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  1. Warning: this post is made out of my frustration. I started playing, IIRC, by May 2018. So now it's 2 years and few days. As I'm writing this, out of frustration, I have all my flying sim hardware in their corresponding packaging, that is, Im giving up. Being rekt by AI, which no-matter-what keeps at my 6, and being rekt by other humans (whose skills I envy), I find no fun in that, even If I tried to force me to do so for during these 2 years. I play guitar and electric bass just for fun at home, and after the initial 2 years, I made progression on both. Same goes for other video-games. Same goes for my job. But no way I progress here. Yeah, I dont crash at landings or at take-offs (I learnt to do it without dying the first 2 months actually). But no way I can be a "fighter" or a fighter-bomber or a bomber. No matter how much tutorials or manuals I watch/read, its just a "no". Still cant shake a lovely AI from my tail, still cant shot down human players, except distracted players flying in Berloga, still cant notice a darn thing flying near me (that is, my situational awareness is still crap). I still miss to spot a plane 5 meters away from me, while I can see a RC plane flying at 10 feet heigth flying far away from me in RL. Well, everything that can be made wrong in this game, I STILL do it. Im not sure if it happens to someone else, and I envy those who have the patience to learn the game but... I seem to be too bad for it, word. The thing is, I will probably buy BoN when I can (can't right now) and future releases, since Im still amazed at the work the devs do. The game is great, with its flaws yeah, but its great. The game, and the dev team, both. Now Im kinda curious on knowing people's experience for first 2-3 years in the game. Did you improve, or you needed 30 years for that? Are you still a noob? Are you still crashing after stalling a 190 against a AI-flown Yak? If so, you are not alone.
  2. what about not flying at full throttle all the time, mah friend? That insta-solve your problem.
  3. I feel destroying russians is easier now, I need less shots to kill them. Cool I guess
  4. Gracias, los tendré en cuenta El tema del inglés está OK, pero tienen otros husos horarios... bah, supongo que Estados Unidos tiene uno similar al nuestro, pero tengo entendido que tienen 4 distintos y bue, por ahí es medio complicado, pero veré. Gracias!
  5. Buenas a todos, Pues nada, después de volar mucho offline, me gustaría meterme más en el mundo MP. Hasta ahora mi experiencia MP ha sido Berloga y WoL, pero siempre volando sólo cual llanero solitario, siendo masacrado una y otra vez por mejores enemigos, excepto tal vez en Berloga donde al menos algún que otro avión consigo derribar. Hay algún escuadrón o algo así con el que pueda jugar para practicar y aprender a jugar mejor? Estoy en huso horario GMT -3, por las dudas... Nunca probé el modo coop de multiplayer... vale la pena? está bueno? Me gustaría probarlo en algún momento. Eso es todo, gracias de antemano
  6. The G-2, IIRC, has the same "blank space" too, but doesn't give you the option to add radio compass. What would be in that space normally?
  7. Everyone worrying about speed and here I am being chased by AI everytime even if I'm in a F4 going at 550 kmh against a Rata lol.
  8. man I would LOVE if someday devs makes the engine sound a real engine sound... It's not one of those things I "need" but... would be wonderful
  9. hey man, congratulations for your little baby!
  10. Mig 15 vs F86 Sabre. Ok now in all seriousness... ME262 vs Tempest The tempest is the only plane that can give the 262 a difficult time (playing against AI I mean). Bonus: A3 vs Yak7 (in historical? But I like it) F4 against whatever G2 against whatever G4 against whatever E7 vs Tempest (very funny!) Mig3 vs 109s and 190s As you can see, I play mostly German side. But... the Mig is the funniest and greatest plane to fly, be Axis or Allied side, the Mig is beautiful to fly.
  11. I guess the challenge is to convince those >200000 to buy BoN... Man, imagine those tasty numbers...
  12. when I saw your name here, I knew I would read the "I only like the E"! 😆 BTW, some days I'm a master at 109 and a potato with 190, and vice versa. Some days Im a potato with both. Sadly there's no single day I can perform well with both. but, If I have to chose one... Would be the 190 A3. I guess you meant the 109 when flying alone?
  13. holy crap! I sincerely never noticed that, and Idk why but I thought the community its maybe 10000-20000 members, and that's a lot for me. But 200000? Hell, I didn't expect that.
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