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  1. Please give us a campaign where we can make a pilot, get awards and where we can be promoted for what we achieve. (you know how to make it, as the campaign in RoF is made very good) The campaign as it is now is more of a punishment for us players and for you (players don`t spend time with the campaign, so they don`t get unlocks and so they don`t even start to play online or play at all). As you may see I am the only one in my squad who has finished the campaign. From 24 squad memeber who have BoS only a few have even started playing the campaign, the biggest part didn`t even start to play the game. Then, of course, please remove that unlock system. As the campaign is not good, and you are forced to play it then most of my squadmember didn`t even start to play the game. So you can imagine, that from those 24 squadmember who bought BoS only maybe a handful will by BoM. On the other hand, as they won`t buy the game it does not really matter. (So in this squad you lost almost 80% of the players ) Please improve the number of players that can play on the Server. And one last thing, at least I don`t like here in BoS, is the unnecessary balancing. The Yak should be as it was those days and same for the FW. Or Keep the Yak this way but please make the Mig and Rata as close to the original planes as possible S!
  2. I also unlocked everything by playing the campaign on expert mode. But I think I am the only one in our squad who did it (from ca 23 who have the game)
  3. Or here you have the sound from inside the plane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4V3TlPYL8Sw and not this Sound as it is now on full rpm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNisWym9ocA
  4. I had to taxi the stuka to a parking place. See here at the end of the mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvPfoE-AM4I
  5. Can I download the the updated game Client now?
  6. Hartmann also wrote in his bock, that 80% of the pilots he shot down, newer new he was there until the bullets hit their planes.
  7. If you have the SE5a or the Airco DH4 in Rise of Flight, you can set the controls for trim and try it out
  8. And maybe we also get a IAR-80 and a P-40 this year http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/729-poll-what-non-german-fighter-would-you-see-il-2-bos/ http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/745-poll-what-soviet-lend-lease-fighter-are-you-looking-forward/
  9. Can we unlock the retractable tailwheel on the Lagg? The plane looks better the way it is in the trailer
  10. I climbed to 2000-3000m and then attacked the 109 from above. For me, it is a bit difficult to aim with the Lagg, because you cannot trim it. Ignore the music, when I made the video I did not intend upload it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WN5YPOHEwbk&feature=youtu.be I tried to escape those 109 when I was out of ammunition.
  11. I flew to zone A, spotted the enemy very early on my 12 o`clock, passed him, turned after him and was soon behind him. But then I had difficulties shooting at him because of all the shaking in my plane and the shaking of his plane. But after a while i got him and shot his wing off. At zone B I spotted the Lagg very late, but at least he wasn`t in a position to shoot at me. I turned after him and got him very soon. I got used to the 109 On my way back to Zone A an ace Lagg spowned, but I couldn`t see it at first and when I found it, it was nearly too late. I tried to avoid a headon and while i was turning it shot at me, hit me and ripped my wing off. I ejected but at too low altitude I made a video of this first dogfight. It is a historic moment for me I really like the plane behavior, the graphics, the engine sound and the sound of the guns. Thank you guys, Great work
  12. Try Insert, delete, page up, page down, home, numpad divide and then save your Position with F10.
  13. Die Trimmung für die 109 kann man hier: "Settings - Controls - Plane controls - Adjustable stabalizer" einstellen.
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