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  1. 262 are deleted before landing
  2. Last mission...I will look at it
  3. Russian airfield mission?? No attacks on the airfields in this campaign...
  4. I am very frustrated by this problem. I will try to explain simply. I need lock bomb rack for Me 262 (bomber only)- It is therefore necessary on server lock modification and payload. But all tanks have now locked ammo. (impossible unlock in editor). I need unlock ammo for all tanks, ok, I unlock payload on server. But bomb rack for Me 262 is now unlocked. (impossible lock in editor). I want lock bombs on Me 262 and concurrently unlock ammo for tanks.
  5. Thanks, but unfortunately nothing works😟
  6. Yes, I tried it, but it doesn't work. If you have server with locked payloads and modifications= impossible to unlock tank (ammo) modifications. It's in my second post pics, modifications codes not works because Payload ID interface for vehicles not work(?)
  7. The problem is probably here. Mods for ammo remains always locked. (Payload and modifications on server are locked)
  8. Is here somewhere mods and payload ID list for tanks?
  9. New v1.2 -Return script reworked in all missions -mission 04 and 08 updated
  10. I tested, it works very well👍
  11. I use Counter. Command is also insured by time activation (for example, counter is activated after 10 min.)
  12. 1x Video Campaign Released v1.1 v1.2 Grünherz Dora-Non historical campaign Unit: JG 54 Date: October 1944 - December 1944 Base: Hopsten Number of missions: 9 Version: 1.2 Map: Rheinland Plane: Fw 190 D-9 Language: English - During the autumn of 1944, III./JG 54 was the first Luftwaffe unit to be supplied with the Fw 190 D-9 "Dora". Notice: - You fight agains heavy bombers, fighter/bombers and fighters. -To complete the mission is not necessary to meet the objective. It is necess
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