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  1. To match what is happening to the bearings in the turbo...
  2. Huh! Whah! You've done a Jug campaign!? Point me at it!
  3. Go into the QMB. Take an FW-190a8 and fight against an Ace P-38 at 4,000 m. Then come back and comment on the AI 😉 It's not perfect, but compared to years ago, it is sooooo much better.
  4. Gee - try throttling right back! I get a much more sedate ride starting at 2,500 m and setting the alarm for 1200 m. Hard to get the bombs on target, though.
  5. Stonking! Really exciting stuff. Any chance you can move the map a bit west so I can fly over my house? 😉 Will buy all of it. Cheers, Nick
  6. NickM

    The Sun

    Errr… how can I use this? Doesn't look like a normal mod...?
  7. The P-51 has an option for the gyro gunsight. Same one as the P-47, I think.
  8. Very nice skin - but in my game the finish looks quite matt, more like pale grey paint than metal. Maybe my graphics card? Was the real one painted grey or a metal finish?
  9. Excellent! Your P-47s set the bar and it's really good to see you doing some P-51s. Can't wait 😛
  10. Hmmmm…. this isn't working for me. After the update I can map elevator trim axis to a rotary but not to a pair of buttons. Strangely, I can map oil radiator to buttons. Huh? Something odd going on.
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