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  1. Thanks for the feedback, this is very important for the next update.. I didn't know what was causing problem with pausing and time acceleration, maybe it will be fixed in v1.1. Wingmans problem in second mission: My tester reported me some trouble with wingmans, but I didn't notice any trouble, I flew a mission many many times. I maneuver very gently, sometimes slow down my speed and my wingmans slowly join the formation. If less fuel improves the situation, it will be corrected.
  2. I think "damaged engine" is bug. Start in wind is difficult. It is not necessary to own special throttle. This is only very gently work with rudder. First mission start...
  3. Hi JG77-FluGb0t- There is no need to change anything, for all missions. Airborn is only for second mission.
  4. Operation Buffalo - small campaign (5 missions) for all fans of Tante Ju. Caucasus, late autumn 1942. Do not hide the entire GUI (H key) when flying a mission. Doing so will disable the messages you receive during flight. Instal the file "Operation Buffel" to Campaigns folder. Have fun. https://mega.nz/#!oMglyYrL!Cfty8cxutQ3g-XJX8wNgUbXPcgfWBYG0NJNHlIDL4X0
  5. Single mission for KV-1, duration: 120 min. KV-1 skin author: Dookie_Monster. https://mega.nz/#!cchE3YRC!fWi7ABhBKRFcbl8oLq4ZK_zhB6sCaE3ZWeSI0EUa7tU
  6. Little update in first post, small optimalization for this hard mission.
  7. 👍 thx, campaign is on the way
  8. I can't find the scripts for Ju 52 missions, load-unload cargo, paratroopers...🙁
  9. It works? https://mega.nz/#!UQIXRSiD!Iu59ZJ3K4kgXNjPw2ujcDoTX34aFXsQ6EWPNYkNdD-I
  10. Single mission from Prokhorovka map, duration 60 min, use LSSAH tiger skin, skin author E69_julian57. You play as platoon leader. Update v1.1 https://mega.nz/#!INQ0iCzJ!fNaBrrFhOfNrBMYcKBSlIgGxMGcNhZpDtIhr3zb1k6Y
  11. Airplanes cannot be born at the airfield, displayed message "spawned error" . Everything worked well but suddenly it doesn't work 😑
  12. SU-122 is self propelled howitzer, should avoid fighting with tanks. He should fire on enemy base or airport from a hidden place.
  13. saldy

    SU tank

    Howitzer test, fight from 2700-2900m
  14. Battle of Rabaul from Autumn 1943. Attractive planeset for both sides.
  15. Collection of my released, newly updated and unreleased campaigns for middle/heavy high-level bombers. V 1.0 for Stock 4.14.1 http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=5562 Cover Video
  16. We dont need many new tanks. Panther D , Pz IVG, Tiger and Sherman can be here. New tanks only Firefly and Churchill. For collectors Jagdpanther or Jagdpanzer and Cromwell
  17. I also confirm this very appalling mistake, pls fix ☹️
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