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  1. Mission will be updated for new patch, but now need fix and testing, I want add RRR point...
  2. Release v0.9 (without last mission). You can test campaign now.
  3. I converted mp4 video (4MB) to webm format, but the game crashes before video launching . Default videos works without prob. So the problem is in the video, but what? Converted video is in 1080p.
  4. 1x Video Story and Readme PDF V0.9.1 Release campaign V0.9a Ferdinand semi-historical campaign Unit: I. Kompanie/sPzJgAbt 653 Date: 29.6-13.7 1943 Base: Kursk area Number of missions: 8 Version: 0.9 (7 missions) Language: English
  5. I hope yes, possible corrections after feedback.
  6. There will be many mine fields 🙂 , if you mean the picture, this is battery insignia of Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 197
  7. Main script from this mission is not good and has mistakes, but I gained a lot of experience🙂
  8. 👍 Will there also be gray uniforms?
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