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  1. You can see it in full swing with the Spitfires if you leave your landing flaps down whilst rolling to complete stop on a landing, the brakes don't do a sausage to stop the turn. - Griff
  2. I'm inclined to agree, the Tempest definitely has issues, the hispano cannons are definitely not broken any worse than the German or Soviet counterparts. - Griff
  3. Is there a DD or set of patch notes where this temporary tail fix was introduced at all, I don't remember seeing it.
  4. The video was used as a counter argument to "There's nothing wrong with the FM" which gets said in every single FM discussion on these forums. The server we fly on doesn't allow the use of TACVIEW full stop so we can't get data in that way, It's not "feelings" it's first hand experience that prompted the thread being made. If you notice how I asked for other people to put their experiences in here so we get a fuller picture, so far all you have done is be totally against any kind of investigative stance toward the 109s FM/DM, you yourself could collate evidence against
  5. An apt description of what the JG mafia and 109 frequent fliers do on every thread regarding Axis balance and improvement, including the allied 50 cal threads. This thread is for people to note what they have observed as "unrealistic" flight characteristics of the 109 series, as I have already mentioned, there are threads for several kites, not all of them axis, which people lay out what they have witnessed as unrealistic behavior. It's easy to shit all over people that don't share your opinion, I ask you to refrain from doing so here, this is a post in the interest of
  6. As you said, it's not unheard of that the Windows file system can prevent programs from accessing folders that require permissions elevation i.e admin consent. Elevating the program with "Run as Admin" could be the fix.
  7. Are you quite mad? I don't get to set the rules on the servers that people fly on lmao. I have already said a plethora of times that the video isn't mine and that it belongs to Scharfi, do you expect me to set the rules on the servers she plays on? Also, thankfully, you don't get to decide whether I have a case or not, this whole post is for people to lay out their observations of 109 behaviour, there are similar threads for the Spitfire, Tempest, P51 and 190, I don't see you getting anal on those posts about the legitimacy of the evidence collected.
  8. What are you even on about dude, If it's evidence that backs up my point, from an impartial source no less, then I am going to use that evidence. Griff
  9. That's fairly obvious, your prior comment makes it out that the video clip I presented is mine, my original response to your comment (which was rudely deleted) stated that the clip actually belonged the Scharfi and not me, which was very obvious also. Griff
  10. Lol who deleted my response to X-Man then? A man can't even make a well reasoned counter argument on here now? As I said before, people pay good money to fly this sim, it's not unreasonable to ask for a certain degree of realism.
  11. Good God....... If this doesn't prove that something is broken with the DM/FM then I have no idea what else to say. Griff
  12. Well I wouldn't call it a circle jerk to be honest and I don't see the necessity of hostile wording, we have multiple takes so far, some in agreement and some not, your experiences are also worthy to be noted if you have any, I merely posed the question out to the community to see if others have noticed weird 109 behavior. I don't really get why there's such a hostile atmosphere here on the forums sometimes. I'd be glad to have your takes with any variety of weird FM behavior (of any kite) since the recent updates! Stay healthy!
  13. Cheers for putting your experiences here mate I really appreciate it! I fully agree with this sentiment, I've seen Tempests do some weird stuff as well, I appreciate your take on this
  14. I'm glad to have some other takes on this "issue". Do you consider it to be a somewhat negligible "issue" or something that you could do in pretty much all the 109s? I don't doubt that for a minute, I myself started off in this sim with the 109s as a learning platform, I've just never seen this happen without a stall of some description or a death spiral up until just after the more recent FM updates. We don't tend to do it often, it's more like a last ditch attempt to get further inside the 109 trailing. I
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