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  1. FacetrackNior is a free option to face track using a webcam you could try out?
  2. I'd never fly again without using VR! And with the current summer Oculus sale it's a bargain.
  3. I used FaceTrackNoir for a while before I got Trackir and VR. It's free software and uses your webcam to track your face. It's a good alternative to Trackir aslong as you have a decent webcam. Trackir is much better but it does show you the advantages of using headtracking for free.
  4. Got answer to question please delete topic
  5. Thanks :D makes much more sense now
  6. Hi there, I just got this sim today and have been enjoying it so far. But in multi-player do I attack the blue or red ground targets shown on the map in my Russian il-2? I keep getting friendly kills from them no matter which colour ground targets on the map I attack? Thanks
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