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  1. Right now we have some sort of quick mission generator for tanks. Choose the location, your tanks, then set up the time and targets and you can drive a mission against AI or whatever you've set up.
  2. I mean like loadout/modficitation options as in for example, option to de/attach sideskirts (maybe), additional machine gun or those kind of things.
  3. I can't wait for the Panher to get released. I guess there are no infos right now about which modification we get (if any)?
  4. Check your engine temperature when this happens. Usually those lever move when it is below a certain temperature (450C ?).
  5. According to wikipedia, this is from a B-17.
  6. Press "Insert/Delete/Home/End/Pageup/Pagedown" keys to move your head around and then save the position with F10 (I believe it's F10)
  7. I am not sure but I think you can see the little offset in your picture. Maybe you could take another, closer look at this?
  8. Read the specifications, the limits are noted there. I think it's 6X/3000 for 5 mins 54/3000 for 30 mins 44/2600 for unlimited or something like this.
  9. That worked, thanks! But now my next problem is, that they don't follow the waypoint anymore. Should I change anything there too?
  10. Hmm, I kind of tried to reproduce your steps, but it didn't quite work for me. They didn't get activated at all. Would you mind take a look at my setup? BomberDefenseEdit.zip
  11. Well, I have now the next problem. The Formation is perfectly fine in Singleplayer. I've now made it a multiplayer mission, but then the AI didn't spawn. So I added the Spawn MCU, which works fine. All AI spawn. But only the lead plane of the 3-ship formation is flying towards the waypoint, the rest of the flight immediately enters an orbit. I've tried it with the AddReport option, when spawned, command formation or Trigger Waypoint, but neither of them works. Could someone help me out with the mission/keep the formation together?
  12. Thank guys, I was able to make it work with your help!
  13. Is there some tutorial/video/guide around that shows how one can create some big formations (around 20 or more bomber)? I've taken a look at Tips combat box formation, but since I'm quite new to the ME, I didn't really understand it (and couldn't adjust it). I've also tried several different approaches, but they all ended not being that what I wanted it to be.
  14. Hmm, it looks like it is not a scale problem but a position problem. I redownloaded the template and overlaid it with my current template, and the wireframe was at the exact same position, a little bit offset in the vertical.
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