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  1. Great job, working with the alpha channel looks perfect as far as I can judge it properly because I can't handle this aspect of skinning myself. Bravo!
  2. Now the same is happening in the Kuban mission. I am regularly "murdered" after landing at a different airport. I also have the impression that the points in the statistics are, however, subtracted. Thanks for the advice on how to avoid it, I'll check if it works. Greetings.
  3. Oczywiście że tak, moje niedopatrzenie ale chyba dlatego że jest was(318) tak mało
  4. Beautiful skin, but I notice that the camouflage is wrong. The plane was pattern "B", your artwork has pattern "A".
  5. First, you have nothing to apologize for. I have had this problem myself for days until today. Now I will give a diagram of the procedure. Of course, I assume that you can create a campaign and the problem arises because it is not known where the "Accept Mission" tab is. I have the impression that the generator interface has changed a bit and this tab is really "deep", but to the point, here are the places you need to visit in order, just be patient when you confirm the mission, it takes a while to generate it, at least on my old, cluttered computer . Press the tabs in sequence: 1) Missi
  6. Today I was buying again and the same thing happened. I enter the card details and the error message appears, once again and Xsolla informs that he cannot make the transfer, so again and it's okay, but they want a password to the bank account, I try again for the fourth time and it worked. I don't know what it's all about, but try to make a normal purchase a few times before you start transferring from your account to your account or include PayPal in it.
  7. Unfortunately, at the moment I have the same problem, I tried several times but it looks like I will not fly the Yak-9 In the end it worked, but I don't know what the problem was, so I won't be of help if necessary.
  8. I understand that it is impossible to turn off or reduce the noise of the air surrounding the plane?
  9. Did the developers absolutely assume that they don't go beyond 1945? If not, then definitely Vietnam, a topic neglected by all major manufacturers of aviation simulators recently, as far as I know, but if devs do not intend to go beyond 1945, there is no topic and please do not refer to my entry.
  10. Dzięki Shoki za zachęcającą wiadomość.
  11. Jeżeli dojdzie do zakupu z pewnością dam znać ale problem w tym że zupełnie nie mam doświadczenia z tego rodzaju sprzętem więc moja opinia może nie być miarodajna. Dzięki za link, szkoda że ten producent nie dorzuca przerobionej kamery PS3Eye.
  12. Dzięki Rafcio za odzew, właśnie dzisiaj dostałem odpowiedź od producenta że wracają do produkcji za jakieś 3 tygodnie. Na ich profilu FB byłem wcześniej ale na stronie internetowej jest sugestia żeby kontaktować się przez @ i raczej nie dzwonić. Pozdrawiam.
  13. I had a similar problem some time ago but after exchanging a few e-mails with technical support, I got a reply that explained where it was: " Musisz uruchomić grę ze Steam, aby mieć dostęp do całej posiadanej zawartości (na Steamie i stronie internetowej), nie działa w drugą stronę. Po uruchomieniu gry z samodzielnym wyrzutnią IL-2 gra nie widzi tych 2 samolotów, ponieważ kupiłeś je na Steamie. Widzi inne samoloty, ponieważ zostały zakupione przed aktualizacją 3.004 " So after update 3.004 something has changed.
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