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  1. alt + tab works for me if I have some other Application, folder or whatever opened as well IL2.exe. So every time I gonna play IL2, I open a folder before, so the alt+tab works fine.
  2. I wish I had the skills to go to MP, WoL or even a more difficult server. Fighting humans is way better than fighting AI for what I see
  3. I guess the "how" the SC made affects everything. Like you said, more enemies for the AI: more things he can choose to do. Yesterday I tried a "Fortress on the Volga" SC mission and it was really great. It was a "free hunt" mission (I think its the 6th or 7th one on the series). One entire hour flying, I only shot down 3 IL2s, my wingman did nothing. But it was great because I could have a good Situational Awareness at all times, never let me get into an un-advantageous position and so on. I suspect that, while what you say is probably totally valid and true, the problem here is: my poor situational awareness sometimes. Also, in the user made SC I played, its winter, and of course there's snow (it's Stalingrad). Idk for you all, but for me, the snow makes everything more complicated: spotting enemies, maintaining them in my sights trying not to lose them, localize my airfield or airfields in general for navigation, etc. All of that makes it way more complicated and make my "efficiency" be allmost null.
  4. I feel it easier to get their 6 as well... sometimes. Sometimes, I feel it completely impossible to do anything useful. My consistency in playing is 0, as you may see, but I still notice the easier to destroy AI (despite they doing better maneuvers than before and not being so idiotic). Its strange to me
  5. thanks for your input. I have ni idea what arduino has inside (if has one at all), but your point is very possible. I gonna ask tomorrow the guy who make the pedals.
  6. * Masser Wall-post alert * I guess its one of those "I feel..." things, but here I go: "I feel" that AI behaves differently in a QMB to how they behave in a Scripted Campaign. I was playing some 1v1 today: 109G2 vs LaGG3. Then I started playing a campaign, the "Platszschutzstafell Pitomnik Campaign" (user-made). No way, I cant shot any LaGG3 down. Any. They turn better, they manage their energy better, they even do better vertical maneuvers than me, which is lame, giving that my plane is a 109G2. Hell, they even aim and shot better when they are on my 6: I can't shake them off. And all of this even if its just me against 1 single LaGG3 following me. Surprisingly, nothing of this happens in the QMB. For example, I set a "scramble mission": my plane on the runway, enemy plane coming to strafe me, having spawned near my airfield already. He has a clear advantage. Both planes with 30% fuel, none of the planes with any modification (except for reamoved headrest in my plane). Both pilots on "Ace" difficulty. No problem, I take off, gain some energy, he follows me. He tries to get a good firing position. I manage to shake it off from my 6, do some maneuvers, aim, shot. And that's it, one LaGG3 less in the world. Any of you "felt" the same? My only explanation would be: since the Scripted Campaign situation is way more complex than that of a QMB (you have several enemies near you, even if they are not focusing you right now, you have to defend Pitomnik from enemy bombers while at the same survive from the damned LaGG trying to kill you, etc), I get more "nervous" and "less focused" then Im prone to fail more on my mission of surviving and eventually shoting the enemy plane down. Also, the fact that my Situational Awareness isn't great and also the fact that I lose enemy bombers from my sight every 3 **** minutes due to bad spotting (Im talking about my display and hardware, I dont think this is because of the new spotting system), makes me even useless in the Big Picture the SC is representing (Pitomink gets rekt, my mates get rekt, my plane gets rekt. Lol). All of this makes me feel overwhelmed and frustrated, so I always just decide to abandon SCs again and go back to have quick and fast fun with QMBs, not worrying about realism, immersion or anything. Wonder if anyone else feels the same
  7. I wonder... how the Mig3 Flaps and limiter worked in real life? What I understand is: you have a limiter, you can set it to whatever angle you want. But that WONT MOVE the flaps. Then you have a "retract" and "release" "buttons" to actually move the flaps, to whatever angle you set the limiter at. I dont get it what would be the advantage and real usage of the flaps as they are implemented right now. I dont use the flaps in the Mig at all, since I hate its implementation, I find the flaps useless now, as it creates a distraction during the flight that doesn't compensate the advantage of having flaps in your plane.
