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  1. man I would LOVE if someday devs makes the engine sound a real engine sound... It's not one of those things I "need" but... would be wonderful
  2. Mig 15 vs F86 Sabre. Ok now in all seriousness... ME262 vs Tempest The tempest is the only plane that can give the 262 a difficult time (playing against AI I mean). Bonus: A3 vs Yak7 (in historical? But I like it) F4 against whatever G2 against whatever G4 against whatever E7 vs Tempest (very funny!) Mig3 vs 109s and 190s As you can see, I play mostly German side. But... the Mig is the funniest and greatest plane to fly, be Axis or Allied side, the Mig is beautiful to fly.
  3. I guess the challenge is to convince those >200000 to buy BoN... Man, imagine those tasty numbers...
  4. when I saw your name here, I knew I would read the "I only like the E"! 😆 BTW, some days I'm a master at 109 and a potato with 190, and vice versa. Some days Im a potato with both. Sadly there's no single day I can perform well with both. but, If I have to chose one... Would be the 190 A3. I guess you meant the 109 when flying alone?
  5. holy crap! I sincerely never noticed that, and Idk why but I thought the community its maybe 10000-20000 members, and that's a lot for me. But 200000? Hell, I didn't expect that.
  6. A nice portion of happiness in the middle of the chaos this damned virus brought to us all. 🙂 Thanks dev team and thanks community.
  7. I thought the 'invisible planes' issue happens with all the planes? I'm not sure tho, I don't play MP usually
  8. This is precisely one of my most "please devs do it!" things. I hate not being able to stealth against AI. It destroys any chances of becoming a true Hartmann (lol).
  9. all the entire post is crap. Except for this 2 lines, they are God.
  10. what about no. I mean, the "bias jokes". they get old quickly.... they are old after all
  11. I don't want a game with no annoying situations. I want a game that simulates the real flying and combat'ing. And this sim does it. Luckily, devs won't be changing that anytime soon.
  12. the spread is unavoidable, I can't change that, and you won't necessarily die if you get the virus.
  13. Im in Thailand right now for holidays. I didn't wear those face masks at any point. [edited] off, life's too short to be worrying about such things, if I die, I die happily.
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