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  1. Hmmmm…. this isn't working for me. After the update I can map elevator trim axis to a rotary but not to a pair of buttons. Strangely, I can map oil radiator to buttons. Huh? Something odd going on.
  2. Brilliant! So much better than before. Many thanks.
  3. Very nice skins, Rapt. Thanks for sharing!
  4. NickM


    If it's like the RoF one, a spring centred stick will put in quite a lot of up elevator at neutral because the real a/c had a lot more back-stick travel than forward-stick travel. Have a look in external view with it on the ground. I suspect the elevators will be up quite a bit when hands off. For RoF I ended up using an FFB stick as the only way to get round the problem before they added the tuneable response curves.
  5. My Dora really wants to roll to the left unless it's at very low throttle - is there some trim function I'm missing?
  6. You have to stop it to change the default zoom and head position, saving with F10 before restarting TIR. Once you have saved it and TIR is restarted you can change FOV as normal, but the defaults will be your new values.
  7. Yes - this is definitely true. Only on the prototype aircraft was the sight fitted above the bar. On production Dolphins it was below the bar. The aircraft was designed so that that the pilot's head was about level with the top wing and not sticking up above it. That way he could look below the upper planes as easily as above them. This used to really annoy me in RoF as well!
  8. LOL - love the pictures. Must have taken ages to get the angle just right
  9. Not at my PC now so can't check, but can you padlock your own aircraft from an external fixed camera? I'm sure I used to do that in RoF to make air display movies.
  10. Nice job, Bugsy! Many thanks for sharing!
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