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  1. Basically a revised version of the former. Enjoy!
  2. LMAO. Thanks for the comment. Thank you. I will try and make a better, cleaner version of the middle. Thanks for the input! P.S: as the "Uncultured American" I am, I put "For Glory, No Surrender" in google translate for Latin and got that.
  3. @Thad Thank you for the explanation of the reason I could not (initially) run this map effectively. I however made this video for lols and what not. I hope you enjoyed! Kind Regards, DLMalloy P.S: I am actually glad we have maps for air battles and now a map for ground battles.
  4. This was my first flight on the Prokhorovka map and it was, to say the least, not pleasant. I had this recording laying around though and here we are. Note: I have since lowered my graphics so the lag isn't there, but the ping definitely is. Hope you enjoy! Edit: This video is for entertainment purposes.
  5. @SCG_Riksen Nah, it's alright. This banner was originally a banner for my math class' American 9 Man team; The Red Menace! Thanks for the feedback and i will try to get some friends to join here soon. Kind regards, DLMalloy Oh and PS: I couldn't find some good Kar-98k silhouettes, so I went with M16a2s. Neither could I find a ju87 silhouette
  6. Okay, so I wanted to make the squadron I have official, so I made these. Please tell me what you think and which one you like better. Kind regards and , DLMalloy
  7. Oi!! I may go to the tanks servers for 50% of my MP time, and I may have bad AF ping, but I think that you're making a rash generalization here. Not all the pilots that go onto these servers are bad. I have seen some damn fine aces head over to these servers, so what you're referring to are the soul-sucking rammers that give all pilots a bad rep, AKA the minority of pilots. Here here, good sir! I agree wholeheartedly. While that'll make my job a whole lot harder, as long as those AA don't camp the airfield, it'll be fun!
  8. Guncam/external footage w/music. Enjoy!
  9. Ahhh, this is where the ambush tactics come in. You can't out run the foe, out gun him, or out live him out in the open. But you can disappear. Head into the forests and tall grasses and tun off your engine. That is how I got my kill streaks. Also put yourself in the shadows of a thicket of trees. The grey of the panzer blends to your advantage. Camoflauge is the name of this game.
  10. Clearly, in a senario where the enemy knows you're there, the t-34 out guns the panzer. However, if you set up ambushes by the side of the road, wait for side shots, and ANGLE YOUR ARMOR, the pz3 can be a very powerful and reliable weapons platform.
  11. Hey all, I have been on the Aeastern front server as a red aviator/tanker and i can vouch for the use of ramming towards german tanks. I may like to annoy ground targets (for those who've played with/against me, you know what i'm talking about) but ramming the tanks is out of the question for me. I see a lot of tankers, however, not know how to react to an air assault. Once you know how to manuver around bombs, it's not too bad.
  12. Lol. That is the funniest thing i've heard as of yet!
  13. Decided to do a little test w/Mouse Aim. No big deal...
  14. Thanks man. An I'm glad you liked it!
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