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  1. Jaegermeister, you saved a few weeks of my work and at the same time learning to use the editor. I already had everything to throw in the trash can and give peace to missions but I have already looked in the forum and thanks to your helpful entry the mission is saved. Thanks !
  2. Thank you Geronimo, now the FPS is suddenly not falling from 60 to 17 during a bomb explosion or the appearance of dust and smoke, now it is jumping 190-50.
  3. "Gambit21 is doing a full scripted campaign for the P47 so we do have that to look forward to as well" I do not have this campaign on the map of Kuban, Moscow, unfortunately I just want to fly on the P-47.
  4. Of course, I linked accounts when buying BoK and BoBP on the manufacturer's website, which is why I am surprised that only two collectors are not active (Spit Vb and Bf-109G-6), I did not receive the keys from Steam but it is normal after some patch to play as the support girl said, however, they are active without a problem when I run the game via Steam.
  5. Hi Jaegermeister, Do you plan another campaign, not necessarily historical, for the P-47? Failure in the full BOBP version makes it impossible to play a career on this plane and the players are great. I tried to create something myself in the editor but it does not go away. Maybe if you feel like doing it, you'll be able to do something on the southern part of the map of Kuban in a beautiful and difficult mountainous terrain? Greetings.
  6. To make it clear what I mean, I put a picture
  7. Thanks for Leon, but I do not mean what you can see on the map, which I can open during the flight seeing the entire route but it is usually yellow points appearing in front of the nose of the plane when you fly on a previously crafted route. I know that these are facilitations for players who do not perform on "expert" servers, but I am still bothering about this matter.
  8. I was tempted because in the supermarket this game (Il2 BOS) cost only $ 13, only at home I saw that it is a Steam version. All (collector's) planes work for me but I have to run the game together with Steam, when I ignore the launcher then the game sees Spitfire VB and Bf-109G-6 blocked. It's not a problem, but if you are running a Steam site, it may unnecessarily load the link.
  9. Hi My question concerns colorful navigation points in the shape of broken tears usually visible in yellow color and the landing point usually blue. As you browse through various guides, I can not find it and use it in the editor. Thanks for any help.
  10. Good morning everyone I bought the steam version of the Il2 BOS, then I also bought the collectors on the steam La-5 and Fw-190A-3, and for some time I bought two more Spitfire Vb and Bf-109G-6. Then, in the promotion on the publisher's website (not on steam) after joining the accounts, I bought Il2 BOK until it was finally time for Il2 BOBP. It is strange that when I start the game not via Steam, then I have blocked two of the collectors Spit and Bf-109G6, while Ła and Fw-190 are normally available. I used technical assistance, but you probably did not understand what I mean. I will say that I did not receive the keys to Spitfire and Bf-109 because, as you explained to me from technical assistance after some improvement, this is no longer necessary (!?) Unfortunately, you focused more on these keys and not on what really interests me, or why two planes that I paid for are blocked when we enter the game through the launcher, bypassing Steam. Thank you for any help and greet, Grzesiek
  11. Thick but nice. One of the favorite skins.
  12. It was this mission: "D-Day-June- 1944, 14.04.2019, 15:51" http://il2na.com/en/mission/716/, I went in for the last 35-25 minutes and after about 3 minutes of flight I heard shots, when I looked back I saw the rifle's rear rifle gun pointed towards the left ballast horizontal and shooting after him. I apologize for Buddy and I am editing the previous post. I did not think that in the communities of this game I would meet people behaving like psychopaths, but I think nothing will surprise me anymore. Thanks for helping Alonzo.
  13. Hi ! I confirm the same event a few minutes ago during the flight on A-20. Someone was shooting at my horizontal collision, a moment later the plane went into a corkscrew and I jumped out with a parachute, at the same time someone called "xxxxxx" left the server. I do not want to accuse this guy unjustly because maybe it's a coincidence that he just came out of the server at the same time but ...
  14. It's sad news, thanks to the server coconut! So where are the guys now? I saw that there is a server on the coconut engine, but I do not know anything about it.
  15. This is Mustang from 315 Polish squadron, the second from left wing is his rider Eugeniusz Horbaczewski, who unfortunately died in combat flight over France in August 1944.
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