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  1. To fakt, jest ich sporo ale jeżeli szukasz zespołu do latania wyłącznie po naszej stronie to polecam chłopaków ze 133 Polskiego Skrzydła Myśliwskiego (302,315)
  2. Hi ! I am a frequent visitor on the AKA server because it suits me that planes from the end of the war were used in this campaign, but I admit that the Stalingrad map is a bit boring already, is there any chance to change it to the Moscow map, which I think is visually more attractive, keeping late war planes? I also saw that you tested your own dynamic campaign on the Rhine map, it would also be interesting to introduce it. Regards !
  3. Nice smoke tracers, it's a shame Il2 lacks such alternatives to choose from.
  4. I am not entirely sure if my problem is identical but I will describe it. I bought BOS on Steam, then four collector aircraft, then connected accounts and bought them at the Kuban and Bodenplatte stores. When I start the game directly from the intsalation file, two collector planes are blocked, I wrote to the site several times before they understood it and I got the answer: " You have to launch the game from Steam to have an access to all the content you have (on Steam and website), it doesn't work the other way. When you launch the game with standalone IL-2 launcher the game does not see those 2 planes, because you purchased them on Steam. It sees other planes because they were purchased before the update 3.004. " "1CGS Support Team"
  5. Nice to see the Vietnam War theme, hopefully more. Maybe we will see this theater in action and let DCS not be the first.
  6. Yes, there is still the F-105. As for the flight model, I will not say anything because I have no experience in this matter. It is a pity that the IL 2 series does not aspire to enter the Vietnamese conflict, think F-100, F-105, F-4
  7. The error appeared after several missions. My pilot was not supposed to participate in this one but it had to be done automatically and at that moment something went wrong. Is there any way to fix this error or bypass it without restarting my career?
  8. Mustang Mk IV, Polish 303 Squadron RAF. A long-promised skin almost finished, but ... I will wait for inspiration to have some pleasure in finishing it.
  9. I don't mean the name "my hero", but the whole squadron.
  10. The question is short, what are the reasons for this? I understand that the regulations required communication in English, but the pilots in this unit were not British.
  11. Lt.Col. Robert L. Coffey readt for action
  12. OK thank you I already had the maps ready but I was afraid that I would get something wrong, I don't understand why there are three sizes of each map in PWCG and that stopped me from interfering with the generator structure.
  13. What to do to replace the current Bodenplatte map contained in PWCG with the one from the game yourself?
  14. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach the archive materials of this aircraft, which show its underside of the wings, so I was forced to rely on the drawings. I post one of them and stick to this version.
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