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  1. Yeah, I don't have anything listed under my licenses. At first I was wondering if I had, perhaps, messed up the activation, but I logged into my steam account when prompted and logged into my IL2 account when prompted, and I only have the one steam account. Everything works just fine in offline mode, and everything worked perfectly (including career) before I attempted to link the accounts. I hope you are right and I hope everything gets sorted. In the meantime I will do as you suggest and play some scripted campaigns, and probably fire up career mode in Rise of Flight! Thanks for the replies
  2. Thanks for your reply CastorTroy, The issue is that none of my licenses have shown up on my profile despite the fact that Steam should take care of the integration automatically. On my profile page, it simply says that I have no licenses, despite having purchased everything through steam and linking my accounts. I wish Steam would just provide the CD keys so I could enter everything manually. I am hoping to receive some kind of answer soon.
  3. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased BoS, BoM and BoK through steam for the Steam winter sale. I did not link the accounts right away because I just wanted to jump into playing the game. A few days later, I wanted to link my accounts so that I could purchase content from the website and have it through Steam. When I linked the accounts, everything was going well. I walked through the steps and attempted to link it with my account, but now when I press the big green login button on Steam, I get the "#5 Licenses not activated" error. I am frustrated, because everything worked fine before I tried to link the accounts, and I can access all of my content through Steam if I login offline, but I cannot play career mode offline. I have already contacted support, but it has been several days and I have heard nothing. I would like not to have to repurchase and play through the IL2 launcher, but I am prepared to if that's what it takes. Does anyone know how long the sale is running on the IL2 store?
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