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  1. Well, now we know why you can hear the sound of the wind so loudly when you head to the side of the cabin;)
  2. Thanks for recognition, I'm not an artist but I try to make it look somehow.
  3. I checked twice and normally downloads I will try again http://www.mediafire.com/file/wke329kqbh0jo5j/P-47D_COFFEY%27S_POT_388_FS_365_FG_Lt.Col.R.Coffey.7z/file
  4. P-47D which unfortunately did not survive the war. He flew in 388 FS 365 FG and Lt. Col. Robert L. Coffey. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wke329kqbh0jo5j/P-47D_COFFEY%27S_POT_388_FS_365_FG_Lt.Col.R.Coffey.7z/file
  5. Lt.Col. Robert Coffey, skin soon. The skin is already in the "Skins and templates" section
  6. Unfortunately I do not know but here we are talking on a completely different topic! I did according to your recommendations and tested in the evening on the KOTA, despite the rather weak computer compared to some of you (i5-2400 3.10GHz, GTX 1050 2GB, 8GB RAM-1333) the game created for me "cfg" with high settings, which I left them a bit modifying. On the server, there was rather no stuttering as before, sometimes it was slightly cut, but this is due to the high graphics settings that I never use (I use medium). I still have to test in the mission singles with a large number of aircraft in one group fight. Thanks John!
  7. I don't know what's going on but after generating the P-51 mission, I only saw ... darkness (it's a saying from a Polish comedy), the computer crashed and the game stopped responding. The second thing is the lack of a new Bodenplatte map. Thanks for this generator, best regards.
  8. A similar absurdity applies to P-47 where there were no 56 FG skins
  9. So what is it about high performance equipment?
  10. I was afraid that the road to spending money on upgrading my computer was starting ... maybe someone wants to buy this game?
  11. As for me, the amendment did not bring anything positive, I wonder if in my case the reason may be a small amount of RAM (only 8GB). In the movie P_Gora I see the consumption of Ram at the level of 8.5 GB
  12. I also have this problem (stuttering the game), yesterday the Combat Box could not be played, in the single mission with a large number of objects in the air is also dull, I also tried to turn on and off various options in the game including V-sync and blocking frames on level 50 but I didn't notice any obvious changes. It remains to be hoped that they will fix it somehow.
  13. Indeed, my first question was ill-considered, I think I considered it in terms of a scripting campaign and this is about dynamic campaigns, thanks to Redwo 1f that you realized that
  14. Hi ! I started using this generator and noticed that after generating the mission and going to the game in the mission description is empty, the mission content is not transferred to check-in, is there any possibility for the content of the check-in to appear in the game? The second issue concerns the number of missions generated at once without having to go through the previous one because I do not always have time to play the generated mission but I can generate several missions in a few minutes and then play them, but I see that in PWCG the mission that I did not play is overwritten by the next one, results from the fact that I have to play a mission first to be able to generate the next one which forces me to leave the game for this time
  15. Hello I came across this page and I think everything about the types of ammunition used in the P-47 is already clear. It is a pity that the game developers did not take this into account, I personally like the missiles giving a delicate streak of smoke. http://www.368thfightergroup.com/P-47-armament.html
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