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  1. I think they're fairly close, but I'll make the A-3 for you next.
  2. 4 New Planes: Fw 190 A-5 P-39L-1 P-38J-25 MiG-3 Series 24 Spanish Translations! (thanks =gRiJ=Roman-) Still to do for all planes: Add better engine limit descriptions Add detailed startup procedures Add trim settings to formation mission
  3. Oh I see, yes the game itself seems to cache mission information somewhere, so that's why you initially saw no change to order. Renaming the folder caused the game to see it as a new campaign, and re-read file information. As far as order goes, I intentionally left taxi and formation flying to the end, as this requires the finest and smallest inputs. Frequently even experienced players can have difficulty with taxiing, and I didn't want a new player to be discouraged and not be able to continue from that point.
  4. Apologies I thought you meant the order of the missions. There is a setting in the campaign files that dictate order on the scripted campaigns page, currently all the campaigns use the same number so I'm not sure what logic dictates order in the software. I can rethink and order alphabetically or by some other logic.
  5. The easiest way to play these in any order is to install them to data\Missions instead of data\Campaigns. To play, go to the "Missions" section on the main menu instead of scripted campaigns, and each plane you've installed will have it's own Flight School folder.
  6. I wanted to get all the packs covered, but now that I have a couple planes for flying circus I can start on collectors planes. I'll probably have it up by the end of this weekend.
  7. v1.3: Added new mission 08 - Formations Learn to stay in formation with your squadron. Plan to add trim settings per plane. Added 3 new planes: Bf 109 E-7, Fokker D.VII, and RAF S.E.5a
  8. I flew many of your missions! Your missions and the "straight from the farm" campaign were how I learned WW2 flight sim. On the first point this is something I'm considering. I don't know of an easy way to evaluate a players performance in formation, but at the very least a mission to practice formation flying with an explanation of trim. The idea being each mission requires finer control of inputs than the one before it. To the second point, I don't think I can start the plane with damage, but maybe I can start the player high up in a stall/spin. I'm not sure but I'll look into it.
  9. Yak-7b Series 36 Uploaded French and Italian translations for all current planes!
  10. Thanks mpdugas, if anybody else experience this issues I'll consider changing the website I host on, but it sounds like you're the only one. My suspicion is that malicious ads triggered a connection (not these campaign files) that attempted to connect to deloplen. Once again the zipped files are .png, ASCII, and .msnbin, there are no hyperlinks in the files, and no executable code.
  11. A quick Google of deloplen makes it sound like you have adware/malware installed on your computer causing the ads to be intercepted and redirect you. You should look for steps to remove that, as you'll likely continue seeing that redirect on other websites. MediaFire is a common site for hosting files on this forum, and the files themselves are just ASCII and .msnbin files.
  12. 109 F-2 and Fw190 A-8 Uploaded All planes now have German language mission translations!
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