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  1. Since the devs are working on BON and P-47 Razorback is in the planeset I think the DM and FM for D-28 will undertake a huge overhaul. I know they will. So patience. P-47 will shine soon - right devs?🤞
  2. I love diving on the target with it, dropping bombs, extending a little from target area and looking behind me watching those desperate long bursts from chasing German aircraft when I climb steeply on full power and max rpm. Just epic.
  3. Same here. I'm not using any intermediary software, just direct mapping in game and a single hat press changes the trim by a couple of percentages. My sim gear in signature.
  4. Looking great! I've been waiting for this aircraft to be modeled in IL2 GB since the beginning of the series. My most favorite one. Thank you for your work!
  5. The expert visibility setting is much better for me than alternate one. Felt great flying yesterday. I'm going to jump to your server during the weekend to enjoy it. Thank you for your hard work on providing us with a great il2 server. S!
  6. Exactly my case too! Seldom if no stutters in SP but in MP lots of them. S! Cina
  7. I do not have a recording of the incident but I flew a sortie with my squad mate the other day and he got killed in a parachute. He bailed out safely and some time later reported to me that he was chute-killed. His sortie log shows that clearly: http://ts3.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/log/152232/?tour=19 I hope the player who did that gets a warning. Cheers, Cina
  8. I'm receiving the following error when trying to login to the game: #2: Your connection to Master-Server was temporarly lost. Check your internet connection.
  9. Hi Temuri, Yesterday 56th squad flew some sorties. We encountered Hs 129 strafing our tank base. I would like to ask you a question about it. Is this plane allowed in the current Axis plane set? Looking at the table it should be available from the 5th rotation. Cheers,
  10. Hi Sailor, This is what I did (more less) with my X52 (I suspect the 2 stage trigger is the same in your X52Pro) to assign second stage trigger to fire all guns: 1. Press the trigger fully (to second stage) and hold it. 2. Enter the assignment window in the key mapping settings - in your case 'Fire oall guns'. Keep the trigger pressed. 3. When the assignment window appears de-press the trigger slightly (to the beginning of the second stage) and press it again. This action should assign the second stage button to the in-game action. Accept it and release the trigger. I cannot remember if only de-pressing the trigger slightly is sufficient to assign it but you will see for yourself. Good luck and I hope it helps you. Cheers, Cina
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