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  1. The WingWalkers are a twenty plus year old squadron with a long history in the flight sim community. We lost one of our flight leads last month after a short flight with cancer. Icy was our Flight Lead for Gold Flight, our bombing group. Icy flew with a positive spirit and a reckless abandon that made flying a lot of fun. We will miss him greatly. We will be flying the "Missing Man" formation in his honor on Tuesday night. We might blow some things up too, Icy would have been disappointed if we didn't. If you are interested in joining us send me a PM and I will s
  2. I wanted to give a very belated thank you to Vandy for his ten coop missions. I have modified them to line up with out squad's needs and they are providing many weeks of entertainment. I did a few things. 1. Changed the flights to Gold, Red, Blue to match our normal flight names 2. Increased the flights typically to 4 aircraft each so you can fly 12 vs 12 3. Added a White Flight with 4 more aircraft that stay on the ground if no one takes the lead spot so we could go 16 vs 16 if attendance is high. 4. Changed the missions to have a progression of weather, goe
  3. Some people are fans of the Cougar and some are not, but a few of us in the Wingwalker's have started to use them for comm's and it is very handy. (Put this under virtual squadrons because you would be the folks that would use this). We typically fly coop's and dogfights with four flights, Gold ( bomber), Red ( Jabo), Blue (Escort), White ( wildcard). Depending on who shows up sometimes you have to jump from Red to Gold and reconfiguring Teamspeak to get your whispers right at the last minute is a pain. Here is the set up. Added a paper dial to remind me on clock a
  4. Thanks guys, sorry for not digging in deeper myself, appreciate the help.
  5. I used to know how to do this but it has been awhile. Come someone point me where it is addressed in the manual. Been going cross eyed trying to find it.! Thanks
  6. Thanks guys I welcome the collective brainpower of this community. I will correct based on what info people bring forward so that it is at least in the ball park.
  7. Take a look at the top of the post. Made a rough timeline in excel. This is relatively accurate for start of production. I did not attempt to map end of production. Primarily a tool to make sure I didn't show planes in the hanger that did not exist yet. I had something similar in ROF and found it handy.
  8. Updated my post to add a rough timeline document. This is more accurate on the start of production, I ignored the end of production. Primary goal was to make sure I didn't put planes in the hanger that did not exist yet. I used to have one of these for ROF. Added the links for where I got the info. thanks all http://www.airpages.ru/eng/ https://vvsairwar.com/2018/01/09/the-douglas-a-20-havoc-boston-in-soviet-service/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_P-39_Airacobra#Soviet_Union https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtiss_P-40_Wa
  9. Answered my own question. When you delete the .msnb file and resave the mission to be compatible with the most recent version of the game, the .bak file goes away
  10. I have been working my way thru these COOP files, making some modifications. I noticed that mission 6 has a .bak file that none of the other missions have? What is this file for?
  11. The WingWalkers are late to this dance, but are studying up and getting ready to dip our feet in the pond. I know it sounds like Coconut is setting up a new server.....but were there certain times that this ran? Or did it just run continually? Also as new visitors, any advice to be good neighbors and not mess things up for the frequent flyers?
  12. There actually was quite a focus In this expo about bringing youth into aviation through the flight sim community.
  13. Yup same guy.....labor of love on a sprint to make it to Armistice Day! Will see if I have the stamina to take on another. http://www.thebluemaxproject.org/introduction/
  14. We turned the FlightSim Expo into a mini squad reunion, so was able to meet Jason and the other volunteers at the Il2 Sturmovik booth. It was great to get a chance to try a VR set up and see the game so well displayed. What stays with me the most about the visit...what a gracious host Jason was. He was kind and attentive and forthcoming about what pressures he is under trying to keep this game on the right track. I think we forget how demanding this community is on one person that is trying to run a business. It was great to be able to meet him face to face and thank him
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