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  1. You measure the size of the tank in mils with the use of the gunsight or binoculars (The size of the gunsight markings is also shown in Post#1), compare the size in mils with the range number on the table, dial in the range in your gunsight and fire. (He also wrote how to use the table)
  2. Which tank are you talking about? Only some tanks have this feature.
  3. When you are in the tank, press "ESC" and then click on "station notes" and that should be it.
  4. No, not on ground. Bad guys sound just like good guys. In air, probably. But until you hear them, it's most likely already too late.
  5. Okay, thanks. You got any tips for a workaround for this warping by any chance?
  6. @ICDP When you look with top down view onto the model (and take the antenna as a reference), you can see the fuel sticker being exactly centered (pic 1) But now when you look at the place in the template and overlay the wireframe, you can see it is acutally offset (pic2) Also, what you paint as a straight line in the template on the side of the fuselage (below cockpit) turns out as a wobbly line on the skin
  7. How: Enter Why and what for: See the status of various components and crew of your tank. This has been around for a long time already
  8. Multicrew is only in multiplayer available. One needs to get a tank, and the other can then join the tank by pressing "become gunner" and select your tank. For missions, there are some around but might need to be adjusted for coop/multiplayer. Check out the campaign and mission section for missions.
  9. You can enable autopilot and then, when you go to commander, you have an AI that controls the gun (and you can tell the driver where to go)
  10. All tanks are in the game right now.
  11. As I said, if the mission designer didn't set the zone up, then there won't be a zone. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there's a RRR zone in the campaign.
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