  8. sexy, versatile, thin and light... Sounds like the wife of my dreams
  9. Man, Im not into skins actually, Im a Vanilla-sim guy. But this one, its just too gorgeous sexy and delicious to not to download it. Thanks!
  10. This is possible. However, I dont want to disconnect it every time I set up controls in IL2 game... Also, it affects other games as well (not that Im a "gamer" anyway, I play just few games), in which ghost inputs affects the gameplay and make games unplayable. As I stated in my original post, its not a problem about the potentiometer of the pedal axis (well, I THINK), since its working great and give me no problem at all (I checked it in-game, where you can set dead zones and such for each axis, I can check the pedals doesnt cause any "jitter at all" nor produces any unintentional wrong input). I guess the thing needs a driver/controller to "kill" "mute" or "disable" the ghost inputs. As it is now, Windows recognize it as a controller (like a Xbox or a PS4 controller maybe), and it expects the controller to have some "X" axis, "Y" axis and so on. It doesnt know that my joystick is actually a rudder pedals with only 1 axis, thus making the X and Y axis and other axis "ghost". Im not sure If Im explaining myself correctly. Thanks for the input anyways, Im still fighting with this problem
  11. no, they dont. Type of pedals...? Well man I don't know, they are "hand made" and didn't come with any software.
  12. I just finished installing BAT mod in 1946 just for this plane (and for the Storch, I admit)... I remember when I flown the 410 the first time when I installed BAT some years ago before resetting my PC... what a gorgeous beast of a plane
  13. Hello, I bought rudder pedals some time ago, and it was working great in BoX. I set up the rudder mappings so that I control plane rudders with my pedals, and its working great. The problem is (now, I didnt have it before (I think?)... I dont remember actually if this happened before.) when I want to set any other option/control. For example, if I want to map the "Y" key from keyboard for "toggle bombs-mode" control, I can't, because the pedal interferes. I click the in-game settings mapping so I can press the 'Y' button to set it in the game, but the pedal, with its ghost inputs, interferes and I cant chose the 'Y' key, but instead its set the pedal rudders Z axis. The problem that causes this (I think) is that the rudder pedals has no driver that came with it. I just pluged it in my PC (USB), Windows recognize it... and voila, I can play with it. But I can't calibrate or map it correctly. If I go to "windows controllers" settings, I see the following: Then I press "Propiedades" (properties/settings, idk how is it in english) and this comes up: But its not static, everything is completely crazy. This is another screenshot I took few secs later: And it goes on. What I need is the "Rotación Z" axis (as you can see in the image, its almost centered: which is great, because that's my actualy rudder pedals input!), that is the one I actually calibrated and works fine (also buttons 1 and 2, the brakes are buttons...). But the others, they all goes crazy, and are detected by IL2 or any other game, while I actually don't have any "Eje Z", "Rotación X" and so on, just "Rotación Z" axis. Just to add something and summarize: Its not a potentiometer problem (I think), because the axis for the real pedals (the "Rotación Z" one) works great, I can use the pedals in the game, and it works perfectly when I "fly". The problem is that the pedal just have 1 axis and 2 buttons, but windows detects 6 axis, and I receive ghost inputs from axis that doesn't actually exist. I did some google searching, but I actually didn't find anything useful. Is there any way I can "disable" or "mute" the axis I don't need? or maybe a "generic driver" that I can download and install for the pedals? I dont really know. Sorry for the bad english, Thanks in advance.
  14. I lol'ed at your post so hard, but this it's just gold... how can someone love hypoxia?!?!??
  15. if 1080 is "low end" then what's left for my poor 1050 (not ti)? lol
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