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  1. NickM


    LOL - love the pictures. Must have taken ages to get the angle just right
  2. NickM

    Skin 4k Fw 190 A-8

    Lol - very mature!
  3. NickM

    Help please with external view

    Not at my PC now so can't check, but can you padlock your own aircraft from an external fixed camera? I'm sure I used to do that in RoF to make air display movies.
  4. NickM

    P-47 D Skins

    Nice job, Bugsy! Many thanks for sharing!
  5. NickM

    P-47 D Skins

    These are really excellent - thanks for sharing!
  6. NickM

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    Very nice skin! I see we have the same strategy for attacking trains. I can't hit anything with rockets, so I now rely on flying down the track from behind and carpet bombing them.
  7. NickM

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    Love the sharp detail in the paintwork - really excellent!
  8. NickM

    szelljr skindeposit ® ™ ©

    I really like this one - very unusual. Do you know the history of the replacement wing?
  9. NickM

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    Very nice, Raptor!
  10. NickM

    Tips flying P-47

    Having played with our game-P-47, I can't actually find a reason not to have the turbo either linked or fully forward at 100% all the time. At high altitude it overspeeds, but I've not yet had any damage from that. All a bit disappointing - I was hoping to have a lot of engine management rather than a lever I just stick forward at the start of a flight. Has anyone found a reason in-game to vary the turbo lever much? EDIT - if I run the turbo over-speeding at 10 km for 15 mins, the engine does take damage.
  11. NickM

    P-47 D Skins

    ...and from the photo it looks like the invasion stripes did not go on to the top wing. The photo shows them stopping at the leading edge. Great subject, and hopefully a quick fix to the very nice skin.