes me feel young again!  :biggrin:

    Still have 😃 





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  6. Thanks for the feedback, this is very important for the next update.. I didn't know what was causing problem with pausing and time acceleration, maybe it will be fixed in v1.1.


    Wingmans problem in second mission: My tester reported me some trouble with wingmans, but I didn't notice any trouble, I flew a mission many many times. I maneuver very gently, sometimes slow down my speed and my wingmans slowly join the formation. If less fuel improves the situation, it will be corrected.



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  7. 2 hours ago, JG77-FluGb0t- said:


    In first mission by default Ju.52 equipped by 2300 kg of military cargo. Do I must select paratroopers or this is mission of cargo delivery for first wave?

    Hi JG77-FluGb0t- 


    There is no need to change anything, for all missions. Airborn is only for second mission.




  8. operationbuffel2.jpg


    Operation Buffalo - small campaign (5 missions) for all fans of Tante Ju. Caucasus, late autumn 1942. Do not hide the entire GUI (H key) when flying a mission. Doing so will disable the messages you receive during flight. Instal enclosed skins. Instal the file "Operation Buffel" to Campaigns folder. For installation v1.1 remove old v1.0. Have fun.





    -Need instal enclosed Ju52 skins by ACG_Rostic

    -Removed cinematic effect 

    -Wind force is reduced

    -Runway lighting during night takeoff

    -Minor adjustments to missions


    For installation v1.1 remove old v1.0.


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