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  1. The only YaK-9 we need is the YaK-9U model to complete the unholy triad with the La-7 and YaK-3 to have the final set of Soviet late war fighters ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. The standard armament of the Macchi is not bad, take the wing machineguns if you want a little more punch. Remember also that the gunsight is set for a convergence setting of 250 meters along with the weapons. Against all metallic planes the Bredas have some issues on long distance shooting but they are quite effective on the Soviet Planes we have in game.
  3. For me the "Dislike" planes are the Hs-129 (look is fine but I hate the engine managment of it, the ground handling and the conceptept of cannon armed tank hunters in general) and the Ju-88 (it has better handling characteristics than the Heinkel but I always feel sluggish and hate the cockpit disposition, especially the in-your-face MG that is useless 99.9% of the time). All the others are somewhat fine despite some of them having some quirk that are not really of my liking...
  4. Record for me is 44 days as a pilot in the 57 GIAP in the Kuban career. Shot down behind enemy line and became POW. Shortest was 2 days with 15.(Span.)/JG 27 on Moscow. Shot down in flames after an emergency scramble by an attacking MiG.
  5. If there is a Dora spot open consider myself in if there is still time to sign up
  6. Main french fighters for the start of the campaing were the MS406 and the H75, followed by the Bloch. The Dewotaine were very few and probably made it to the frontline only the second phase of the campaign due to the losses of the other types.
  7. You don't need Steam at all. You can buy all module here with no requirements... Maybe you saw one of the discussion that popped up when they added the ability to link steam and this store profiles. So don't worry, choose here and buy what you prefer
  8. France could be interesting but would prefer a different allied plane set. Something like this: -MS 406 and Hurricane for main line fighters -Curtiss H-75 as a "lend-lease" collector plane -Fairey Battle as single engine attacker -Breguet 693 as twin engine tactical bomber/attacker
  9. This. Instead of that they should have chosen some modern jets that they know they can't fully make as full fidelity modules but only as FC3 quality modules. Would sell equally well between newcomers and people who already fly in DCS.
  10. Pacific Confirmed, they can't deny it anymore... ๐Ÿ˜‚
  11. First arcade was Ace Combat 3 (gutted out European/North American version) First sim was Microsoft CFS 3
  12. I would say it depends on which scenarios looks more interesting to you, the number of turns and so on. The one with a bigger price are the one with bigger and longer battles, so: Black Snow, Final Offensive (which is also the continuum of the Mius Front engagments) and Dawn of Blau. Under the Cruel Star is a medium sized operation which is also the one I am playing at the moment pitting a Panzergrenadier Battalion against a soviet cavalry division. The others are slightly smaller engagments but still including good selection of units and interesting scenarios (especially Raid with interesting disposition of forces and objectives). I highly recomend the modern scenarios as probably they are some of the most interesting and challenging scenarios that they have created, covering at the tactical level operations not that studied in the West. Modular pits in an unfavourable terrain three Motorised Angolan Infantry Battalions and a Cuban Tank Battalion against 2-3 UNITA rebels battalions and a South African Mechanised Battalion ambushing them. I highly recomend it. If you need more info on one of the other scenario feel free to ask. I can give you a summary of them. PS: Mind that some operations are doubled for each side because they let you choose to play them either with the old or new grouping system (some of them are also included in both base games) The learning curve is steep in this simulator, feel free to ask me or even on the steam page for tips and how to play with the non-always-intuitive controls
  13. Both are pretty, it is more if you want to give a shot to late northbafrica theatre too. The main game mode are scenarios based on real engagments down to troop strenght, perceived morale of units and ammo supply. You have the units that are given for that scenarios with additional units coming as reserves as the battle progress on the operational level. Depending on the scenarios you can attach and detach platoons to the companies as need by the tactical situation. Scenarios are divided in operational turns which cover from 1 to usually 3 days of fighting at most in which you organise your units and manouver the battlegroups around; then there is the tactical phase in which the battle is fought in real time in a series of engagments around the sectors in which battlegroups are moving to engage enemy forces. The system is a little complex because in Op. star and in some scenarios of the newest games they used a platoon based system which was a little difficult to handle for big engagments. Now they use a company based system which helps you to move troops around and to have a good numbers of units engaged in real time fight. You can easily have multiple battalions sized engagments in a single turn. Some scenarios are hard depending on the historical situation and side you choose so you can always replay them for trying to have a better result. Obviously all scenarios are available for both forces engaged
  14. They are the best tactical/operational simulators for up to division sized engagments with an highly detailed DM for weapons and vehicles. Mius Front has the eastern front and they are adding slowly some cold war scenarios. Tunisia is a little smaller in scope but with interesting battles. Operation Star has a very outdated UI and is no longer supported much, buy it if you like some of the scenario not present in Mius Front yet. I have all of them, feel free to ask
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