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  1. Looking at the 3D model it seems that they mount the oil radiator dust filter, will it be a modifications for the base Hurricane? Also, base +12 boost with +14 boost modification?
  2. More like 42/43 with the MkII... So hope you know how to fight against Focke Wulfs A-3 and A-5
  3. Not sure about that, in my Bodenplatte career allied 109s are basically cruising at 0.9ATA and 2000RPM at low altitude and at short ranges....
  4. I know that "FREE" is a word that has the magic power to lower the perception of those who read/listen it but please, try to read @The-Doctor updated post before he is swarmed with multiple requests by the same people
  5. NO And I am not voting up because as it is you are forced to still respond to the second question. Maybe OP should pay to open poll so to guarantee they actually make sense through personal support...
  6. Not really. All soviet fighters outfit were employed in ground attacks. Even more so with the lowering numbers of german fighters encountered by mid-1944 / 1945. The P-39 was never truly an exception to that and was used as a fighter thoroughly
  7. What I noted is FW units tends to fly really slow in career, with speed usually capped at 450km/h due to the speed set by the waypoints. Bf109 careers with units away from the frontline had similar problems with planes being forced to fly at 350km/h, but in this case I suspect is because internal fuel of 109s is not enough to cover the entire flight time from their bases to the frontline and back unless flown at fuel saving engine settings...
  8. @TheWarsimmer @RedKestrel Yet you both managed to miss the fact that is a LaGG the plane depicted there and not a Yak
  9. Depending on altitude (from around 4000m) the RPM should not go below 6000-8000 otherwise the engine will stop
  10. Depending on Normandy career timeframe and available unit I am planning to do a KG51 career starting in 1942 and ending in 1945 flying the Ju-88, the Me410 and ending with the Me262...
  11. Because Stupid Sexy P-51B with Malcom Hood 😍
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