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  1. Need some help, does anyone know how to fix lost in game sound. it was working fine and now all i get is a low muffled sound
  2. Same here cant get aa on trains to fire no matter how I set up the mechanics.
  3. Hi Jim, I have tried the mechanics that are on page 87, still no aa from train cars, what's weird is when you shoot at cars can see crew jump off train and run for it. so I guess train cars are working. Added attack area and force complete command nothing with that. Tried with just proximity, no results. Tried with Proximity and attack area nothing happening, Tried using complex trigger with all combinations still not firing Made a simple dogfight mission on different map thought maybe it was the map, same thing aa wont shoot back. Set up quick mission with train, see aa cars, but they don't fire either, again when shooting at cars see crew jumping off. Did something happen with the last patch ? What am I missing tried using replies from SAS_ storebror had no results with that either
  4. Thanks Jim, I will give it a try and let you know how it went.
  5. Need help with A/I Train in Coop mission, I have no problems with getting train to spawn in and move forward towards waypoint. I setup train as describe IL2 Mission Editor Manual, and tutorials using Mission Begin, timers, check zones, attack area's, activate and deactivate, Spawn and all the other MCU'S required to get 61K, Flak38, m4 and mg34 train cars to fire at enemy approaching aircraft, no matter which way I set it up they wont fire back.
  6. Thanks Andy, You learn something new everyday.
  7. With this new update, when looking at external view of elevator trim tabs on elevator are working backwards When trim tab goes down plane noses up when tab goes up plane noses down. if that was the case, than when elevator goes upward plane should nose down which would be wrong. that is what is happening on external view while watching trim tab operation, watching elevator go up plane is nosing up, which is right, at same time if you make trim tab go up plane noses down, which is wrong. internal view watch trim tab control it is working correctly, its just a bug on external view of elevator tab operation
  8. Hi Mutly, with this new update when looking at external view of elevator trim tab operation, trim tab working in reverse. trim tab is going down to trim nose of aircraft up.If this was right than the elevator should move down to nose plane upward. So with this thinking, trim tab should work like elevator, elevator turns upward to nose aircraft up, so trim tab should also move upward also to nose plane up.
  9. something wrong keep getting message I cant connect
  10. hi chappyj, great server love it ~S~ good to be back in the pacific
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