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  1. I am a red player.... Shouldn't I be able to join to even out the teams????
  2. I tried to join with 68/84 people and still getting kicked. I've read both the manual and the changelog and can't see a good reason why I am getting kicked...
  3. Same for me I keep getting kicked for no apparent reason....
  4. Yeah, I did that. It work for me (the host), but anybody else is unable to make it work. I have tried to spectate on Berloga duel and dogfight server and can't do it. I tried to use their mission in my server (sorry guys, It was the quickest way to test it) with Allow spectators clicked. It works, but only for the host... All my buddies can't change view... EDIT : Ok problem solved... Berloga has the spectator spawn too far from the action for the other planes to render.... as such You can't use shift or ctrl F2 to quickly flash to the nearest plane....Gotta make that spectator slot closer to duel zone!
  5. Hi guys! I am trying to set up a training mission with a kind of spectator system. I know I could enable external camera for all and it would be the easy way. My issue with that is that it make VR easier compared to head tracking as it seems their head can go trough the canopy. My idea was to set up something similar to Berloga duel and dogfight with a designated plane or spot for spectating, but I don<t know how or if it is even possible. It doesn't even seems to allow F11 or friends and foe camera on Berloga. Anyone with a solution? Thanks a lot
  6. @RangerVulpes Try this one : https://discord.gg/d9JtFY4 (just reedited the link, it was bugged) or https://discord.gg/y2WT7c7 . If you still can't please tell me and I will do my best to find a way!
  7. @coconut I just want to say thank you for that awesome server. I've been playing for the last few days and I love the changes you made. The map Stalingrad is quite small and I love it. Perfect for less than 30 players. I still can't find out exactly what are the rules for spawning and how luxury points and plane reservation works as it seems the manual is a bit vague on that, but the messages usually are good enough to let me know if I can spawn or not. Runs really well for me so far! Thanks again!
  8. Hi everyone! X51 is recruiting. We are an international squadron with the largest portion of our players based in Europe. We fly for both Axis and Allies depending of the server population. We host trainings every two weeks around 1900 UTC, but we fly pretty much anytime a few members are available. The squadron is also very active in DCS and WarThunder. You are more than welcome to join our Discord https://discord.gg/d9JtFY4 or check our website : https://x51squadron.com/
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