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  1. Other damage modeling: damage to the crew. Now it is, but it is not felt so much. Although, maybe I'm wrong.
  2. I played to the end. Thanks!👍 I liked the immersion in the historical context. While translating, I read and reviewed a lot of material about this operation. In the missions themselves, I liked that they have playback variations. And also make it possible to occasionally destroy targets such as boats, Yak-9, P-40, U-2 and Li-2. For the last mission I used the winter mod.
  3. In my game in Kuban, they have already been removed from the front, but perhaps I will be able to defeat my laziness.
  4. And how to use them in BoS?
  5. At the Russian-language forum, they drew attention to the I-16 cockpit. Perhaps the 4k cab mod will be officialized.
  6. 🤷‍♂️... Maybe a new campaign?
  7. Yes, I am also an early G6 in the summer. But I slightly modified the mod, leaving only pilots for each type of aircraft. I'll try the default then, maybe I broke something myself. Although it worked until 4.504.
  8. Apparently the pilot of the Aircobra broke everything (Bf 109).💥
  9. IMHO if Nvidia and AMD made the required amount of goods, scalpers with bots would be out of work.
  10. Thank you very much! I replaced all the WMMask values for La-5 in the original file with 81 (1->1010001=81). And it worked!
  11. Nice mod. I am using it. I wonder if it is possible to somehow set the weapon options for enemy bots? If I myself play for La-5 in the Kuban, then the faceted cockpit canopy and the boosted engine will automatically turn on. But when I play for the Luftwaffe, I come across regular La-5s, no boosted engines.
  12. I didn't have it until June either. But there were days in which combat work was not carried out. It was probably on rainy days.
  13. I found a compromise between my greed (expect big discounts) and my desire to support the development of scripting campaigns.😁 I will buy the last 2, even though I will need them in another year at best.
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