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  1. I've used latching 2 way toggle switches with a center OFF position. For example you turn the switch up for Gear up and Down for gear down command,it works for ON/OFF commands too.. Basicly you have a neutral position in the center which does nothing. So I don't need to check every switch before I start a flight,I can just flip them in Neutral and then up or down,as needed.
  2. I've got my MFG Pedals over 5 Years ago,it's Serial Number 003,so it is one of the first Units sold. Only trouble I had was a broken Brake axis cable,and that was when they where still very new. No other problems since. Maybe you had just some really bad luck,I can't imagine that things like that happen very often. And I bet Milan would provide support if it ever happens.
  3. Your system is very similar to my. I have set the Vsync in the Nvidia control panel to "Fast" and it helped a lot with the stutters I initially had since Version 3.001. I can't remember if I have the Vsync ingame set to on or off though,I'm not on the gaming PC right now.
  4. Here http://www.overflandersfields.com/downloads-woffue.html
  5. I'd like to see the N17 and the Albatros D.III. It's a perfect match.
  6. Unfortunally the N17 will not be in Part 1 of the Flying Circus series...
  7. I had it too since Sunday evening. Today I solved it with Ctrl+F5
  8. I did it many times in Rise of Flight, I did it too in BoS but not that often. Mostly because of lack of altitude I think it helps to cut the mixture to lean.
  9. I forgot to mention, reset the Graphic settings to Default before you try Balanced settings. I guess it solved the problem for me,thats after a few hours more of testing today. The Game doesnt look as good though,maybe I have to play more with the different settings.
  10. Yes, the FPS where always high and didn't change a bit while it stutters.
  11. Sounds similar to problems I had. I'm still testing,but I think it got a lot better by setting the Graphicsetting to Balanced with 4k Textures enabled. I also did reset the BoS profile in the Nvidia Software to default. I'm running a GTX 970 aswell
  12. I have my devices plugged into a powered USB hub for years. Never had anything bad happen, the Crosswind pedals are plugged in for atleast 4 years. My Warthog set was plugged in for several years aswell,until I changed it for something else. My USB hub wasn't a cheap one though.
  13. I use Encoders and they work well enough for planes using Trim tabs. But they respond to slow for planes with Stabilizer,like the 109 and the MC 202. For those Planes I rather use buttons for now. I'm using Leo Bodnar boards where my Encoders are connected,maybe other Controler boards work better in this case.
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