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  1. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    And the grass is still not cut !
  2. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    50.cal smoke

    I went through a lot of "P-47 guncam" movies yesterday and observed three types of ammunition, one of them did not leave any visible traces in the air but only a clear explosion after hitting the target, the second looked very similar to P-47 in the IL-2 BOBP game and the third as in the video, which I posted above (sorry but I could not get it to post videos in the post).
  3. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    50.cal smoke

    The creators of modifications to the IL-2 1946 made a very good measure. Apart from the distinct light bullets, there are still delicate streaks of smoke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9408xsSRHM
  4. Novorossiysk, but it's ok, sorry for the confusion.
  5. Hi ! Coconut, today Fw-190 can not take bombs,why !? If you could take P-47 (if it was in the missions), people would lynch you Best regards, 8ELT_Grzesiek
  6. You can not enter the server :(
  7. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    Supermarine Spitfire Skins

    Next Polish Spit, this time (4k) 303 Polish Air Force squadron RAF, pilot FL/Off Eugeniusz Horbaczewski. Regards ! Link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/ouk388au1glwqk6/SpitfireMkVb_303_RF-G_E.Horbaczewski.7z/file
  8. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    HS129 4k Plea for help re Alpha Channels

    Thanks to BOO for help, I use the PS I looked a little on the net and it turned out that copying the layer is very simple. In fact, I am a total amateur and a lot of learning in front of me.
  9. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    HS129 4k Plea for help re Alpha Channels

    Hello This is about Alpha 1. I just started experimenting with this channel and it worked out poorly, I tried to "transplant" Alpha 1 from the original template in place of this broken but it does not go well. If you can not do anything about it, then I'm throwing my layers into the original template.
  10. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    HS129 4k Plea for help re Alpha Channels

    Hi ! While working with the new skin i spoiled the alpha channel without making a copy of this channel (my error) and i can not unscrew what i've done. Itried to copy this channel from the original template but it does not work, if anyone knows thr recipe for this problem, please help. Regards !
  11. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    Supermarine Spitfire Skins

    Hi ! Spitfire Mk Vb serial no. AB931, 315 Polish Air Force squadron RAF, pilot P/O Franciszek Kornicki. Link to skin:http://www.mediafire.com/file/wjf6sxsmjfkmboz/SpitfireMkVb_315_Kornicki.7z/file
  12. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    Hello ! I am adding my machine from this unit. Thanks to ICDP for a good template. Link to the skin, two versions (4K):http://www.mediafire.com/file/06w3eyp70c28ggs/Fw-190A3-1.JG51-White-6-Gunther-Josten-Russia-1942-01.7z
  13. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    And I will add something from myself, I'm in the process of making a 4K skin to the white six in a slightly different version than on the page linked by sevenless.
  14. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    Hello all ! I have corrected the errors in the bottom dimension of the side crosses and added "historical" elements of the aircraft designation, as for the 4K version. I need information from professionals or is it possible to transfer to entire camouflage pattern and markings to a 4K template or to everything have to be done anew ? I have one more question, this time it concerns the Fw-190A-5 template, so there is a layer called "Layer 1" first of what is it for and secondly wheter it can be removed before flattening the image ? Regards. Version corrected: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jrmq6dktvpsdaqj/FW190a3_Kundrus_12JG5-2.7z Version corrected, "historical": http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mcumcxiubtvfyp/FW190a3_Kundrus_12JG5_historical_version.7z
  15. 8ELT_Grzesiek

    FW 190 A-3 skins

    Hello Madcop! Thanks for showing errors and for recognition the more that I am not an artist and I'm barely using photoshop. What I noticed before balkenkreuz but I thought it looks like the template and then I did not check it out, another thing is weathering, unfortunately here it is not I deserve praise because I am using a ready template from this site: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/35355-official-skin-template-links-updated-4318/ and this template already contains this paint consumption model. I understand that by the "historical" version you understand this marked swastika? I deliberately did not include it because of the connection of this symbol with the occult but the idea of a 'historical' version. Next thing is 4K texture, to be honest I do not know this topic but I will try to improve and do something about it.