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  1. Exactly; the North Koreans Yaks were Yak-9P with an all metal construction and several other changes
  2. The unit on the Channel front never really had large numbers of G model because they converted to the FW190 during 1941; the FW190A-3 is actually a good fit for the Channel front between October 1941 (we can use the A-3 as a A-2 stand in) and 1942
  3. Having two distinct Horizontal and Vertical settings for convergence would be a nice improvement, even more if it possible to set different guns to different settings...
  4. You simply didn't caused it because it had a structural failure before that (also, the MG151/20 mine shells are probably not the best type to cause those internal explosions at least in BoX). Those are two different results but the point is that what happens in the video (the structural failure) is way to common and caused even by small calibers rounds in some cases
  5. But we get them, explosions of fuel tanks and ammo belts are fully modelled, what we see too often in game are wings being broken clean at the wing root due to structural failure
  6. It is actually a Fiat BR.20 bomber (SM79 will come with Tobruk I think) But indeed it got an ironsight to aim your bombs in the proper bombardier position (which is not modelled in Box at all on the various bombers)
  7. I have to fully endorse CLOD Blitz: While the controls and UI are old fashioned and clunky they are also highly customizable to your needs. The flight model feel somewhat the same but the DM is even more finer than what we have in BoX with really well modelled HE rounds (even you Minegeshosse) and a really refined representation of all the single hits on a plane with way less wings and control surfaces getting separated when hit unless we talk about heavy HE shells The AI while flying on a simplified model feels good with the 109 going vertical and the Spitfires trying to outturn you, also you have a good comm menu, they follow the orders and they report actual usefull information. Setting the guns is nice to have but it is even better the sheer amount of historical option for units markings and the ability to choose your numeral on your plane (really usefull when flying whith friends) Navigation is an actual task with things like magnetic deviation and more pronounced compasses accumulated error but in this case you also have the ability to play with the compass yourself and a full suite of autopilot modes on the planes that got them The only real bad things I can say is that the clickpit is an example on how you don't do a clickpit (really unintuitive controls) and that the map ground textures are really bad (but at least TF's Tobruk map is already showing better textures overall); obviously if you are a VR user the lack of it is a problem on his own (if yoy can't stand TrackIRs anymore at least)
  8. 150 Octane fuel is available for Spitfire IXe that enables +25 lbs OOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHH
  9. Hi everyone! I recently started to play with CLOD-Blitz as the astounding work of Team Fusion finally made it stable enough to run on my PC and I soon learned the "lovely" system for the info windows that we have in game after I incidentaly started to mess with them with some misplaced clicks on my part 😅 Good thing is that I now know how to personalize them but I still have two question: 1) I incidentaly closed the window for the red Comm texts (how I don't know), I was able to reopen a new one and assigne the Voice profile again but now the text is blue, no way to revert it to red or changing colour? 2)There is no way to reset all windows to default? Maybe deleting configuration files somewhere and making the game generates new (and default) ones? Regards Alex
  10. Also, standardise the plane's profile appearance in the list: since FC planes introduction the old stylised style for the plane profiles has been dropped in favour of a full colour one. Would be nice to have it in either one of the two style and not mixed for no appearent reasons
  11. Can't really speak for the USMC land based squadron but, considering the Carriers Air Group, the 20mm armed ones (which were all of the F4U-5N night fighter variant) were outnumbered by the .50cals armed F4U-4 by a 7-6 to 1 margin (especially in 1950/1951), not amounting for more than a single "flight" unit for the entire air group. By 1953 the ratio usually fell down to 3:1 but only because more and more corsairs were replaced by jet units, while the Night Fighter variants kept their role due to the specific night threats of the conflict
  12. It ran fine I think
  13. @Sokol1 I didn't cleaned the cache... What will happen? 😞
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