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  1. @LukeFF wouldn't make more sense to separate the two in two different mods with the 23mm guns linked to the inclusion of the armoured plate? Afterall both the '42 and '43 models were still being produced with 20mm guns but with the armoured plates...
  2. From what I saw the majority of bombers on the Eastern Front soldiered until 1945 with the venerable He-111 as soviet night fighters were scarce and the more modern types were required to face the better equipped western allied forces. The problem with the Ju-188 is that it was never able to supplant the 88 (the S model was even rarer) and some units which were at some times fully equipped with them even had to return to the 88s due to unavailable 188s. For good or worse the available bombers in game still represent the german bomber force well into 1944 even (by 1945 the bomber force just simply was disbanded/converted en masse to fighters). Another point is that online servers don't run night time so I see a reason why LW bombers are seen as lacking right now but my suggestion would be to pilots to stick to F-8s/jets if they want to even the odds in daylight post-43 scenarios (and to server owners to separate the pool of Me-262s in a limited fighter one and a mandatory-bomb-armed-two-guns-only one maybe...). Having said that I admit I would like a Do-217K/M more to differentiate from the Junkers and to represent additional KG equipped with them; also, Fritz-X anyone? 😁 (if possible of course...) Edit: Whoops, realised this is the Yak-9 thread but wanted to respond to @Bremspropeller @LukeFF line of discussion 😅
  3. This is only partially true: what the Soviet technicians usually removed were the gondola installed guns of the Q-series P-39 (and indeed Bell stopped installing them at the factories altogether for USSR-intended batches). The internal .303 guns of earlier K/L and N models were usually kept as the flight characteristics didn't changed much with them uninstalled.
  4. No, why bother with a Yak when you can have a La-5FN? this post was sponsored by the Lavochkin Gang
  5. Il-2 Battle of the Fjord about Operation Tungsten confirmed? Not that I wouldn't actually buy it as soon as it is announced...
  6. Units in the eastern front equipped with the He 111 flying mainly transport sorties appear to have survived into 1945 but indeed the bomber force ceased to exist in the summer/ autumn of 1944 with units being broken up to fill up fighter squadrons, being converted to fighters (both props and jets) or directly disbanded.
  7. Hopefully we can also retroactively have the same for the La-5FN in Kuban
  8. @catte As the career mode is aiming to recreate the historical experience of units depicted in it modifications which were not used/not available to that unit in those periods are locked. Obviously in all other modes you have them available to you (except the case of them being locked by server owners due to balance/mission/preference). The system is just like the one in scripted campaings where you have a certain type of plane to fly with only certain modifications available/enforced.
  9. This is particularly puzzling to me as RoF (which as far as I know was built on the same engine) clearly had in the mission generator more AI getting spawned and running their own missions, often having an impact on the mission generated for the player unit (random fighter sweep/ recon flight) or responding to it (fighter spawning on the airfields to intercept player flight). At the same time on both sides there were always truck convoys/trains/tanks assaults going on the ground... More than the game engine itself (which surely also had some initial problems compared in the transition from RoF, remember the 10km fog?) I still think that the AI-demanded resources are what are bogging down the missions so easily...
  10. There is also in BoK but really underused...
  11. Racks were available, indeed they were used to mount the fuel tanks needed to fly all the way to target, especially for the 109s units
  12. Looking at the 3D model it seems that they mount the oil radiator dust filter, will it be a modifications for the base Hurricane? Also, base +12 boost with +14 boost modification?
  13. More like 42/43 with the MkII... So hope you know how to fight against Focke Wulfs A-3 and A-5
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