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  1. I've done everything as you did in the NVIDIA control panel and now it runs smoothly! Thanks a lot
  2. Hello guys, I've found a strange bug that happens when I look around the cockpit. I have TrackIR 4 and the 5 software. Every time I look to the left or right (also up and down movement) the screen cuts off somehow. I think the pictures explain it way better, I didn't have time to make screenshots I just took them with my phone. Sorry. Thanks for your help
  3. Hello guys, Just started with IL-2 today and did the setup for my flight controls. Everything besides the toe brakes work just fine. I did the setup like the info screen told me, but an axis for either the left or right brake won't show up. Any clues? Thanks in advance
  4. Hello guys, i went through the pictures of my grandpa and found two pictures of an german airport in russia. On the back he wrote "Pjatmino (Flugplatz)"-> Airport. The quality isn't the best unfortunately but you can see several two engine planes, i think they're Ju-88's. I couldn't find any information about that airbase on the web, does anyone of you have a clue? The picture was most likely taken in 1941, most of the pictures he made were from that year. Thanks in advance
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