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  1. Depending on altitude (from around 4000m) the RPM should not go below 6000-8000 otherwise the engine will stop
  2. Depending on Normandy career timeframe and available unit I am planning to do a KG51 career starting in 1942 and ending in 1945 flying the Ju-88, the Me410 and ending with the Me262...
  3. Because Stupid Sexy P-51B with Malcom Hood 😍
  4. I add to Talon remark than in the career mode almost all 109s equipped units have to execute mission at their maximum range with minimum ToT left. Even manually controlling the RPM I was still forced to divert on another Gruppe Airfield. In the end I just transferred my pilot to a FW unit
  5. You should be more thoughtful of past abuses experience of other people
  6. The list of TF victims keeps growing each day... Will their heinous crimes knows no end?
  7. At least it doesn't die when you put more than 20 AI bombers in the air like BoX one
  8. Maybe was a detached squadron from a La-5 regiment? One of the things I don't like is that the career system is more geared to squadron strenght units that do not fit the German Gruppe/Soviet Regiment, especially when those have single squadrons with different planes (see the mixed I-16/MiG-3 or the P-40/P-39 units)...
  9. That would be the perfect way as to implement them without touching the historical units. Would not mind seeing the LaGG-3/La-5FN unit too receiving the same treatment in the future
  10. @BlackSix with the coming of the Yak-9 and 9T have you already looked on how to integrate them in the BoK career? The Yak-9 are historically correct but the 9T will be added like the FN in a non-historical way but how the La-F5N was implemented it blocks the possibility of flying with the units they were added in in an historical way. It will be possible to add the 9T in a fictional outfit or a separate one as to not tampering with historical correct units?
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