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  1. Thanks LukeFF, here's a location map of Rhineland Westfalia showing all positions and designations of the Airports and Fields (if needed I scan in higher resolution) :
  2. Dear Community, I have attached a pdf File of the pages covering München-Gladbach and a coverage of the units which was based on the airfield till August 27, 1944 and the end of German use by March 1st, 1945 when U.S. forces take the airfield. Here is the link to the document: Airfield München-Gladbach till 1945 If more informations out of the book needed I can scan and post them!
  3. Thank you very much for quick Test, MattS!!! Just a relief & thanks for liking the Normal Map
  4. Dear Community, because of my Home right now in Mönchengladbach I could send scans out of the book Flugplätze der Luftwaffe 1934-45 und was davon übrigblieb: Band 11 - Nordrhein-Westfalen. Some Information in advance: The Airfield was founded 1911 as München-Gladbach "Holter Heide" and had nothing in common with the 1945 new build Flughafen Düsseldorf-Mönchengladbach. The old airfield was used after the war by british Troops and therefore nothing remains of its installation so far. I will post more refering from the book!
  5. Hello MattS, thank you for your input, I will check it! Just to clarify there should be black holes shown on the wing instead of the "light" patches and the fuselage shows the holes correct, right? Remark & Question: I use a 4k version of the Normal Map maybe here's a possible reason, but I think your're right Alpha map causes this. I have reload and may I ask you to check if it's alright working now? Here's a new Normal Map with Alpha Layer for Testing: New Normal Map with corrected Alpha Layer
  6. Hello MattS, do you could post a screenshot of the wrong location's? Actually I have a new Normal Map uploaded togehter with my newer skins, so would be nice then I can investigate to possible fix it!
  7. @ Madcop There are only minor changes, like the correct Werknummer and positions of maintenance stencils, so you find them on my page: Paint schemes of JG 50 I will adept this page over time e.g. with a Wing of 1./JG 50 to have eight planes available for missions
  8. @Community Still working on a revamped version of my template but in addition to the JG 50 related pages I like to present a new paint scheme of the Bf-109 G5/U4 of Leutnant Gottfried Weiroster and his "Green 3" of Stab/JG 50 in September 1943. For this skin I use a more polished Alpha Layer which suits the photograph taken shown on page 212 of the Graf & Grislawski Book I refer to. Paint scheme of Bf-109 "Green 3" of Gottfried Weiroster I have also overworked and correct the schemes for the planes of Herrmann Graf and Alfred Grislawski (Thanks to Madcop👍) Here some In Game shots together with the Photograph of Gottfried Weiroster I refer to
  9. @Corto Danke schön & ebenfalls alles Gute & Gesundheit!
  10. @Corto hast du schon ein Kurzresümee zu "Drei „Falken" der II./JG52 auf der Krim im Luftkampf um die Kertsch-Halbinsel 1943-1944“. Ich bin noch ein bisschen unschlüssig, aber es sieht sehr vielversprechend aus. Meine russische Frau hast über unseren russischen Familienteil sehr gute Informationen zum Verbleib von allen Beteiligten unserer Familie gefunden, deshalb halte ich die Aufzeichnungen der nun für Recherchen freigegebenen Archive für wirklich interessant, informative und wissenswert.
  11. OH MY MAN !!! I pre ordered it already in December 🤪 and totally forget about it !!! Thanks for remembering me
  12. @sevenless Wow, that means an A6, what would be fantastic I was not aware of that... I suggest there will be an announcement and a pre ordering possibility, right ?
  13. @DN308 that would be nice but the game will not recognise this new folder So, you have to replace the A5 Normal/Bump Map for this plane. Unfourtunatly we will not have a Fw-190 A6 in the future, so for the A6 planes of "Sturmstaffel 1" the A5 is the model for using the schemes with this special Bump Map. This is my page related to IL2-1946 and I will redo all the skins with you could see here Old page related to Sturmstaffel 1 Right now I working on porting all my old IL2 Themes and skins to 4k of Great Battles, but it will take a while, I'll keep you updated @Bf-109 G6 The template of mine is different from the game's one, so I have setup a special Normal Map for this plane, which should be replace the original one. Otherwise there are some optical issues regarding flaps, ports and hatches which I overworked. Thanks to the mod possibilities it is straight forward to replace the files using a mod tool like JSMGE or Ovid
  14. @Madcop I did now all what was possible for me without possiblities to "hack" the 3D Cover for the compressor installed in the G-series beginning from 1943, but it didn't work out because it is just to flat and so I will not implement it to the Normal Map & the paint scheme I change the type plate at least to read G5/U4 but without the 3D model parts for the G14 it is not looking anyway near reality. So, I will lastest beginning of next week post an overhaul of my G6 Template together with Normal Maps that could be changed using JSME or the Ovid Mod Tool. Thank you very much for your input, but I have my limitations and the schemes in either way are hopefully good for use
  15. @SARFLYtitus & geraki9 What a fantastic work for these planes 👍 👍 I really like to way you did it as a rview of the ANR as such It would be nice to have a map covering some of the used Airfields and have missions available, as thee are already planes which was used over Italian sky's. I like the maps of IL2-1946 covering the Med, but unfourtunatly there are not direct useable in our new sim. I have lost a great uncle of my german part of my family over the mediterrainian sea, flying Bf-109 for JG 77 by mid 1943 so there is a personel interest in a Great Battle Italy and of course a Bf-109 G10 Thank you very much & keep up the fantastic work!
