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  1. I do not have BoBP, but I like it very much by screenshots. After the Kuban mod, I'm sure!
  2. Thanks for the new campaign! Even the description allows you to have fun.🤣
  3. Such a mission exists for the Ju-52. Nearly. But it is not for the U-2. Although they could now add it to diversify just two types of missions for the U-2! Storch, of course, would also come in handy. Although for universality, it would be better if Hs 126. But probably there will be neither one nor the other...
  4. Yes, especially for the Pacific. Although it is now in any mission is possible to make a deliberate ramming.
  5. The poll is unofficial. Pointless, like many others. Just informing about desires.
  6. I tried to translate the first mission. Unfortunately, it does not work. A plane is born underground. I understand that it is difficult to return to this topic, but I do not lose hope. At least the old five combine into a mini-campaign. Judging by the description of the mission were very interesting.
  7. Yes, but I meant SP. As the main one. Night missions will diversify a career well and will allow you to do interesting campaigns with night battles.
  8. IMHO. A real black night can really be too hardcore. But, if it is done as it is now, the night bombing missions, when the night is not completely black. It only creates surroundings. And if, on a night with searchlights, add night fighters with and without radar, this could attract a much larger part of the players. The readings of the radar oscilloscopes, yes, can be added since the minimap is a picture in a picture. And for those who do not want to suffer, there will always be the opportunity to turn on markers. True, a moment will appear with the AI settings so that the AI does not see at night as during the day.
  9. Yes, torpedoes would be interesting! The only, for information, in real Il-2 could never carry a torpedo.
  10. It looks like there is one more minus in my version. You can’t see the signal fires that launch planes (cover, behind me, etc.). Signal fires of the airfield and ground forces are working. Apparently everything is tied to the same texture...
  11. I renamed the archive / folder so as not to confuse people. Initially left similar to the original because my authorship there was not enough. I agree that in combat conditions the navigational lights on landing were used differently than in peacetime. Therefore, we probably have to sacrifice something. Here is the micro track I checked on. It lasts a few seconds and when viewed from the cockpit, it is visible by default. Does the plane, which is very far away, is lit. Tracks.zip
  12. Good mod! Everything is perfect in the vicinity. Unfortunately, the glow remains after a few squares. I redid it for myself, completely crushed the glow. But at the same time, lights are completely invisible near during the day. It would be great if you could combine working near and idle in the distance. full_Blackout_Nav_light.zip
  13. Only now has passed. A good campaign, varied, beautiful, and there is where in the 110s to take a walk. But the most important thing is the literary part! Thanks!!! Of course, humanization is not easy for enemies, but interesting. On bugs everything seems to be smooth. In the penultimate mission, something only their own did not want to return to, but the plot is not particularly affected. In the last of course, both IL-2 catch this test. :))) I honestly could only bring down one, and the second itself fell only from fuel.
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