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  1. Unqualified answers Thanks for that qualified comment..
  2. If I check the technical data in the game I can't see any disadvantage for the Tempest at higher altitude. It's still very potent and faster as the Dora on 6000 meters, despite MW 50 on the Dora. Just have a look on the data. On 3000 meters and below there is now way to counter a Tempest in a 1 : 1 if you fly LW. On the server(s) we don't fight bomber fleets on 7000 meters or higher in a "Reichsverteidigung" scenario. We play tactical airwar as it was done on the eastern front, consistent to the title of the game "IL 2" and the maps provided. The bunch of activity is below 3000 meters.
  3. I agree as well. If red pilots complain about the "super" 262, one could also argue about the super Tempest, which is superior in all categories compared to German piston engined aircrafts. And Tempests are over the targets "en masse". In some campaigns one could think the whole allied airforce have been solely equipped with Tempests. Greetings
  4. I'm really wondering what kind of system or gadgets some guys have to support their range of sight. One single plane flying low above the woods is detected at more than 5000 meter distance and from a altitude of almost 3000 meter. Miracle?
  5. Yesterday afternoon and evening I flew for a couple of hours but the sorties haven't been recorded on the statistics/scoring table?? Problem on my side or general?
  6. I just tried to join the finisch LD server, but could not. anything wrong with it?
  7. "where if we speak of reality the Luftwaffe was prohibited from entering dogfights at less than 2000mts because the Soviet planes were better at that height" Your comment on this topic is not correct. There was no general rule to not engage Russian planes below 2000 m. In fact most fighting in Russia happened below 3000 m and it was difficult for German pilots to adjust to the conditions on the Western front, when they have been ordered there, because most fighting happened above 5000 m. The 109 was capable to do dogfights in tight circles and sometimes the MK 108 jammed due to the
  8. I agree that the Me 262 needs to be limited due to it's superiority. It would ruin the fun for allied pilots if it would appear en masse. And it is also "historical" correct to limit them, because this plane did not see so many sorties due to the lack of fuel, spare parts, training, political games in the Nazi-establishment etc.. There have been many reasons. But I want to comment that the 262 was no prototype, this is wrong. More than 1000 units have been build and from mid 1944 on some units have been in combat action. (JG 7, JV44 in fighters role, not to forget KG 51 (J) which was transfo
  9. Thx for the detailled explaination! I really admire all the work which is put into this server! Great job from all of you! Thx for the detailed explanation. I really admire all the work which is put into this server. Great job from all participants! You provide a very enjoyable playground for so many enthusiasts!
  10. I would like to raise the same question as "wokeupdead" did on Monday: "How is "Fighter Rating" (and "Attacker Rating" and "Bomber Rating") calculated on the stats page?" And I would like to ask, how you calculate the average scoring for the total score? It's not calculated by these three components, I guess somehow you calculate the supply missions into it? Thx for a quick answer.
  11. I checked my scoring from yesterday night and realized that the benefit from supply missions (Ju52) have been reduced from 600 to 300, is that right? If yes, do you want to "award" the fighters a bit more in comparison to the suppliers? Top scorers have a large amount of supply sorties in their scoring sheets and "pure fighters" might criticize that?
  12. I did a paratrooper supply last night after the information came that tank ressources would go short. Everything went fine, I could see the troopers on their parachutes going down within the blue landing zone and I mad it back safely to the airfield. The mission was recorded, but without any score. What did I do wrong? I released the paratroopers right above the blue smoke. I'm confused...
  13. Recently I had a discussion regarding the possibility to destroy enemy temp fields by attacking hangers and other installation. Is that really possible? Thx for a short clarification.
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