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  1. I have big problem spotting anything, and even spotting planes coned in search lights its difficult to me. That said, its the first time in my IL2 life that Im flying at night, yeah I never did before... And Im liking it overall! Thanks Edit: Just played first mission. Shot down two Pe-2, and headed back to base. Sadly the landing was atrocious, the touch down was at 300 kmh, I went beyond the runway limits and my plane was destroyed completely. But that does not have anything to do with night, but with my 110 skills, I almost never landed one😂. When I have time I will try to do the first mission again, or maybe start Lions of Kalinin, which looks promising. You, sir, know how to do fun SCs.
  2. 100% this. Im usually an "AI behavior" whinner, but I think devs needs to work on spotting more than anything else, even more than BoN. I UNDERSTAND you need to earn money and attract new customers but... You cant plan already on releasing a new module, when the spotting isn't acceptable. The number 1 priority on any pilot, civilian or military, would be to spot other planes, enemy planes to attack, and allied planes to not to collide against. Eyes are the best weapon for a pilot because it gives you the most important thing that is situational awareness, in this game I sometimes feel blind, and I would love to see this fixed before seeing my favorite planes added to the game.
  3. that moment when you nuked a Mig3 but the damn thing just keeps flying
  4. Sometimes I'm at their 6 approaching from very near to shot and... Magic! they disappear, and when I stablish contact once again, they are already far from me and in a safe position. This is very annoying indeed
  5. I saw a post once in here the forums where someone compared the human eye with a monitor (display), it was quite good and summarized. All I have flown in my life were just Cessnas (150), and just about 80 hours. But I can totally assure you with this little experience that spotting a plane in real life, being lower or higher than you, its an universe easier than spotting a plane in this game even with a white camo in a summer map.
  6. I dont read every of them, and usually stop reading at "now we gonna talk about FC" point, so I admit its my fault there.
  7. Im right handed for everything except for bicycle and Il2. I have the T16000M, changed it for left hand. For throttle... I have a saitek quadrant, pretty simple but enough for a WWII plane (I dont play starships games and such). I would say its a quite cheap hardware, and works perfectly fine with me. The other day for some reasons I tried to change it (quadrant to the left, joystick to the right), just to make it "real" and "immersive" (the planes in Il2 are all for right handed people, I dont know if there even exist any for left handed ones). But the results were atrocious, I barely could take off, its like learning to walk as a baby once again, so I gave up with "realism" and just sticked to my left handed configuration lol. But yeah, you dont need a big throttle being a left handed, the saitek quadrant works just perfectly.
  8. Yes, I know, I didn't have idea where to post this, so I post it in the most visible part of the forum. I read this today: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/28108-rise-of-flight-needs-attention/ And just set a "QMB" in Rise of Flight (bought it last year I think but never gave it any attention at all). My question is: Is FC an "upgrade" or "continuation" of RoF? Supposing I have none of them, should I buy the "newer" and "better" one (aka FC) and ignore RoF? What I want to know is, did devs make FC to "replace" RoF? Or I could ask in another way: if I have RoF, why should I buy FC? What are the reasons, if its a WWI sim made by the same company? Note that Im making this questions from total ignorance, Im not even sure the dev teams are the same for both games, so I apologise if those questions are out of place. Thanks in advance. Edit: Now that I think about it better, I guess we could assume RoF -> FC case is just as 1946 -> BoX one, one game replaces the other because its better or polished in some aspects, but I think the later are from different dev teams, so it wouldn't be the exact same case.
  9. Now that's what I call a nice writing, plus a good thing to give people the chance to have a new module
  10. Hell reading comments I see Im a kind of paranoic. I check my six every 5-10 seconds.
  11. agree, he always says the good and the bad things of every release
  12. I actually find it easier to check my 6 without head tracker. I used to use my mouse for pilot-head-moving. Im struggling with the tracker that sometimes makes me want to go back to the mouse. Checking 4 and 8 like you say, make my eyes feel dizzy, Idk how to explain, but I guess that's the only way. The only thing I like from the tracker is the X and Y movement "inside" the cockpit (to check ground or instruments easier).
  13. GTX 1050 (not the ti). But Shamrock said my CPU would bottleneck it, and I guess he is right?
  14. I have 8gb RAM, yes, I would happy with less than ultra high
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