  16. @Community In doing some enhancements to the existing Template und corrections to the paint schemes I like to show my latest one, the Bf-109-G5/U4 of Leutnant Gottfried Weiroster. He was credited with 4 victories over 4 engine Bombers before he was shot parachuting from his damaged plane on November 26th, 1943. The wings and the plane was polished to enhance airspeed and wears the typical field adapted camouflage of the G-Series. Here are some more screenshots: Download together with revised versions of JG 50 in short time around mid this week
  17. @onlyforbrian it was not "Red 1" it numeral was "Green 1" from I./JG 50 (Stab) you can get a version from my page or following the link beneath: RaFiGer -Info page of JG 50 RaFiGer - Paintschemes of Bf-109 G6 planes flown by Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski
  18. Hello Madcop Thanks for these information's and you're right about Graf's plane. 👍 I check the photograph in the book (page 202) it is definitely 15919, thanks for the correction I will change that of course Regarding Grislawski's plane, do you have a copy of the information, because I take the number from unsure estimations, I would like to correct it too I post my attempt on the G6 model regarding the little cowl with the Normal Map so you could check if this is ok for usage. I wish you a pleasant day and I'm very glad that I could make the schemes a bit more historical correct even if it will never be perfect Yes the polishing of the birds and special for the Weiroster plane is important, I will try to gave this plane a more shining Alpha Layer as it could be seen on the photo of him leaning on the tail of his bird
  19. Hello Madcop There are these limitations that prevent doing paint schemes 100% accurate Only for the G-14 you have the 3D "Beule" in IL2, the G-5 Model is not available as these planes used the cover for an air compressor unit. Graf's (Wk. Nr. 16346) plane was an G-6/U2 build at Messerschmitt Factory in Regensburg (Mtt R, so that I have to change on the type plate, thanks for reminding me) and Grislawski was an Erla build one, definitely had this cover (photo evidence in the Graf & Grislawski book, page 200). Actually I have tried it, but I had to do a different Normal Map to have at least a 3D effect for the cover, so I stay with the "wrong" cowling 🙄 But of course I will do some more paint schemes to have at least 8 skins available for JG 50, so Gottfrieds "Green 3" is already in work! Thanks again for you input!
  20. @Community I have published now the paint schemes for the two Bf 109 G6 Models of Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski on my new page for the Jagdgeschwader 50. Here's the Link to the page with the schemes and also a short summary of JG 50. There will be some overworking which is left to be done and also a revised version of my template for the G6-series, but the skins are ready to fly and I hope they suit some of you to use them. Please be aware that I have made a special Normal map (Bump Map) which suits my skins better then the original one. You find the link to download the Normal Map on my page together with the paint schemes. RaFiGer -Info page of JG 50 RaFiGer - Paintschemes of Bf-109 G6 planes flown by Hermann Graf & Alfred Grislawski 1. Bf-109 G6 "Green 1" - Hermann Graf 2. Bf-109 G6 "White 10" - Alfred Grislawski
  21. Hello Corto Yes it is very nice to find the Airfield of JG 50 in the Map I like also that we have Summer, Autumn & Winter available How is it today, much different from the old one? Thanks again also for you help with detailing the paint schemes!👍 Thank you very much! I wish you also the best in these days for you and your family during Eastern in times of COVID-19
  22. @[I./JG62]steppa Yes, they needed to be picked up by a Starfighter to come nearer Corrected... thank you
  23. Dear Zargos, sorry for the late reply but I was taken somne time off due to serveral resons but I always admire your passion for a lively touch and a tremendos understanding how to do top notch paintschemes I wish you all the best and would love to see your work again some days... well you never know, correct ? Thanks & have a good lime were ever you are!
  24. @Community After a long absence due to work & live issues I have restarted my interpretations of mostly Luftwaffe Skins for the Messerschmitt and the Focke Wulf series. Right now I polish up my old little page and also refurbish my Templates with adapted Bump Maps. During the next weeks I will post my progress and of course the paint schemes I'm working on. My newest oldest page will cover a high altitude Fighter Squadron witch was launched July 1943 under the command of Major Hermann Graf as Jagdgeschwader 50 based at Wiesbaden-Erbenheim (near Frankfurt am Main on Bodenplatte Map). I will start the page with two know birds Bf-109 G6/R6 of Hermann Graf and Alfred Grislawski which was used during a Propaganda show but flew in reality mission against B-17 (of course ) Bomber Formations mainly because their real mission in hunting the infamous Mosquitos wasn't really successful I will present links for the skins by tomorrow, today just some teasers:
  25. Thanks very much MarcoPegase44! That is a very nice addition and finding 👍 My I include this in the Template I have made, with remark to you of course?
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