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  1. I understand that the score from sorties as shown in the debriefing of the game does not fit to the applied rating in your scoring list. Is there the possibility to learn how your rating calculation ist done in detail? I didn't find information about this topic yet. thx
  2. By the way, I was wondering if ship targets have been abolished? Kuban map would provide plenty of opportunities, but no ships anymore?
  3. I've seen your post regarding the "invincible planes" and the removal of bridges to overcome this issue. Did it help and will bridges be no longer part of the target selection?
  4. I*m wondering what happend to the bridges as targets. In the last campaigns to bridges ..???
  5. So, for the last time: We play a plane/war simulation. So, by "default" it can't be fair, because each side always tries to get an advantage above the opponent by having better equipment , or better tactis, or superior numbers etc.. This is generally true since the beginning of human mankind and of course applies to WW2. And yes, it is not fair to have a stronger engine in a plane or a more powerful gun or whatever, if you apply these things against an enemy with less powerful attributes. But it happens permanently in this game, because we have various equipment that we want to play. This game has not a "balanced" set as chess have. Chess was intended to train commanders in their intellectuel skills to defeat an equal enemy. Our situation is completely different. We want the fun and the action by simulating flying a warplane. So, basically its ridiculous to claim for more fairness in a war game that exists of simulated equipment for both sides. I think the makers of "Finish Virtual Pilots" are doing a great job in making this game playable for both sides based on their concept. A final word regarding your last comment: It's most interesting that you dare to blame my character where you are famous for lurking at blue airfields with your tank and killing pilots when they join the game and try to start their engines. What a fair player you are...
  6. Somehow you don't get the point. The German Panzer have been superiour to their opponents, at least if it comes to the later versions. Of course, they have been encountered by the sheer mass of Shermans etc. and the air superiority of the Allies. If you sit in a Tiger, you should be afraid of the allied air forces, not so much by their tanks. So, as a player I don't want to play against another Tiger, give me T34 or KV1 or whatever as opponent. This is in sink with the historic combat situation. I agree that the availability of tigers should be limited, this would adopt the situation to the reality in WW II. Fair enough. But if you in your T 34 encounter a Tiger and you don't have a tactical advantage or air support you are in a bad shape, because this was the combat reality. Just have a look on the statistics if it comes to one to one combat without air or artillery support. I'm going back to my first argument: We are playing a historical simulation with the pros and cons of the equipment. This is the fun of the game, don't ruin it because you want it all equal. If you want a fair play you better play chess.
  7. Don't understand your comment. This is a simulation for planes and tanks, but not a simulation for specific battles. It's about a combat situation, it's not a battle simulation. Of course, we need a battlefield to have combat situations. Don't mix it all up. If you want to simulate the battles you would need to simulate the dispersion of forces on both sides. Which would be, by the way, boring for the red side due to the overhelming numbers of the allies. As a red fighter pilot for example you would barely see a German aircraft in all scenarios from beginning of 1944. But who is interested in historical correct results ot game scenarious? As a gamer, I don't care about the winner of the Kursk game. I guess most players are looking for the combat simulation in a Tiger, a FW 190, a Spit, Yak or whatever. But when i sit in a Tiger, I don't want to face another Tiger as my opponent. I wan't to fight against a T 34, a Sherman or whatever was available on red side.
  8. I've got a question regarding the targets on the server. Some objects like "Flakvierling" or "Flak 37 AAA gun" are German equipment, but are used on the red side? Is there a specific reason for that? Just curious ...
  9. Well, again. We play a historic flight simulation based on WW2. I don't get your point at all to balance forces on both sides to have the same conditions. I see the individual material and technic on both sides as an additional kick which the players needs to handle besides operating a plane or tank. Russion planes turn faster than the German ones, top speed is different from plane to plane etc... So, if you want to balance both sides we would only need one standard plane or tank on each side. Everbody has the same material available. And you think this would be fun?
  10. Strange discussion, I thought the game is built after the original features or planes / tanks . So, a Tiger should be much more stable than a Sherman under fire. Just study the literature, it's obvious. German tanks on red side would ruin the historic virtual war.
  11. I have the same disconnection error as mentioned. Still no solution or answer available?
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