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  1. It would be better if they made a version with a convex lantern cockpit in Fw 190A-8 (F/G).
  2. There was talk only about the future campaign. In the existing one, the user cannot do it himself. You can only choose a standard skin that is more suitable for the mission. But he will be the same for everyone. Plus, assign yourself another. I don’t know how paid campaigns are otherwise arranged than custom ones. But it seems to me that adding different skin names, if only for the player’s group, is a maximum of an hour of working time. Maybe you should ask Jason to include such a refinement of official campaigns in the upcoming work plan.
  3. I have 2080 very often now loaded at 99%. Even when the clouds and shadows are not ultra. And still, it’s not always possible to achieve 120 fps in a career. When the clouds are serious. But at 2080Ti feel sorry for the money. Until 4.006 everything was fine. The video card was not loaded at 98-99%, 120fps was almost full load. And sometimes 144fps. And the picture is not had a problem with anti-aliasing.
  4. I suspect that the processor load has not decreased, just the video card has become a bottleneck (besides with a general deterioration in the level of graphics). And perhaps the new 3080 and 3090 will again allow you to freely have 120-144fps and the processor will again be able to work at full power.
  5. After 4.007, I stopped displaying the German pilot (old version 41) in winter maps. On Bf 109E. On the summer map, everything is fine. Is there anything you can do about this?🙏
  6. I have not played yet, because I pass Stalingrad. But I hope that your enthusiasm will suffice later on to combine these missions into a small (or large) campaign.
  7. Playing a career BoS on Bf 109E, made an appropriate 4k skin. A plane of the FARR 7 Grupul Esc58 was taken as a model (1942-1943). Link skin: http://www.mediafire.com/file/k7icvzzi8cr7v41/Bf109E7_Esc58Van_No58_4k.dds/file Because skins 4K, then for them it is desirable to use the normal map from the template author @ICDP: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fw021qnh4np12n1/Bf109-E7_4k_Bumpmap_v2.zip
  8. Fortress on the Volga - 1 mission
  9. Everything is working. It seems that it does not affect the FPS.
  10. Thank. I tried different combinations of these two files. But unfortunately it turns out to change the maximum ZOOM and by default, and the minimum ZOOM still allows you to drive off to the usual distance from the dashboard.
  11. I would like to have a mod that limits the minimum ZOOM. At the minimum ZOOM, it is convenient to see a large area of the sky, but the feeling of a tight cabin disappears. But since without the maximum ZOOM it is very difficult to seek out targets, then I can’t completely abandon the ZOOM. I tried to pick the file cameracockpit.cfg, but nothing worked for me.
  12. Still to understand how to disable the mirror image in the glasses. There is no head, but there are glasses.
  13. By the way, when I made a version of this mod for myself, I noticed the following thing. If you fly with the pilot on the 109th, and the Pe-2 group is activated nearby, then the game responds with a slight jerking. That is, the pilots of the Pe-2 are also loaded. Therefore, I make for myself a separate pilot mode in the cockpit, for each type. Removing all parts of the general mod and textures that relate to other aircraft.
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