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  1. Very happy to see this! The MC is such a beautiful aircraft, but the cockpit is not so well done compared to the more recent releases. Looking forward to this.
  2. You should be OK to just create the folder. On startup the game looks for textures for instruments etc in that folder and will use those if it can find any in that folder. If the folder is not there, then it just uses the baked-in textures it already has. You cannot do any harm, by making the folder.
  3. I'm sure it's been discussed before, but isn't PC10 more of a chocolate brown colour than a green? The Shuttleworth aircraft and the F2B at Duxford are much more brownish than greenish.
  4. I got mine in the UK via Amazon. It's excellent in all respects. Thoroughly recommended.
  5. Looks very nice! If you modify the instruments does it effect other aircraft?
  6. I really like your lozenge colours. The skins that come with the game are too grubby, washed-out and subdued. The real-life colours were quite bright, at least according to the info I have from Windsock profiles etc.
  7. Hi All, I want to play this with as much historical accuracy as I can, so should I use 150 octane fuel and the gyro sight? I guess not, but I don't know the historical availability of either for this group of P-47s. Cheers, AS
  8. Excellent! Forgotten Battles, here we come!
  9. Yes - they used to work as described, but got broken in a patch about six months back.
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