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  1. EAW nailed it. I can't believe there isn't even a simple way to contact home tower for a heading! The original IL2 really did comms well IMO.
  2. Just to piggy back on this topic, is it not possible to contact tower for a heading?
  3. I'm a bit late viewing this, not being as much of a regular flyer as I used to be, but I am moved to offer my condolences to his family and friends. I remember well flying with and against him in the hyperlobby days. He was a formidable opponent, one best avoided. Sad to see he has passed away, but glad he is not suffering.
  4. Seriously confused. Been a few years now since i had il2 46 installed. I used to fly every night and had all the latest updates/mods etc. Now I feel like I really want to get back into it, BoS just doesn't cut it sometimes. But what is the best version to be running, without and with mods? I've just bought the game on GOG.com which has allowed me to download 4.13.4m. Is that the final vanilla version? Cheers for any advice
  5. If they announced a Spitfire XIV i would be prepared to reimburse them generously!
  6. There's a name I haven't seen in a long time!
  7. Make sure you're trimmed for smooth flight...
  8. Big thank you from me. Looking forward to taking some time off of the grind over Crimbo and putting some hours into BoS!
  9. Hi all, my joystick is the T1600m. I'm a casual flyer these days so it's fine for me. The main issue i have with tracking aircraft is that the hat switch is only using up/down/left/right. No diagonal movements, and no smooth transitions. It's quite awkward. I used to have newview for il2/cod and this worked very well for giving smooth head movements in the cockpit. Is there a way to replicate this sort of movement in BoS? Thank you
  10. Looks like scratches to me. Turned off HDR and cinematic and had big improvements in game. The HDR is absolutely horrible. (I appreciate this may not be news to some of you). Now that the game has new life, I can really start to learn and appreciate it.
  11. Thanks both I will try that (Just hope it doesn't disable the cinematic effect with F4, as I like that
  12. Hi everyone, I was pleasantly surprised to see this update today as I decided to have a fly after quite a long time without playing. I have to say the summer/autumn maps are superb, really a pleasure to fly over. However, I do have some questions about colours etc as touched on above. The clouds are blown out, and colours too bright etc. Is this just a case of switching off HDR etc in the menu? Second, is there a way to disable the motion blur when panning, as it really slows down my fps in cockpit, despite having a decent system. Thanks, and looking forward to putting more hours into the game.
  13. I've always thought it was ridiculous that this never existed in IL2 and it's ridiculous that it doesn't exist now. Even simple stats or a log that you update manually would be useful.
  14. I'd like to bring this topic back to the topic, as it's more relevant with the launch date looming over us. wunwinglo above has touched on an important point. Will there be a lobby system built in to BoS? That would be fantastic. Half of the fun of the il2 days was sitting on HL with your mates waiting for a game to fill up and launch! And the debates etc...great fun!
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