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  1. So i'm using 13.1.1 and all i had to do was LALT + K to get my gunsight back.... Why is it that some have to suppress those files and I don't? *Confused*, am I missing something?
  2. Anyone have any combat tips? Combat flaps? etc? Would be much appreciated. This video has already helped me tons!!
  3. Anyone having issues with zoom with the 3dmigoto mod (with VR)? It seems to zoom but only the propeller, landing lights, etc... nothing else.. Otherwise, the mustang is a beauty, especially with that 332nd paint scheme
  4. Sounds good. That last patch that came out a day or two ago? It was a hefty one... So I'll stick to what I have for now. I don't have all the answers to yours... but... Changes in OTT do have effect even though IL-2 is running on Steam VR... Do I know why? No. I would also like to know the answer regarding Reprojection? Is projection the same as ASW? If that's the case, I disabled it on OTT. Sub'd for any other tricks for better performance. What are you current FPS in a dog fight close to ground level? I'm right around 45...
  5. Hi Guys. First I'd like to thank everyone with this effort, especially Lefuneste. It is greatly appreciated.. I've been playing IL-2 for some time now but wasn't dedicated due to children! haha.. However, I'm getting more and more time and want to get real with it! With that said, I just picked up the new Oculus Rift S... and i've made some changes to VR settings ( steam) and OTT (Pixel density and SS, etc). I use to get no higher than 45 FPS.. .Now i'm strictly between 45 FPS and 75 FPS... I would say its closer to 50-55 FPS.. I want to make everything as smooth as possible and just learned about the 3DMigoto mod. I'm just a little bit unsure of what i'm doing. Is there a blanket version I can download. I see there are many versions of it.. 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 12.5.... I'm sure sure where to go. Haha.. With that said, my specs are i7 7700HQ / GTX 1070 8 gb / 16 gb RAM. I'm unable to run the Rift S without running the Oculus home exe. Apparently that changed between the CV1 and S. Any help would be appreciated. After installing, I think i'd be fine with editing the configs, just unsure which one to use. Additionally, for key mapping, is it possible to key map zoom and other features to my VKB Gladiator? Thanks again, Scott
  6. Thanks fellas. I appreciate the input. Reason I ask is because I wasn't sure if I should purchase 1440 monitors. They are quite costly and I want to make sure I can run it no problem. Thanks again ~
  7. I have a MSI GS63VR Laptop. i7-7700hq 2.8Gz (quad), 1TB HD, 256GB SSD, GTX 1060 (6GB) 16GB Ram.. My question, will I be able to run 1440p on High or Ultra settings and maintain 60fps? The benchmarks indicate that this should be doable. Could anyone chime in? I'm a old CFS1,2,3 and Janes WWII Vet (lol). I've been itching to get back into it. Thanks~
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