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  1. "BON looking for a new home on your SSD" Bold of you to assume I have an SSD for installing BoN on my notebook 🙄
  2. NSGr. 20 and III./KG51 are the same unit and despite the designation it had little in common with KG51 as it was formed from I./SKG10 (a FW equipped unit already). Probably the designation as the third group of KG51 was due to the fact that the unit served under the command of the Geschwader since Summer 1944 being turned in October in an autonomous night strike unit as the rest of KG51 returned to daylight action after exchanging their Me-410 for new Me-262
  3. Historically they shouldn't be there. Probably they are scripted like the Focke Wulf unit in Stalingrad: only if the players join that unit they will appear.
  4. In an interview they confirmed that TIE fighters will lack shields while boosting more power that can be directed to the engine and to the RoF of the guns Also confirmed that there is no auto aim and no leading cross hair to help you in that (crosshair was just turned off for the video)
  5. @RedKestrel probably drag and weight calculations are somewhat off (And I don't exclude that the 51 pilot was not completely doing everything right despite my instruction, you know... Too much time spent on modern jets 😅). We had some planes suffering same issues here in BoX but on the opposite kind (remember how it was manouvering in the P-40?) @Legioneodindeed sustained ended up badly in most cases for the 51. It fared better in sharp turns at max speed but the 47 wasn't that behind
  6. Accept my apologies @Legioneod. I was able to make some test run today and it confirmed the irl performance charts for both level speed and climb rate. Water injection doesn't seem modelled, but like it looks like is permanently ON (at least for now). Only issue we noted is that maybe is a little too agile, outperforming in turns the P-51D-25 at all altitude and for all time the turn was kept. Definetely need some more polishing work and a proper DM and thermal model to it but it certainly growed up on me more
  7. Macchi were at Stalingrad so their appearence is technically correct (even if they were based more north-westward than in game) @Feathered_IV not to dab on you but I checked again my careers log and I have a Ju-52 victory while flying with 812 IAP in Stalingrad 😅 it happened months ago so I can't really remember the situation though...
  8. Here too, opinion based on wrong test eliminated
  9. Opinion based on wrong test eliminated
  10. "No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Göring. You may call me Meyer." Hermann Göring, September 1939
  11. Will career options for the new planes be available with this patch or later?
  12. Just press V in the planes that don't have a visible feedback to enter the bombing panel,:it contains selectors for both bombs to drop and intervals, along a display of ordnance type and numbers still on board...
  13. Guys, you are trying to make the Me-410 into something that it wasn't: a nightfighter Of Elem posted units only two are nightfighter units with the others being fast night bomber units (yes, I have the KG51 history and that was their role) Of the other two units: III.NJG 1 registered a single Me-410 in inventory between January and February 1944. Same for I./NJG 5 but this time between April and May 1944. Both units nightfighter was the Bf110 and it's various models. PS to add injury: I./NJG 5 was formed from a II./ZG 2 a unit equipped with Me-210, yet already one month after it's change of designation they resigned their Me-210 to other units and operated from that point on mainly on Bf110 models, starting to switch to the nightfighter models of the Ju-88 during Fall of 1944
  14. The problem is: The only radar equipped Me-410 versions were for anti shipping role with a FuG200 maritime patrol radar system. I also don't remember to have seen any Me-410 in Nachtjäger units...
  15. Yeah he was happy of not being on the receiving end of a Minenegeschosse shower
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