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  1. There's a file in the campaign folder called info.locale=eng.txt (or one of the other language codes if you're in those). You can edit the &name field to be whatever you want.
  2. All campaigns were rebuilt and reuploaded, including the full pack. Note that I changed slightly how these are being zipped up, so there's no longer a subfolder within the zip. I updated instructions for installation so if you've already installed some and built a habit of installing a certain way you may need to revisit.
  3. Hey all sorry for the slow response to this, I've been without my PC for the past 4 months and thankfully just got back set up. As you've discovered, after a recent update the files need to be rebuilt and reuploaded. I'm going to try to get to that by the end of the weekend, and I'll update you all here when I've done so.
  4. That's essentially all you have to do. To install, unzip the folder into the data\Campaigns folder of your IL-2 installation. If you want to play individual missions instead of a linked campaign, you can unzip into data\Missions
  5. Sooo, I actually tried to be sneaky and I resaved and re-uploaded after the update. The links should point to versions that work with the current version of the sim, but let me know if that ends up not being the case.
  6. Thanks @Godex1 . For much of this effort, every plane had a German translation. Recently, my new campaigns have pulled far ahead of the all volunteer translation team. I may need to better illustrate which planes have which translations, while I look for more community volunteers.
  7. This is extremely encouraging to me, thanks for the positive feedback! Everybody learns in their own way, but I think we're just about at the point where we have resources of every type for new players.
  8. I know why this is, I made a guess on a parameter (what module number does the player need to own to play) and I forgot that tank crew would have it's own number. Will fix that tonight.
  9. @JD_LincsUKI think you may have confused my missions with somebody else's, or they got combined in your missions folder, but I do agree that the U-2 is an amazing experience in VR.
  10. A-20B added Tweaks/changes: Take-off mission was tweaked so plane is more lined up on the runway. Landing mission has had the intermediate waypoints removed, and the airstart is a bit further back. Some of the faster planes were having a hard time slowing down in time to land, and the one size fits all of the waypoint glide slope wasn't always ideal. The formation mission has been tweaked slightly so the lead airplane won't need to turn hard at the beginning to line up with the first waypoint. I've propagated these changes across all planes, and wh
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