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  1. They must have been smart and hired mods who did a great job in some of the mods until IL2 1946
  2. OK thank you I already had the maps ready but I was afraid that I would get something wrong, I don't understand why there are three sizes of each map in PWCG and that stopped me from interfering with the generator structure.
  3. What to do to replace the current Bodenplatte map contained in PWCG with the one from the game yourself?
  4. Unfortunately, I was unable to reach the archive materials of this aircraft, which show its underside of the wings, so I was forced to rely on the drawings. I post one of them and stick to this version.
  5. And I came across another problem with the continuation of the campaign, let this time illustrate everything about: P.S. Patrick Wilson is still alive and continuing his aviation career but I can move him to a quieter section of the front so he can experience this "war"
  6. Thanks for words of encouragement ROCKET_KNUT Generally, I am dealing with the alpha channel but not in the way I can see it in others. I noticed that some work on the original alpha channel contained in the template in the same way as me and it is correct but it is working on each layer separately so the method is laborious and besides, after applying the appropriate shade of gray on the alpha channel, lines of plating, rivets etc. are painted . and this is not the end I like it and that's it. Maybe these are cosmetic things that do not affect the final effect of the skin but I would like to start doing it differently.
  7. 361st_SPEKTRE76 and spudkopf Colleagues, I could use an instructional video on both of these methods because I have a problem with preparing the alpha channel in this way. I was able to make the "Alpha" channel using the method described by SPEKTRE76 but I still don't know how to change the gloss level or matting on individual parts of the aircraft on such a prepared channel.
  8. Hello, thank you for recognition I just checked the link and it works, you just need to unpack it with 7zip. If something still goes wrong please let me know. Regards, Grzesiek.
  9. I was convinced that the pilot "Patrick Wilson" is no accident, I did nothing in this direction.
  10. Unfortunately, I encountered another problem with the strange behavior of PWCG, on the screen you can see that the squad leader has a hostile marker color, fortunately he behaves friendly, sometimes the marker colors are gray regardless of the conflict side. problems?
  11. Mustang MK.IVA S/ l Witold Łokuciewski, 303 Sq. (Polish) RAF. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ob93nstp1wt55k6/Mustang_Mk_IVA_W.Lokuciewski_303_Sq_PD_D.7z/file
  12. I also have this problem, besides, they started to speak Russian again and in addition instead of starting from the airport I was the only one in the air quite close to the goal, the rest of the team took off from the airport, besides I should be fourth in the team and I was as an additional pilot, fifth.
  13. I reinstalled PWCG and have no previous problems but, unfortunately, fighting on the American command side are in Russian.
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