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  1. ME-BFMasserME262

    DD today?

    sorry for the stupid question but, what's that "wololo" thing? can't get it
  2. ME-BFMasserME262

    Wonder if this will be possible with the Me 262?

    Yeah, it got on my nerves to see that little ball never centered
  3. ME-BFMasserME262

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    Nice description of what having a Yak on your 6 is like
  4. ME-BFMasserME262

    Bf-109 Defensive fight

    I started doing this and can finally manage to shot down Yak1b's and La5FN's in my G-6... Against AI. I guess against humans will be a completely entire different world
  5. ME-BFMasserME262

    Thoughts on the P39...

    I already admited it was me, my fault for flying it like a noob. Thanks Oh, and just like in the other video of the P39 in this thread: The skill of that P39 pilot is high. But really that score was because of a not so skilled 109 fighter that insisted in fighting like that against the P39.
  6. ME-BFMasserME262

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Now thats what I call a beautiful picture
  7. ME-BFMasserME262

    Thoughts on the P39...

    Well, I admit its totally my fault then. I was flying it like a noob turning and burning with it... Gonna try to give it (to give myself) another chance, and fly it more like a FW then, since its diving and energy retention are great. Plus, I love how easy is the taxiing, the take off and landing with it... Plus 2: I find it a great interceptor (disintegrates heavy german bombers quite easily) Thanks for input
  8. ME-BFMasserME262

    Thoughts on the P39...

    An old post I know but... In that video, you doesn't prove that the P39 is good. Just that is being well flown, against a noob enemy, seems like me trying to chase a russian plane... Not difficult for an experienced pilot... I was trying the P39 today against "novice" AI flying a G4 (which is supposed to be its "natural" counterpart, because of BoK)... No matter what I do, I cant even reach him and shot him. The dumb AI will turn and turn and turn... and keep turning forever. I can shot down a AI G4 with whatever fighter I fly (against AI) because they just turn like dumbs. With every plane except the Airacobra. What a crap of a plane, gonna stick to P40 better, that's what I call a fighter
  9. ME-BFMasserME262

    Is there any type of referral system for IL-2 Sturmovik?

    or wait for discount/sales, where you can buy the game at a really low price.
  10. ME-BFMasserME262

    Hype about ME262

    well we all have different "tastes". I find the spitfire totally awful visually, while I find the FW 190 (A version) the sexiest. Followed close ME262, 410, and La5.
  11. ME-BFMasserME262

    Hype about ME262

    Finally, I saw it again today. Its just too beautiful that I would make a poster of it and paste it in my room wall
  12. ME-BFMasserME262

    Hype about ME262

    I like the 44/45 as well, thats why I want a BoB(erlin) after BoBP. But we are getting the ME262... I'm happy enough!
  13. ME-BFMasserME262

    DD today?

    Internet is a dangerous weapon I see
  14. ME-BFMasserME262

    Game running so smooth now

    What I noticed is that now I can run the game with better graphics than before last patch (before I used to run everything at minimum settings, if I wanted to run in higher than that, my PC would struggle). Now, after the patch, I see much better resolution and graphics overall, while my PC runs the sim smoothly. Have no idea what kind of sorcery devs did, but surely worked for me. The sim is even greater now!
  15. ME-BFMasserME262

    DD today?

    I dont think he was saying "a couple" in a literal way