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  1. Can’t wait to shoot down a 262! With my p47 rockets !!
  2. How do we play maps created by u guys ? I’m really interested on playing what u want to create with layers of clouds . If u ever make it work I would love to try it.⛅
  3. Mm there’s GPS on wings of L I don’t see why wouldn’t make life a bit easier with the party idea for that server I know that for example with TAW this wouldn’t work and I don’t spect it to work there on contrary I would make that improvement in wings of L so when people jump to a real sim server like TAW people get a better idea of what they need to do and it’s to comunícate as they did with party system but without that feature and understand that’s more realistic.
  4. Pins and wheel commands would be great, to have a fast and exact communication besides a microphone and also to break language barriers between players. << the problem with shareable pins on map and something like wheel command on chat its having too many of them at the same time , so the solutions it’s simple limit that number of players that share this information with each other, creating a simple party system that players belonging to a party would be able to share this kind of info . I’m not saying this would be better than a proper microphone communication but would be more aprochable for new players, and it would be faster to tell for example your exact location while pushing a key u automatically set a pin on map exactly where you are and party members would be able to see you in the map instantly, or by clicking the map to tell party member where there’s been an enemy spotted by you. Another cool idea for party system would be to have the members names at the side of the screen and each one with corresponding color green(alive) , yellow (injured), red (dead) . 🧐
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