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  1. for some reason I see my username in your quote, but its actually not what I said, but what Patrick said. Weird😐
  2. Man, Of course I wont be heading him, I hate frontal attacks, I avoid them. Im talking about those moments where, for example, Im heading 360°, 400 km/h, 1000 altitude, slightly turning left. At the same time, an enemy heading, say 220°, 550 km/h, 2000 altitude, 1km away from me... he shots, I see the tracers coming at all speed... boom, bye canopy. I usually have enough time to avoid those bullets (since the enemy shot from far away), but many times cant. Of course Im not talking about head-to-head attacks, I assume I will get shot in those situations. The AI flying skill is much better now indeed.
  3. Agree. When you enter a forum and see only 3 ol'guys in general discussion in english version of the forum, you know that game is dead.
  4. Im not talking about when I get a bandit at my 6 because of my own mistakes and own fault. Im talking about when a plane far and high, coming in front on me at 600 km/h, 1000 metters away doing a perfect deflection shooting that NO WAY can be real. I dont see that even in YouTube "pro" player's channels. However, as a side note, its really cool to fly red faction against "blue" AI now. Yesterday I was trying some battles in a LaGG against 109's and 190's and man, its beautiful to see the AI doing pure vertical maneuvers and trying at all costs to not bleed energy (they do it sometimes tho). Idk if that was changed in the last updates or its a coincidence since I start playing against "ace" AI lately. It's really nice not to see 109 turning forever anymore. But the perfect aiming....
  5. Update: Remains the same for the A3, but with the F4 following very close. And for the red faction... I gave myself a chance this last days to try several allied planes and hell, I fall in love with the LaGG, becoming my new fav. allied plane (can't believe or understand hows that even possible)
  6. I dont know why I laugh so damn loud at that Mustang at 1:13, I just cant control it
  7. They can sell absolutely everything they want. If you buy it and complain about it, then Its totally your fault.
  8. I hope so. To me, crew voices are more important than graphics or anything else, it adds the realism and fun that I except... 😁
  9. Jason, are you planning adding voices to the crew of tanks? Sorry if you mentioned somewhere already, Im just too curious about that
  10. so my mouse-moving-head pilot technique has an advantage... nice😂
  11. Guess who are at disadvantage now? Yes! Luftwaffle! 😂
  12. I was talking about the future expansions, not complaining about what we have already.
  13. I would prefer one theater with 20 planes, before 4 theater with 5 planes each one.
  14. Well, I second that, about the 2K to 4K I mean. I spend more time with the first person camera than with the camera from outside the plane, so while I like having some 4K textures outside the birds, I would appreciate it inside the cockpit much more.
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