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  1. Yeh! me too. The up and coming TECS throttle in particular. I'm really happy with my gunfighter MCG & T-Rudder, especially now I've got a handle on the configurator, so I'm sure it will be a top notch bit of kit. Patience is a virtue I guess.
  2. Thanks very much Jade_Monkey. I do have a question. For the planes with gauges that measure in mph. instead of kph. I guess a conversion is needed. Is that correct? Also, since I'm a newb, I have added Dive limit speed to my copies, but I guess they could be committed to memory fairly easy once more experienced. Cheers, Chomp.
  3. I was having the same issue with landing the Mig for quite a while. Spitfire and La 5 also. Got to the stage where I was touching down pretty good, but was always ending up in a ground loop, many times prop hitting the deck. I have recently found the main issue was that I was thinking that using brakes with peddles ( left and right mapped to axis's ) both together was the same as using the "Brakes" ie. the default mapped to "/". This however is not the case and I wasn't apply any brakes at all when I thought I was. Left and right brakes mapped to the a left and right axis's only work on German planes. The Russian planes have differential brakes, so applying brakes "/" or whatever you have that mapped to, is then controlled more to left or right depending on your rudder input. Bear in mind also that once more than 50% rudder input is applied with the Mig, the tail wheel unlocks, as Field-Ops has mentioned already.
  4. TrackIR is fully supported by the game, or TrackIR fully supports this game, or both. Whatever, you should only have to ensure TrackIR game list is updated and it should work fine automatically. Just some tweaking of axis curves in TrackIR to your liking is all that may be necessary. You can then just map your POV hat to whatever you want in game, via settings > key mapping.
  5. You need to change the axis to "MAP_RELATIVE" instead of default "MAP_ABSOLUTE". Has to be done with TARGET software, either GUI or SCRIPT EDITOR. Best to read software doc's as you have to map all axis and buttons how you want them. Software and documents can be downloaded from Thrustmaster site. https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/twcs-throttle-en/ There are other ways eg. making the axis divided into key press's. In any case best to work it out for yourself. Takes a bit of work learning ( Edit:-Yes, is a bit of an elephant ), but you won't regret the effort, once you work things out.
  6. Skins and Environment's look fantastic. Great stuff all involved! Feeling inspired to make some skins too now. Are they all made with 2d painting? If so, how do you deal with the seams?
  7. Thanks very much for these videos Requiem, they are a great help. Still having not much success with landing.. Well 109's not too bad, but the Mig only once out of ..not sure how many, around a few dozen attempts. I'm a newb, so is expected I guess and my judgment is off. Anyway I note on many aircraft you close the radiators, what is the reason for this? I guess having them open increases drag, but wouldn't that help? Or does it slow you too quick on round out or something else?
  8. Don't have VR head set yet, but am considering it. I was thinking about this problem and wondering if maybe Voice Attack could be a way around it.
  9. Yeh! I agree, it can be a bit temperamental. I don't have the rudder peddles, not TM ones anyway, so can't say for that. I have experienced what you mentioned mapping hats to trims, radiators etc. and with the dial on the throttle for mixture in my case. I have everything working fine now though. With the hats, I have found that pushing the direction to first side, then straight to the other way for the second without letting it stop in the middle and doing it pretty quick seems to work better. Still it might take a couple of retry's. For the dial, just make sure the dial is somewhere close to middle before starting the mapping, then again go full 1 way to full the other relatively quickly, without stopping in the middle.
  10. It is doable... but...., You will have to learn some TARGET scripting, with the TARGET script editor. If you are going to use the TARGET script editor, if haven't tried it already and already know, it's an all or nothing thing. Meaning, if you use it, you have to map everything else too. eg. all other axis's and buttons you want to use for that device/devices. The example's below pertain only to the throttle paddle axis, nothing else. Only you know how you want everything else mapped and you may have that axis assigned to different DX axis other than DX_ZROT_AXIS. In which case it is really best to learn how to use it for yourself. Unless someone is willing to spend the time with you telling them how you want your whole setup. Anyway, you may do it with SetCustomCurve in TARGET script editor. Like this: MapAxis(&TWCSThrottle, TRDR, DX_ZROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE); SetCustomCurve(&TWCSThrottle, TRDR, LIST(50,0, 100,100)); Or if you want the other side: MapAxis(&TWCSThrottle, TRDR, DX_ZROT_AXIS, AXIS_NORMAL, MAP_ABSOLUTE); SetCustomCurve(&TWCSThrottle, TRDR, LIST(0,0, 50,100)); You may wish to invert 1 or the other, in game or you can change AXIS_NORMAL to AXIS_REVERSED, up to you. You can obtain the TARGET software and PDF. (Script Editor Basics) tutorial for it from the Thrustmaster website in "software" PS, sorry if this is no help, just letting you know it is possible.
  11. Oh! OK, thanks dingsda & unreasonable. Will keep that in mind in from now on.
  12. Howdy, really liking the campaign. Only up to part 6 so far as I'm very much a newb. and only just started fly expert difficulty. I find these campaign's with just the single plane used a great way to really get a good starting familiarity with particular plane. I hope there are more of these as time goes by. I will definitely be purchasing. I did do the Autumn 1, but on normal difficulty. I will do it again on expert after I finish this 1. Same with the SP campaign's. Anyway, one minor thing I found seems backwards. Maybe its not, like I mentioned still, new to IL2, but the bearings to way points (indicated red on map) seem 180 deg. out. Are they compass headings for each leg - way point to way point? Or are they deviation? Deviation doesn't seem to make sense either though. Its no big thing and no problem at all now I'm used to it, but did throw me off heading the wrong way to start with. Cheers.
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