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  1. Well, I have now the next problem. The Formation is perfectly fine in Singleplayer. I've now made it a multiplayer mission, but then the AI didn't spawn. So I added the Spawn MCU, which works fine. All AI spawn. But only the lead plane of the 3-ship formation is flying towards the waypoint, the rest of the flight immediately enters an orbit. I've tried it with the AddReport option, when spawned, command formation or Trigger Waypoint, but neither of them works. Could someone help me out with the mission/keep the formation together? BomberDefenseEdit.zip
  2. Thank guys, I was able to make it work with your help!
  3. Is there some tutorial/video/guide around that shows how one can create some big formations (around 20 or more bomber)? I've taken a look at Tips combat box formation, but since I'm quite new to the ME, I didn't really understand it (and couldn't adjust it). I've also tried several different approaches, but they all ended not being that what I wanted it to be.
  4. Hmm, it looks like it is not a scale problem but a position problem. I redownloaded the template and overlaid it with my current template, and the wireframe was at the exact same position, a little bit offset in the vertical.
  5. The error is only tiny, but enough for me, a newbie, to create some problems (But I eventually get over it...). Maybe you could upscale it a bit so the boundary is overlapping a bit more? This is an "issue" with all 4 sides, but only one part of the surfaces.
  6. Well, I said shouldn't, not couldn't. Above 6000m, you're basically wasting MW-50 due to lower efficiency.
  7. On the Me-262 Template, there Wireframe is not scaled properly with the rest of the template. The boundaries of the Wireframe do not represent the actual location of the boundaries, making it hard to align patterns that overlap the segments. So far, I noticed this on the main body of the Wireframe/model. Could someone take a look at this please? If needed, I can provide some pictures.
  8. MW-50 is only effective up to around 6000m. It shouldn't be used above that.
  9. I'm not. I like what I'm seeing.
  10. So, about the missing Panzer IV's, I found that "Stalin's Grinder", "Port of Dreams" and "wading boots" didn't have them. Other missions seems to be fine. Thanks for your server and missions!
  11. This one is also nice, german abbreviations:
  12. Well, despite the facts that there were only 2 Me-262's outfitted with it and that in '45, I kind of would like to see it some day in IL-2. There's some decent information out there about the Mk-214 and some test reports about it and it's problems, so I'd imagine that part is not a problem, but probably fitting it into the timeline (Modification after BoBp) would be. Still, I have my hopes
  13. Thank you very much! If you want, I can help you with checking the other missions.
  14. Yes, ReShades adds files into the bin folder which are used to create the wanted effects ingame.
  15. A little heads up: I'm right now in the server and the "Twitching Corpse" mission is running and I don't see the Panzer IV in the first tank spawn.
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