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  1. Any of the spitfires. They look sexy, the fly in a sexy way, they shot down fascist planes in a sexy way, whats not to like?... ....Until I try to land them. Really, tried to land a spitfire like 500 times and it will always result in ground-looping, no matter whats the RPM/throttle settings, no matter how hard I break, no matter if I simply ignore the brakes, jesus, I tried everything I could but still, impossible to land it successfuly
  2. An IL2 API is my ultimate dream in life.
  3. I remember playing as a Blue Squadron member in career. It was one of those missions you have to go and cover some ground forces that are like 500000 kilometers away.... We arrive to the "objective zone" and start patrolling for enemies. Suddenly some Migs appear and we start fighting. After few minutes, my teammates start flying home, but I make the mistake to keep fighting a lone (or that was what I thought) Mig. After shoting it down, I head home and start level flight at top-tree level. Suddenly I see some tracers flying above my canopy but I
  4. thanks for stopping me from setting my sim hardware and start playing again. I have to study for some final but I was tempted to set the hardware again (pedals, throttle, etc), but since I have little space in my PC desk, the hardware can be kinda annoying, but that's a price I have to pay to play such a beautiful game... Beautiful game... until I encounter some AI plane, enemy or friendly. Still, last time I tried career, despite the AI, I had a great time playing the Blue Squadron. Ah man, I miss it tbh
  5. While not my favorite plane, I just can't hate it. That place is for the ugly Yaks
  6. if things are too "gamey" for you, then go and a fly a damned real plane, ffs. This is a damned game, not a 100% real life simulator used by real life military to test their future pilots. As other said, extreme realism kill fun. Luckily, devs won't do this anyway
  7. wow that never went thru my mind, I mean, the team getting covid and thus slowing down the work, even if that's exactly what happened at my workplace as well, how blind I am. Now I feel "closer" to the devs, somewhat this situation around the world makes you empathize with people that's even too far away from you and you don't see. I wish they all get well soon, I can't believe how many different areas this [edited] virus affected. Can't wait this to finish already
  8. Sorry for the offtopic question but, some were mentioning some updates made in visibility that "made spotting better" and some even confirmed that they can spot things easily now. So my question is, when did that come? (I mean, which update?) I just would like to see the changelog of that exact update anyway, since I can spot -kinda- better now but just because I followed some recommendations on settings visual configurations (graphics) in some post in this forum. Thanks in advance
  9. - 262 for it's uniqueness (well british had the gloster meteor, but still) - 109E7: because she has everything a virtual pilot can ask for. - Macchi: because it's flight is smooth and just beautiful, and because someone of the forum bought it for me - oh and almost forget, while not in-game, it's one of my favorite from WWII, the Ki-61 (hien/tony), the only reason why I would buy PTO (if it comes someday)
  10. Hello Probably not big deal for many of you, but its quite an achievement for me 😄 BoS career, 190 A3 (which I hate but I want to love by learning to fly it) moderate difficulty, mission were to cover some 109Es (their mission was ground pounding). I admit I shot down the 5 just because they were distracted trying to shot down the 109Es lol, but at least it's something. I run out of ammo so I forced the last one to maneuver at low alt and speed (they try to evade you since I guess AI doesn't know you don't have ammo remaining), until he finally stalled and crashed (I to
  11. Gonna necro this but.... Charts, historical data, Willy drama with the Nazis, your personal experience, blah blah blah blah and more blah. Throw at me whatever you want, but playing career, I can get 3-4 aerial kills per battle with the G2, winning lots of missions and going back to base with that "I did it" feeling, fighting successfully 1vs4 enemies, shooting down bombers, fighters, UFOs, whatever the soviets have, while with the 190 I'm with the "oh please yaks don't rape me let me disengage please, please!" feeling all the time, averaging 0,2/0,5 aerial kills per battle and get
  12. Exactly my case. With the 109, I have no problems at all, even if it's a "worse" plane compared to the 190.
  13. I love this fighter, I consider its way better and more capable overall (as a pure fighter and also ground pounding) than the 109 F4 or G2 (or even late models). Great maneuverability, guns, visibility, speed, etc. However, I started a career the other day, stalingrad map, in a group that flies only the G2, moderate difficulty. I managed to shot down like >30 planes (bunch of fighters, 1 or 2 IL, don't remember, averaging like 3 enemy planes shot by mission) before finally being able to be transferred to that group that flies exclusively the A3 from pitomnik (second "part" of th
  14. Exactly. That's they whole key of having an escort protecting you... to... escort you, duh. And that doesn't mean shoting down the enemy planes, all you have to do is to deviate their attention to you instead of your mates, and that was what Migs where doing, everything looks fine to me.
  15. Oh damn, feeling dumb now. I was expecting the "finish button" to get green, I thought If I finished the mission, I would have to re-fly it, didn't know it will be considered a failure and next day would come. Gotta start the mission again then. Thanks everyone!
  16. After a long time I decided to give career mode another chance. I chose BoM campaign, german side, an squadron that fly exclusively the 109E7. First mission: go to northern side from the airfield, attack a convoy, bomb some trucks, go back to base. Or at least that was the idea. We took off, then were heading towards the convoy, and suddenly a bunch of migs appear near base and start attacking us. Everyone drop their bombs and start attacking the migs. I manage to shot down 2 of them before running out of cannon ammo. With some machine gun ammo I try to shot
  17. I envy you. Being good at your job does not have anything to do with working overtime BTW.
  18. I love the idea of 2 AA guns for 40 (50 when the sale end) bucks. Unfortunately, my wallet doesn't. Welcome to the IT world, my friend.
  19. If I were a marketing professional, I would be working on that, instead of writing code for computers, lol.
  20. many commented things that are good advice to retain people, not to get more people interested. I guess the answer is: more and better marketing.
  21. I can do very soft landings in certain planes (109-190-macchi), not always (maybe 1/10 landings), but I think that's just because of my lack of proper joystick handling when doing the flare. I think you can actually land very softly consistently with enough practice
  22. I came too late to vote but... luckily, people chose the 190 over the 109. Hey, I want both of those campaigns anyway, I would like to follow the 10 days of autumn and Fortress on the Volga pilot "career", but I couldn't wait for a 190 campaign anymore, so I can't be happier!!! And the fact that blacksix gonna make it makes me even happier 😄 Gotta get this SC as soon as its released
  23. Thanks god there's something we can call "SP mode".
  24. nice to come back to the forums after awhile and see you, as always, posting very smart things here. +1
  25. Hell thats a bunch of nice replies... After some months away from the sim, I really want to set up the hardware to fly again, just feeling lazy as my desktop is small and its uncomfortable to work (I work on IT so my computer is my workplace as well) specially with those pedals behind the desktop 😂 But I can't forget the fun some 10 days of autumn or sea dragons gave me and I feel tempted to fly again so I guess I will just give up and set up that hardware! Anyway, thanks for the advice and the helpful comments, I wasn't wrong when I decided to fell in love
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