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  1. Nothing for the rear hatch, but you can open the pistol port (at least in the Panther) when the main hatch is closed and you select the flare gun.
  2. If you already seperated the Panther and Panzer IV, you might aswell seperate the Tiger and Ferdinand, as they also had different guns KwK36 for the Tiger and the KwK43 for the Ferdinand.
  3. What do you even mean by AP graduation and the reticle is not at the good place?
  4. Have you also checked the gauges outside of the cockpit on the nacelle of the engine?
  5. If the view is stuck, then you have either the turret unlocked or you are "in the gunsight" (sometimes by default). One of these is the cause. TrackIR does definitly work on all stations.
  6. There would be 2 free tanks available, which you can try at any time.
  7. The way they have written their product description, they do make it sound like an ultimate tank sim. Quotes: Also, they did note that it is a possible Standalone But after all, we all would like to see more tanks, but in order to get more tanks, they need more sales. But to get more sales, they should start fixing the big issues and start communicating in these parts of the forums.
  8. Yes, it's great fun. Especially if you are trying to flank the enemy and yell at your gunner to use the moment of surprise and then you see him missing the shot so just laugh at his aim while getting blown up. Great fun!
  9. Yes, it is possible to fix tracks mid-fight. You just have to turn off the engine and open one hatch and then the reapir will automatically start
  10. You can simply click on finish mission, select the airfield and plane and you are good to start again. Or do you mean some other type of respawn?
  11. Same like normal, with + and - you can zoom in and out.
  12. Check the radio callsign. Probably AI that tells that over radio.
  13. Ctrl+C is the key to move to another position.
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