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  1. . . . . and again amazed by the fine details! Great work! the little Guardian
  2. Looks really good and quite realistic in the Game! Would you like to share what numbers exactly you altered in the files ? Thanks a lot little Guardian
  3. +1 ! Worth waiting for it, that's for sure . . . Greetings little Guardian
  4. Type of improvement: Graphics Explanation of proposals: adding the possibility to switch between the old Prop animation with visible rotation (pre 3.101 I believe) and the new one. Maybe by adding it as choice in the game or graphic settings Benefits: I know that some people had problems with the old animation, but the new one looks kind of "dead" or static compared to the old one. A simple switch would be sufficient and you have all the files you need already . . . Thank you so much for this awesome game! the little Guardian
  5. Checked in again a few minutes ago . . . and there it is! Much appreciated Thank you the little Guardian
  6. Looks fantastic ! greetings the little Guardian (If you want, you can send me just the layer with the stencil writings and I can check it for typos . . . if there are any)
  7. Thanks for the update . . . I am amazed with every screenshot you gave us so far. Nothing wrong with patiently waiting for this piece of (skinner-) art :-) The deadly duck deserves it . . . the little Guardian "Different weapons choices would look pretty authentic with their own dedicated skins in terms of exhaust/dirt stains, shadows and pannel changes; but how long do we have before the collapse of human society? " That sounds intriguing . . . some sub layers for different plane modifications. ow! But it also sounds like a lot of work too.
  8. Hi again DBurne I downloaded the full installer . . . I previously had the set of dlls for single game installation. Installed it and Hooray it works! No more SteamVR_BS Thanks again for your advice. I already had HomelessOculus installed. Together with OpenComposite . . . I guess that's the best setup I can have currently. :-) FPS are back in the 85 to 90s again - even in furball 8 against 8. That's quite a relief after I was going mad with endless stutters for almost three months now. Gretings the little Guardian
  9. Thank you DBurne, I will check again if I can find what I'm doing wrong . . .
  10. As the title says: Is anyone using OpenComposite with the NON-Steam version ? I am using the "normal" version of the game. I installed open Composite exactly as instructed, but when starting the game only Oculus home opens . . . and then nothing. Is OpenComposite only meant for the Steam version of the game? I searched, but couldn't find anything about that case in the www. Does it only hook when you start the game via Steam? It could be interesting, because the moment that SteamVR starts in the background, my graphic card jumps to 95% without Il2 having even started yet . . . (I have no clue why) Thank you for any help the little Guardian
  11. I read about the updated FW190 A8 4K Template, but in the official skins template download area I can only find the old 2K . . . ? What am I missing ? Is there another download site . . . Thanks the little Guardian
  12. Awesome ! All three of them Thanks a bunch for your work (this and all the other skins) little Guardian
  13. Great pictures as always . . . Is it possible that the variation in the tone is a result of the Alpha or the Normal map? Just a thought (because it happened to me once) 😉 Greetings the little guardian
  14. Just amazing. Looking carefully at the screens, one can feel how much effort and thought you are putting into this. Top notch work . . . and I can hardly wait. But this unique plane deserves really it. If one knows how . . . you can down everything with it . . . 😉 Greetings the little Guardian
  15. Thank you kgpQuop I copy and pasted it into a doc and will give a feedback when I have extensively worked with it. Sounds very intrigueing. Much appreciated! Greetings the little guardian
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