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  1. Brilliant! Thank you, Liz!
  2. Different models to keep the size down, I guess. There are some nice touches, though - e.g., in the 41 and 42 versions of the IL-2, in the F1 cockpit view you can move the gunsight backwards and forwards towards the pilot. If you look at the external F2 view you can actually see it do the same.
  3. I have zoom on a hat switch and it still works as before. I'm not at my PC now, but will post up my settings later today for you.
  4. Really nice work with the shadows, Oyster. Many thanks for these improvements.
  5. Atomic_Spaniel

    [MOD] Icons

    Still works fine for me with the ...SM_T version. I doubt if anything has changed.
  6. I had always wondered if some of the nose-up pitching was also from the drag of the top wing producing a couple around the CoG?
  7. I love all the Yaks, but with the exception of the 9T with the BIG CANNON they are indeed rather similar. The La-5 and La-5FN are great fun and a real contrast to the Yaks. The La-5 gives us a VVS aircraft that can actually outrun an 109 below 2000 m and rolls like crazy. If you play career etc on the Kuban map it is a good opponent for the 109G2 and G4. The La-5FN is vastly better than the La-5, but in career mode it only comes in right at the end of the Kuban campaign when the LW had withdrawn most aircraft apart from some 109s. Both the La-5 and La-5FN recently got beautiful 4k exteriors done by ICDP, which added to the canopy reflections, instrument glass and Oysters 4k interior mods gives them a real refresh. The MC.202 is a great looking aircraft, but the cockpit interior isn't really up to the standards of later efforts and it's frustratingly lacking in firepower. I also have the Ju-52 and the biplane. Flown each about twice. If I want fun at low speeds with truly terrible handling characteristics, I will go fly something in FC
  8. Oyster, Windows Defender blocks download of the Ju-87 files. It hasn't done this for any of your earlier files. Any ideas? Have you changed anything in the way you rar the files up? EDIT - I downloaded them anyway and checked with AVG and Malwarebytes. Seems OK and no problems.
  9. The 4k Ju-87 exterior + instrument glass + canopy reflections = feels like a new aircraft 👍
  10. In my limited experience (glider pilots and the Condor flight sim) RL pilots are absolutely terrible at telling whether a sim is accurate or not. They notice mostly the differences between full-size controls and PC peripherals, the lack of physical feedbacks and the reduced SA we get from a monitor. They don't notice that the sink rate of the ASW-19 is off by 20% at 70 kts. A better bet might be to use quantitative data from RL pilot accounts to validate the sim FMs. Obviously, we have to be careful because there is a lot of self-evident braggadocio in pilot stories (P-47 out rolls anything, anybody?). However, when accounts give specific details, such as speed loss when pulling g, then they can be quite useful. Except of course if the account contradicts what we have already decided, e.g., Poster 1: The P-47 was famous for not losing energy at speed. Poster 2: Here is a thoughtful and detailed account of flying the P-47 by a pilot who flies a P-47 and other warbirds at air displays, he says it loses more energy in manoeuvres than other warbirds. Poster 1: The P-47 was famous for not losing energy at speed.
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