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  1. I'm always blown away by the love for detail of your skins . . . your alpha channels are just amazing Thanks a lot! the little Guardian
  2. Thanks a lot, had the same problem, which was driving me nuts . . . Your solution works: switched from supersampling to multisampling and the orange smoke is gone. I would have never found this on my own, so thank you for your help! greetings the little Guardian
  3. Got it . . . everything is working now! Thank you all again for your help.
  4. I still can't find it . . . in my IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\graphics\planes\ is only a "icustom_photo.dds" which is the miniature for external view when you look from outside into the cockpit. I had made a mini-mod for myself for all cockpits using: data\graphics\planes\textures but it no longer works
  5. I can no longer replace the photo in the cockpit by my own custom photo . . . I checked with unGTP.exe and its no longer lokated in the plane/texture folder. So, where is it now? Anyone any ideas? Greetings little Guardian
  6. After lengthy comparison of the various settings of "horizon draw distance" in the main graphic section of the game, it seems to me that the draw distance has a profound effect on the whole appearance of the weather . . . even more than changes in the weather settings inside the maps. If you compare horizon draw distance 40 km to 150 km the difference is quite obvious. (And impressive) But, as I said, in order to change draw distance I have to go all the way back into the main graphics settings and then, after changing it I have to restart the whole game. Is it possible
  7. I have a weird problem . . . Il2 was running perfectly since years now - and out of the blue this: Game simply doesn't start any more . . . Running Windows 7 64 Pro & Oculus Rift No OC, no fancy background programs. Didn't change any hardware lately. Didn't install any new software since weeks. All other games are working fine. "ucrtbase.dll" seems to be part of C++ , so I de&reinstalled all C++ versions. No Change . . . Downloaded Il2 BoX completely new from scratch. Started the untouched
  8. Thanks again KpgQuop, I just love the skin! Here is a little thank you for your incredible work: https://www.mediafire.com/file/p7ltcgjx6jx3i7n/Cockpit_Hs129b2_4K-eyecandy.zip/file Did my best to correct/replace typos etc. upscaled or reworked some textures (like the leather rim) and changed some aspects of the alphas . . . Greetings and thanks again little Guardian
  9. Type of improvement: Gameplay/graphic appearance Explanation of proposals: Living in Europe and having traveled a lot, one thing that is obviously missing in the game is: Churches! In literally EVERY town I have visited there is a church or two (katholic/protestant) in the middle of the village or town or city always close or at the marketplace. During WW II the church towers were important landmarks for both artillerie and bombercrews (big and small) Benefits: would look much more life like . . . Here are some Postcards from the WW II era:
  10. Honestly, I don't know if it is possible since it would require a complete rebuilt of the 3D surrounding . . . which I couldn't do anyway. I'm not very good with 3D Max, but since I haven't seen 3D files so far (at least none that I'm familiar with), I would expect these files to be blocked or encrypted. Greetings
  11. VR-only Hangarscene Eyecandy Mod https://www.mediafire.com/file/psmvx0hih325z5r/Hangar_Mod.zip/file ! This Mod is only meant for VR ! While in the normal version of the game the camera circles around the plane, in the VR version the camera is fixed. Using this mod in the normal version will make your camera move through the wings and fuselage of your plane . . . you do not want this! No change in FPS and the Mod shouldn’t interfere with any other Mod. Finalized for JGSME, just drop both folders into the "_MOD" folder in your main game fo
  12. Thanks for the tip, I will check this ASAP Greetings little Guardian
  13. Don't know if I'm the only one having this problem or if it has been mentioned already . . . but the flightstick in the P-38 is constantly jittering/quivering or however one would call it. It's the only plane where this is happening, so I'm pretty sure it's not my hardware doing this. Thanks for this incredible game! Especially in VR it's a dream come true . . . little Guardian
  14. . . . . and again amazed by the fine details! Great work! the little Guardian
  15. Looks really good and quite realistic in the Game! Would you like to share what numbers exactly you altered in the files ? Thanks a lot little Guardian
  16. +1 ! Worth waiting for it, that's for sure . . . Greetings little Guardian
  17. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: adding the possibility to switch between the old Prop animation with visible rotation (pre 3.101 I believe) and the new one. Maybe by adding it as choice in the game or graphic settings Benefits: I know that some people had problems with the old animation, but the new one looks kind of "dead" or static compared to the old one. A simple switch would be sufficient and you have all the files you need already . . . Thank you so much for this awesome game! the little Guardian
  18. Checked in again a few minutes ago . . . and there it is! Much appreciated Thank you the little Guardian
  19. Looks fantastic ! greetings the little Guardian (If you want, you can send me just the layer with the stencil writings and I can check it for typos . . . if there are any)
  20. Thanks for the update . . . I am amazed with every screenshot you gave us so far. Nothing wrong with patiently waiting for this piece of (skinner-) art :-) The deadly duck deserves it . . . the little Guardian "Different weapons choices would look pretty authentic with their own dedicated skins in terms of exhaust/dirt stains, shadows and pannel changes; but how long do we have before the collapse of human society? " That sounds intriguing . . . some sub layers for different plane modifications. ow! But it also sounds like a lot of
  21. Hi again DBurne I downloaded the full installer . . . I previously had the set of dlls for single game installation. Installed it and Hooray it works! No more SteamVR_BS Thanks again for your advice. I already had HomelessOculus installed. Together with OpenComposite . . . I guess that's the best setup I can have currently. :-) FPS are back in the 85 to 90s again - even in furball 8 against 8. That's quite a relief after I was going mad with endless stutters for almost three months now. Gretings the little Guardian
  22. As the title says: Is anyone using OpenComposite with the NON-Steam version ? I am using the "normal" version of the game. I installed open Composite exactly as instructed, but when starting the game only Oculus home opens . . . and then nothing. Is OpenComposite only meant for the Steam version of the game? I searched, but couldn't find anything about that case in the www. Does it only hook when you start the game via Steam? It could be interesting, because the moment that SteamVR starts in the background, my graphic card jumps to 95% without Il2 having even st
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