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  1. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    The man raises a good point...
  2. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    Okay, guys. This is getting outta hand here. Like we said in an earlier post, this is not revolving around the plane-set. This poll was meant for the LOCATION in which you would like to fly. While you all have interesting ideas, I just felt that we're getting off track here. Kind regards, DLMalloy.
  3. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Game version 3.005 discussion: Flying Circus, Tank Crew, Fw 190 A-8

    Ok, here is some bugs I found... I linked my accounts on steam and YET, it has me linking Every, Single, TIME!!! In QMB, I can enter tanks just fine, but when I try to go to aircraft, the game crashes! No warning, just crashes!!! Even in the Tanks, the gunsight is hoping from side to side, NON-STOP!! It's disorientating and annoying. Also in tanks, when I move the gunsight even the slightest bit left, and hit re-center, it goes and does a 360 degree turn! gunboat in the stalingrad map beaches itself... Not that I don't have faith in the Dev team, but until I can have my good, FUNCTIONING, flight sim back, I will not, shall not, play. Please fix if you want good faith from your customers. Sincerly, KG5
  4. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    This was not me

    LOL, thanks. 😀
  5. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    This was not me

    That Yak in the background is me, however 😑
  6. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy


  7. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Where Else Do You Want to Fly?

    Exactly! And great idea, mabye a little pre-pacific idea?
  8. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Ju 52 - Flying with classical music by J.S. Bach (feat.Noemis)

    thank you, I needed this.
  9. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    IL-2 By KG5

  10. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Will the game work on a lenovo explorer?

    Black_Sab, Thank you. I will be sure to look into this. Kind regards, KG5
  11. Hello there, fellow pilots, being in the market for a vr headset/set-up, with limited funds, I have found myself looking windows mixed realality. More specificaly, a Lenovo Explorer. I am just asking for a second opinion: Will it work? Kind regards, KG5.
  12. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    VR Spitfire Mk IV - Im so very very sorry veterans!

    this I like.
  13. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    IL-2 By KG5

    Some more?
  14. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    IL-2 By KG5

    The second "Short film" I have made. Also, I will be posting my videos in here. , ~KG5~
  15. 5./St.G.1_DLMalloy

    Pe-2 Shipping Strike by KG5

    Thank you.