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  1. A-20B added Tweaks/changes: Take-off mission was tweaked so plane is more lined up on the runway. Landing mission has had the intermediate waypoints removed, and the airstart is a bit further back. Some of the faster planes were having a hard time slowing down in time to land, and the one size fits all of the waypoint glide slope wasn't always ideal. The formation mission has been tweaked slightly so the lead airplane won't need to turn hard at the beginning to line up with the first waypoint. I've propagated these changes across all planes, and while I don't think it has messed anything up it's a possibility. Let me know if something isn't working.
  2. https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/stalingrad/stalingrad.png https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/moscow/moscow.png https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/kuban/kuban.png https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/rheinland/rheinland.png https://tiles.il2missionplanner.com/arras/arras.png
  3. A couple of things I've noticed on v9, overall great update thanks a lot. Late November 1942 Stalingrad map the front lines are rendering poorly in game. They used to look very nice, but now it's a thin red line that disappears if you zoom too far in. May be related to German occupied Stalingrad being surrounded by the Soviet army, so there are two distinct frontline sets. A player logged a kill at "Translator Icon" which I tracked to \BoSData\Input\Stalingrad\MapLocations.json line 525. It looks like this location should be named "Razmetny".
  4. Thank you! Progress has been slower lately, and Ju-87 will be next, but I can do Hs 129 after that.
  5. Thanks for the kind words! Can you let me know which campaigns don't have english in the locale files? Is it possible you downloaded the Italian pack? Those should be the only where the English has has been replaced, as there's no Italian localization of the game.
  6. Two new planes in the game, two new planes for Flight School! Yak-9 Series 1 Yak-9T Series 1
  7. I did not restart the last mission where I got snubbed, no. Have you considered an option where PWCG takes us at our word? I know that would cause issues with features such as assigning a specific named AI to the kill, and logging the location. My group would definitely forgo that information if PWCG would accept null values where it would normally go, and it meant all our kills counted.
  8. It seems lots of people are having this issue, but Pat is aware and looking into it. For purely co-op campaigns this might be the best solution. By the time we get to the PWCG claims screen we've already decided which in-game kills counted or not. For example, if a kill is credited well after it has gone out of view, we will typically not claim.
  9. I've noticed that if AI pilots get separated from the flight, they won't necessarily follow the waypoints or attempt to group back up, and I've seen them circling in place until we go back to them. I've seen this most often with a human flight leader and AI flight members, where AI pilots fall behind or become engaged while the flight leader continues on. To counter this, I will try to make sure the AI pilots are present and following before moving on. Could that be what's happening? Not a PWCG issue but the game's AI logic.
  10. Kuban202005120905307.zip In the most recent mission I claimed one A-20, 3 Yak-7b's, and one IL-2 (model 42 I think). I was denied the Yak-7b claims. In the prior mission another pilot was denied Mig-3 claims. Icons on so not mistaken identity, and at least in my case I can confirm they went down while I was engaged in a furball with them.
  11. Maybe my imagination, but I feel like I'm seeing a lot more claims denied. Still doing claims manually, am I correct in assuming that should be more likely to award?
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