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  1. Hello, all. I was playing on MP to day when I accidentally changed my view options from pan to quick view. When I got it back to pan view, it started zooming in like it was quick/snap view. Just wanted to let someone know.
  2. Well, I've just had an "interesting" game today. I was playing on the server with two other people (both on the german side. it was 2:1 Against russia) and I was playing a t34/U2VS mix when I was getting pounded out by a air/ground mix. I decided to switch to an il-2 to balance it out when this happened... Keep in mind 1: there was only me on the soviet side, 2: I was being grouped up on, 3: I was playing as a tank for about 75% of my sorties and 4: This was the first and only time I got in an IL-2. It's HYSTERICAL to me.
  3. I'm sure you fellow ground attackers know how this feels.
  4. Hello, all! DLMalloy here with the first "Basic" Skins of the 5./StG.1. Enjoy. *Note: These skins are not historically accurate and are in current use by the 5./StG.1 VAS* New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip
  5. These are my first skinning projects that I have set myself to. I present to you the first skins of the 5./StG.1! These are neither completed, nor historically accurate.
  6. On August 17, 2019, I, Siqhter, and ImAGeekNotANerd (along with BlackBarron) went on a joint Stuka op on WoL and had a blast. After the events of this video, the three of us pilots (Siqhter, Geek, and I) entered into a conversation and we formed the beginnings of this Virtual Air Squadron together. I am sorry for the choppiness of the video, I have yet to gain a proper video editor. Enjoy!
  7. Thank you, Steppa! I will defiantly try these steps! See you in the Skies!
  8. Hey, All! So i recently got Gimp 2.0 and i'm stuck on a few tasks. Can someone please help? I am stuck on how to add the emblems/nose art to the file, and how to change the yellow bands on wings and fuselage. Thanks, DLMalloy.
  9. Basically a revised version of the former. Enjoy!
  10. LMAO. Thanks for the comment. Thank you. I will try and make a better, cleaner version of the middle. Thanks for the input! P.S: as the "Uncultured American" I am, I put "For Glory, No Surrender" in google translate for Latin and got that.
  11. @Thad Thank you for the explanation of the reason I could not (initially) run this map effectively. I however made this video for lols and what not. I hope you enjoyed! Kind Regards, DLMalloy P.S: I am actually glad we have maps for air battles and now a map for ground battles.
  12. This was my first flight on the Prokhorovka map and it was, to say the least, not pleasant. I had this recording laying around though and here we are. Note: I have since lowered my graphics so the lag isn't there, but the ping definitely is. Hope you enjoy! Edit: This video is for entertainment purposes.
  13. @SCG_Riksen Nah, it's alright. This banner was originally a banner for my math class' American 9 Man team; The Red Menace! Thanks for the feedback and i will try to get some friends to join here soon. Kind regards, DLMalloy Oh and PS: I couldn't find some good Kar-98k silhouettes, so I went with M16a2s. Neither could I find a ju87 silhouette
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