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  1. I checked, flying for the Germans with this mod, for example, you can meet the enemy Yak-1. This happens if the generator makes the mission so that you are fighting with a regiment that is armed with a Yak-1 (for example). For a guarantee, I also added to all fake fighters regiments, on Yak-1, LaGG-3, Pe-3 (2), but with less probability. Which of these works, I don’t know for sure. Yes it is. I did not understand how to get around. The only thing is that if this regiment has several skins to choose from, then they will be different each time. Although everyone is the same in a particular group. I did not understand what these codes were for. I just copied your idea on the variety of skins in my squadron. In fact, I’m making this version of the mod for myself, where all units (Germans) will have skins set depending on the regiment. But since it works, it’s not always the same with other mods and skins, I don’t plan to publish it.
  2. Before playing for the “blue”, I was inspired by sevenless mod and decided to modify my career in “Battle for Moscow” a bit. I tried to make changes in accordance with historical realities. I did not conduct a large-scale test (especially from the side of VVS), but everything seems to work from the side of the Luftwaffe. It is assumed that the player, in addition to his additional planes, will be able to meet additional planes as an enemy. For some types of missions, it is desirable to be the unit commander for the possibility of choosing the type of aircraft and its weapons. You can write about bugs and suggestions to me, maybe I can correct something. Aircraft types added: Yak-1 LaGG-3 Pe-3 (the role is played by Pe-2) U-2 Ju 87 Excluded types of aircraft: MC.202 Changes in participating units: VVS - 126th IAP (P-40) is strengthened by the 95th IAP (Pe-3) - 233rd IAP replaced by 11th IAP (Yak-1) - 441st IAP on the MiG-3 is reinforced by LaGG-3 aircraft - 46th BAP (Pe-2) strengthened by NLBAP (U-2) Luftwaffe - 22 ° Gr.Aut. C.T. (MC.202) replaced by I./ZG 1 (Bf 110) - II./KG 54 (Ju 88) replaced by II./St.G 1 (Ju 87) - 15. (span.) / JG 27 (Bf 109E) replaced by III./St.G 2 (Ju 87) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gt7907a5u9ue875/BOM_career_-_extended_version.zip/file
  3. After the update, the mod works, but when exiting the game, it swears in the file (CFGPool.log). For example, like that: luascripts/worldobjects/bots/botpilot_he111.txt: Invalid arguments number (1 instead of 2) of var: ejectdelay luascripts/worldobjects/bots/botgunner_he111h6fwdm.txt: Invalid arguments number (1 instead of 2) of var: ejectdelay luascripts/worldobjects/bots/botgunner_he111h16top.txt: Invalid arguments number (1 instead of 2) of var: ejectdelay luascripts/worldobjects/bots/botgunner_he111h16rear.txt: Invalid arguments number (1 instead of 2) of var: ejectdelay luascripts/worldobjects/bots/botgunner_he111h16side.txt: Invalid arguments number (1 instead of 2) of var: ejectdelay You could not correct the mod under 3.201?
  4. It's a pity. And I already dreamed. But in any case, as I understand it, map development takes a very long time. Therefore, it may take less time to rework the card. But if these maps are not used, the greater surprise awaits us in November.
  5. In a custom campaign, you can easily replace any aircraft with any one yourself. But, of course, to test the logic of the mission again will have to do it yourself. 😁 Today is the last day of good discounts on U-2.
  6. Perhaps it would be reasonable for the developers to use almost ready-made cards, in addition to a completely new scenario. That is, to make the Battle of France 1940 (Arras + Bodenplatte map) and the Battle of Kursk, but with an aviation career.
  7. I have chosen the last item. But FPS is below 100, I do not really like it. Ideal when it is 120-144. At 165, under the full capacity of the monitor, I don’t have enough money for such hardware.
  8. Yes, this can be useful for those who do not have a copy of the game. Otherwise, all options can be viewed in a quick mission. And you have a mistake in Ju 52.
  9. I answered no, because without the B-29 and Tu-2 it will not be interesting.
  10. Then I’ll probably roll back from 165 to 144.
  11. It is not clear whether it is necessary to turn it on if the monitor is with G-sync? Perhaps disabling the buffer will adversely affect the smoothness of the picture.
  12. Playing in the Greek Fire campaign from Jaegermeister, I remade a the skins-pack of the Spitfire Mk Vb, which is in this campaign (7 Squadron SAAF, Greece, 1943). Skins are made on the basis of a template from ICDP. Note: if you do not want these skins to overwrite the original ones from the campaign, you need to save them under different names. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7b5el0zcrmtifhm/SpitfireMkVb_GreekFire_FoxbatRU.rar/file
  13. I just took advantage of the game bug.Yes, I was the first to fire a submarine, but of course Bowfighters destroyed it. And the game counted my victory. Understood thanks! Then I need to remake my skins.
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