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  1. Thanks buddy, Keep up the fantastic work on this utility, it's literally unparalleled in it's functionality!
  2. Perpetual fighters would actually be a good thing so if you have some time then please implement it @SYN_Vander
  3. @-RS-Nolly Is that fighters, heavy bombers, dive bombers and heavy fighters or just bombers though?
  4. Hey mate, I’m a member of No.66 Squadron RAF. I know you mentioned 109s but I figured I’d mention us to you just in case. We fly spitfires in our coop campaign so if you’re open to learning and being part of a relaxed but realism oriented group that does that then we’d be happy to have you. We also host up our own private dogfighting sessions in our downtime and a few of us enjoy flying on Wings of Liberty. We fly in BST/GMT in the afternoons/evenings and attendance isn’t a mandatory thing, we’re just a group of friends who love to play! Shoot me a DM if you’re interested or have a look here for a better explanation of what we offer Cheers, Griff
  5. Hi guys, I have come to notice that there is absolutely no servers in Great Battles that do what the TWC boys did with their server in Cliffs of Dover. By that I mean a mission where each side has a mix of AI and Players so you’re never just flying around waiting for players to show up. As the title suggests, PvEvP. I would try and create such a mission myself but my knowledge and time simply don’t allow me to create something like that. Just a zone where you have maybe a few airfields for both sides and AI on both sides running sorties with a mix of aircraft. CooP is absolutely great but running a server and having to constantly upload new missions simply doesn’t do it for quite a few of us. Dogfight is the same but lacks the feeling of actual total air war like the aforementioned CLoD server provided. Is there anyone with a solid knowledge of the editor and the will to make something like this? Christ I’d even pay someone to make it!
  6. Hi all, I hope you guys enjoy the eye candy, the skins were made by me using a template provided here on the forums, the squadron codes are accurate for No.66 Squadron ("LZ" from 1939-45). If you'd like to join 66 in the action then please DM me and we can work something out, for the time being, enjoy!
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