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  1. I can generate and fly missions, but I still have been unsuccessful in completing the AAR.
  2. Understood, error log Attached. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  3. I was able to generate and fly a mission, and now when I go into AAR I can set my claims, but clicking Submit Report is unresponsive.
  4. Correct, single player. I tried creating another campaign and got the same thing. Both attached. Edit: Maybe I spoke too soon, I closed and re-opened the software and it is now generating missions. Campaigns.zip
  5. Thanks Pat! I'll give it a try today! Edit: Looks like I'm running into an issue on mission generation. I can create a campaign, then generate a mission summary, but when I click on Briefing Map nothing happens.
  6. When I fly cooperative missions in PWCG, I won't leave server and run the AAR until after I've gotten to the mission results screen. I believe the way the game works, anybody that is shot down or bails out will automatically have finished mission. Anybody still flying or landed and healthy must click finish mission. When all active players are in a finish mission state, the game will count down to mission closure, and display the mission results. At this point I will leave server and run the PWCG AAR. I've never left server before receiving the mission results to test this, but maybe this is why it failed to parse your logs?
  7. Human pilot, campaign attached. Thanks! Kuban.zip
  8. I'm having this issue again. The same pilot was captured, and now the software will not generate a new mission. If I change this pilot back to alive, it generates. It will also fail to generate if I manually change the pilot to killed. Has anybody else come across a pilot that refuses to be killed/captured?
  9. Agreed, I think shorter is better. It's easy to forget and leave the recording on, but I try not to record while flying waypoints.
  10. I believe all the historic ace data is stored in the json files at this location: PWCGCampaign\BoSData\Input\Aces They are json formatted text files, similar to the format of the AI and human pilots in the squadron personnel files. I'm not sure if Pat has added to the lineup before the next release, but so far it looks like there are two aces, Arkady Fedorovich Kovacevich and Hermann Graff. If you look through those as examples (I use Notepad++ for easier formatting), it should give you an idea of what type of data needs to be included. Hope that helps!
  11. @PatrickAWlson Getting an error on mission generation tonight, was flying I./JG52 in Kuban, just entered August 1942 and looks like we got transferred to Stalingrad. Logs attached PWCGErrorLog.txt Edit: I was able to track this down to an issue with the personnel file. One of my pilots on 7/31/42 bailed and was captured. We then got transferred to Stalingrad, where I could no longer generate missions. Restoring that pilot's status to healthy and active solved the mission generation issue.
  12. It's more than what's on the chalkboard, I'm generating a couple of tables, a line plot of kills over time, and a pie chart of victim plane types. I sent you a pm with an example.
  13. Understandable, looking forward to all the improvements!
  14. Pat, I'm curious, is the format of the squadron json files going to change much? I currently rely on some scripts to scrape your files and generate a squadron summary to share with my group, so if v6 will have different folder and data structures I'll need to rewrite. Thanks
  15. Tip, In case it seems like you're doing this in a vacuum sometimes, just wanted to thank you for your missions, me and my friends play them often.
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