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  1. Sturmvogel historical campaign Unit: I./II./KG51 Date: December 1944 - February 1945 Base: Hopsten Number of missions: ?? The missions are based on this book Map will be updated...
  2. No doesn't work, i tried everything. I recommend using trigger delete 🙂
  3. Need help. I have problem with AI Me 262 landing. AI starts landing, open landing gear but just before landing retracts the landing gear and goes on to the next circuit😑 . Other aircraft land without problem.
  4. Thx Jeanba, BoX editor is really hardcore 😝
  5. Update 1.1 in first post -Need instal enclosed Ju52 skins by ACG_Rostic -Removed cinematic effect -Wind force is reduced -Runway lighting during night takeoff -Minor adjustments to missions For installation v1.1 remove old v1.0.
  6. I'm working on a new map template for Sturmvogel and later Arado campaign. Still wip.
  7. Wip little campaign for Me 262 bombers from KG51.
  8. @Nadelbaum thx for this feedback, I don't want to spoil. I tested this situation many times but yet the game sometimes does what it wants. I will try to insure this situation even better in the update. You can start the mission again for this time.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, this is very important for the next update.. I didn't know what was causing problem with pausing and time acceleration, maybe it will be fixed in v1.1. Wingmans problem in second mission: My tester reported me some trouble with wingmans, but I didn't notice any trouble, I flew a mission many many times. I maneuver very gently, sometimes slow down my speed and my wingmans slowly join the formation. If less fuel improves the situation, it will be corrected.
  10. I think "damaged engine" is bug. Start in wind is difficult. It is not necessary to own special throttle. This is only very gently work with rudder. First mission start...
  11. Hi JG77-FluGb0t- There is no need to change anything, for all missions. Airborn is only for second mission.
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