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  1. @Zargos Superb one, I really admire your style... Beautiful for a Beauty of a Predator
  2. @DetCord12B Great idea! I'm exited :)
  3. @KpgQuop Thank you very much, but if you do this Template don't thank me, it is your work and I'm always glad to help like that's what this community shows again & again! Have a nice weekend too
  4. @KpgQuop It is not too difficult as it seems in the beginning Like BOO already pointed it out you need to transfer your template into a grey scale image, sorting out all stencils or marks that are not use to prepare an Alpha Layer. This is my base Alpha Layer of my Bf-109 G14 Template: As you see I darken all part of the fuselage and wing areas to have the skin not shinning anymore. The values of the greyscale define the "shinning" or matte effect of the skin in Game. Some area I would like to be shining, so they are made in a light (white) colour). If you want to have a detail blackend out (transparent, not visible) you have to do it complete black, as you see the area around the wheels. Try it in that way and experiment until you get a decent result which satisfied you One think is important: If you have "holes" that are black, they will show up as transparent real holes in Game, so you have to blend them with a darker gry tone, so that they are show as black in Game
  5. @all I think ICDP is already working on this template, because of one for the Focke Wulf 190 A-series. I have my own one, but this is based on his former with some additions for the A8/F8-series. In any case I can share it, but I will not do it officially, so if I'm ready I will post and you could have it. From my side it would be the best ICDP or Zargos do it
  6. @Quatem Sorry it is now in the correct folder! Download is working now Thank you very much for pointing that out
  7. Beautyful as aspected!!!! Very well done & justifing the beauty of this plane Thank you very much, Zargos & World Cup Winner in IL2
  8. @DetCord12B I can live with that and that is quit understandable, because also like Julian stated it happend! But anyway... thx for staying with us :)
  9. @Community I'm now on finalizing the changes to the Bf-109-G4 Template but will release all changes togehter with Bf-109 G6 and G14 series. That's because of layers that are similar withhin the G-series. So, around next week I will republish all three Templates at onces
  10. @DetCord12B Sad to read this, but I hope the best for the future You're needed in the community, so come back for sure!!!!
  11. @Community I have overcome my eye illness (luckily) but was additional hindered by an very exausting bussines trip for a possible new construction side in Russia. Unfourtunately we didn't get this Project :( But now I'm back sorting all things out and continue with correctings to the Templates and some idea's related to the main gear rubber Profile for the late series of the G14 and the wooden tail fin. Regarding the Flettner flaps on the fin I will provode a layer which will blackend the flaps out, so that e.g. the G14 of Alfred Grislawski will get a coreccted look! Thanks for waiting and I hope that the developers will try to sort the misalignments of the Bf-109 G-series out and do it better with the K4 :)
  12. @DetCord12B Nothing more to say, fantastic
  13. @Community Sorry for delay on an update related to some issues also occuring on the G14 Template. But due to an eye inflammation I was not able to draw at all But I will start again as soon as possible and update all three Templates when the eye inflammation is cured!
  14. @Community Sorry for delay on an update. But due to an eye inflammation I was not able to draw at all But I will start again as soon as possible and update all three Templates when the eye inflammation is cured!
  15. @Community Sorry for delay on an update related to some issues also occuring on the G14 Template. But due to an eye inflammation I was not able to draw at all :( But I will start again as soon as possible and update all three Templates when the eye inflammation is cured!
  16. @Community Now with the Bf-109 G14 on hand I continue with the Graf & Grislawski series. One of the Plane Alfred Grislawski flew was the Bf-109 G14 with Werknummer 462649 with which he was shot down by Colonel Hubert Zemke of 479 FG on September 26th, 1944. The profile is not documented but was used on Bf-109 G14 of JG 53 by that time. Numeral and W.Nr. are identified correctly, so I use the information out of the Graf & Grislawski book by Christer Bergström and take the profile from Claes Sundin Here's a short link to Claes Sundin's interpretation (more in the a.m. book: Air combat over Münster! There are some addition's I found out regarding my template file and I will solve that in a short time, then the download will be available!
  17. @Ptolemy_Soter What was used on A5 Models was the FuG 25 Antenna behind the PR 16 "Peilrahmen", so actually the "Peilrahmen" was partly used on the Fw-190 A5 in connection with the FuG 16Z definitely, the Morane Antenna under the Wings (System FuG 16ZE/16ZY) like installed on the Bf-109 G14 In Game was used commonly with the Fw-190 A6 and of course the later models. It is like it is, we have hybrid versions of the Fw-190 in the same way like on the Bf-109, but the Messerschmitt sported more models but also with flaws. Maybe in the future we will have more mods to build up the existing 3D Models to include the Version Variation But with the help of the Alpha Channel you can get rid of the PR 16 So it is a problem not to have an true A6, but also not a really true A5
  18. @Ptolemy_Soter It is possible to blend it out with the use of the Alpha Channel. I will try that and answer!
  19. @Detcord12B Thanks to III/JG2Gustav05 I realise that I have not included the Stencils for pressured Air MG 108! Sorry, but here's the new layer with the MK 108 version! Just copy to Stencils group then you have the Overpainted and the normal version available; Stencil normal and overpainted for PA MK 108
  20. @DetCord12B Yes you are right, having the Bf-109 G6 as Collector plane (extra money) it should get a special threatment to avoid things like that. And it really hurts if you and also me are trying to get the best result possible you have to overcome this in my eyes "small" changes for good I do not now haw the 3D Model is done and why this was necessary in the eyes of the developer (Polygone count?!?), but I still have the hope that it's not done with the Bf-109 K4! Let us pray, pay money, lit candles, swear and by the end there is a chances of change. But anyway, you skins looks terribly good even with these mismatches
  21. Thank you Raptorattacker! Welcome to IL2-"Rap"torvik
  22. @Thank you E69_julian57! Always a pleasure your contributions 👍 Really fantastic to have such a community with so many idea's and good artists
  23. @ICDP Thank you very much I appriciate that from you very much, because you the Template man of the series !!! Thanks for all your contribution's and in special all the inputs that allow to do a good work👍 BTW: I run out of reaction points
  24. @Boomerang Thank you very much for your inspiration! You're work is one of the basics for these templates!!! Thank you for starting with the Bf-109 G series and your help archiving this 👍
  25. @DD_Arthur Thank you very much, a nice one :) A like the acceleration going through the hangars & anyway the look of that plane in game!!! I really appriciate your short videos 👍
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