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  1. But if your stock is distributed by collection aircraft, then I do not have Yak's-9 and Hurricane. 😁 FoxbatRU + Hurricane FoxbatRU + Yak-9
  2. Please remove me from the list. I bought BoBP at a discount.🤗
  3. I was wrong, a further increase in the memory frequency still gives small advantages. Perhaps this somehow still affects the smoothness of the picture. But here you probably need to look at more subtle parameters (1% LOW & 0,1% LOW). I tested with my graphics settings Nvidia and in the game itself. They are a bit stricter. For example, extreme clouds and SSAO. But in the game, the shadows are high, not ultra (ultra ruffles). And all this at a resolution of 2560x1440 with G-sync turned on. Therefore, data cannot be compared with the general ones from the table, but can be compared internally. In Low, I did not lower other settings, I only switched the checkbox of Low/Ultra in the game itself. I conducted the test once with each frequency. It would be more correct to do them three to five times, and then take the average value. But it was laziness. Therefore, in the minimum FPS one can assume an error of +/- 1 fps. @chiliwili69 thank you for the good track! In it, you can check various settings, both on the processor and on the load on the video card. I will use it to optimize my settings.
  4. Judging by the minimum frame, then yes, 100 MHz for a processor after 4.9 GHz adds 1-2 fps (since there is a measurement error). Perhaps 1fps adds a decrease of 1 latency in memory. My memory is average, now inexpensive. PVS416G400C9K According to the profile, it should work as 4000 MHz (19-19-19-39). But on my motherboard, it only works reliably at 3866 MHz. Timings I picked up 18-17-17-35. Plus a little conjured with secondary timings. If you enable 17-17-17-35, as I did for the test, then the test passes normally. But in the TestMem program, it sometimes detects errors. Therefore, in life I use 3866 (18-17-17-35). As for the processor, when I bought it a year ago, I specially took 8600K, not 9600K. 8600K was easier to scalp. If I then knew that the chance of a successful crystal is greater at 9700K or 9900K, I would probably choose from them. Although there was certainly no extra money. Yes, and then I was afraid of liquid cooling. I use the processor for life as 4.9 GHz always and across all cores. With air-cooled games, there are no problems or noise. At 5 and 5.1 GHz, the programs basically work fine, but in the Prime95 test one or two cores sooner or later show an error. Yes, and in the IL-2 a couple of times at these frequencies after a while there is a crash to the desktop. And this is not due to temperature or insufficient voltage (I experimented). Just in the silicone lottery, I got 4.9. What I am basically satisfied with. I do not know how the system would work with 4400 MHz, perhaps it would not have changed much. In other games, judging by other people's tests, more than 3200-3600 does not add much. Sorry, I did not think of conducting such a test. And all the settings of Nvidia and in the game, I already rolled back to the beautiful ones. I'll have to try someday.
  5. Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO CPU: 8600K CPU Freq: 4.9 Ghz (5.0/5.1) L3 cache: 9 MB Cores: 6 (number of active physical Cores) HT: Off (not equipped) RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 32 GB NB Freq: 4700 MHz RAM Freq: 3866 MHz (this is 4xDRAM freq if Dual channel) RAM Latency: 18 (CAS Latency CL) (17/17) GPU: Palit GeForce RTX 2080 JetStream STMark: 2973 (3033/3098) 2020-03-02 00:34:45 - Il-2 Frames: 26313 (27288/27730) - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 149.883 (151.600/154.056) - Min: 104 (106/107) - Max: 238 (239/241)
  6. I am ready to survive some assumptions in the reproduction of the cabin. Visually, models should look like public drawings. It's enough. But ... the main thing is to have an interesting game. For me, first of all offline. Mandatory career. Otherwise, IMHO, this will not be a fully-functional module, like TC or FC.
  7. But once received a gift from @busdriver. But if BoBP remains unclaimed, I would still like to have it.
  8. For Tomahawk, I recall only a few missions from this campaign. She is without translation. But believe me, this is a very good campaign. It’s worth someone to take up the translation. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8380-курсант/
  9. Everything is correct there, as 20 is 120. I think that on a real plane, it was thus displayed.
  10. I do not have BoBP, but I like it very much by screenshots. After the Kuban mod, I'm sure!
  11. Thanks for the new campaign! Even the description allows you to have fun.🤣
  12. Such a mission exists for the Ju-52. Nearly. But it is not for the U-2. Although they could now add it to diversify just two types of missions for the U-2! Storch, of course, would also come in handy. Although for universality, it would be better if Hs 126. But probably there will be neither one nor the other...
  13. Yes, especially for the Pacific. Although it is now in any mission is possible to make a deliberate ramming.
  14. The poll is unofficial. Pointless, like many others. Just informing about desires.
  15. I tried to translate the first mission. Unfortunately, it does not work. A plane is born underground. I understand that it is difficult to return to this topic, but I do not lose hope. At least the old five combine into a mini-campaign. Judging by the description of the mission were very interesting.
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