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  1. I'm interested in getting VR. My primary problem right now is spotting issues with my 27 inch screen. I want to upgrade but don't have room to sit a few feet back from a 50 inch 4 k monitor. VR sound like an upgrade that doesn't require lots of space, but I hear spotting can be more difficult. The spotting problem is game breaking for me and I havn't been able to fix it despite some helpful suggestions. I would hate to invest in VR and find that I still can't see the enemy or that they disappear right before my eyes. I'm thinking Reverb or Pimax 5k. My only question is which VR is best at helping my to spot and or identify enemies. I prefer not to discuss monitors at this time.
  2. I've been having trouble with two issues. Planes keep disappearing before my eyes and I lose them. Sure this happened in CLOD and 1946, but this happens almost every encounter. First I'd like to know if people think that what I'm seeing is actually bad or not. Then I'd like to know if anyone has ideas about what graphics settings may help or if a different monitor may help. My other issue is with my head position getting stuck when using track ir. Sry for the watermark. I don't think it interferes with the points I'm trying to make. Last time I use that program. Difficulty spotting planes at a distance. They disappear depending on the zoom I'm using. from 10 sec and especially at 25 seconds. Plane attacking me at 2:28 top right....again in center at 2:32...didn't see him Another planes briefly disappears then reappears at 2:56 3:35 head position stuck so that I can't see reticule. So any ideas for new setting for graphics, a new monitor, or track IR profile changes? THANKS ALL!!!! DIAMONDAXE Almost forgot... 1070 geforce i7-8700k 16 gb ram 27" monitor
  3. BTW kudos to the developers for placing modest images of women in the game for these dash pics. Little turned off by the images of certain skins. I look forward to getting my little ones and my nephews in the air someday....maybe starting age 5 or 6?!?!?! Btw here's mine...My wife vacationing in Austria. !!!
  4. Took me four hours to figure this out. Miserable experience. Now i can do it in 3 min. the video has it's flaws but eventually I figured it out. He's using a different program. I got too hung up on that and my inability get the pics side by side. Go to video: 1. DL gimp AND his template AND the plugin 2. Install plugin follow instructions in read me 3. get your image. Right click. Click edit. click resize. Resize to pixels 900hx616w save file. 4. Open GIMP and then file and open the template. Drag the file the file to where it says "photo here". It doesn't have to be in that layer it will make its own layer and that's OK (took me an hour to figure that out.) use the maltese cross on the left side of the screen to be able to drag things. Possibly "M" is the shortcut??? 5. Select your photo and the border to be the only visible layers so that an eyeball is highlighted next to the layer. 6. Go to layers and make new layer from visible. 7. select layers then mask then add layer mask then select channel (mask layer should be the channel). 8. click file click export 9. name file as custom_photo.dds 10. click export select bc3 for top option and for mipmaps select generate mipmaps. leave others as default. MAKE CERTAIN DESTINATION FOLDERS ARE NOT READ ONLY WHEN exporting. some game folders are read only by default. (otherwise you get "Gimp and DDS Error") 11. place resulting photo in plane of choice.
  5. Hi, I'll be training a brother to fly online soon. Initially we'll be using P39's and P'40 but eventually we'll use P38's and P47's. I'd like a mission that worked like quick mission set for single player allowing options to change enemy numbers situation and aircraft type as well as the ability to change the aircraft type available to the player. Has anyone made this? Is there a way to do it? Thanks Diamondaxe
  6. "There is another part of this involving me being out of touch with everybody because rather stupidly I dropped my phone down the toilet… but that is another story which I won’t go into because it is too embarrassing. So, nonetheless, it is a bit rushed, but here it is." I misread the above as "flushed" instead of rushed.
  7. Terrible timing. I bought everything moments before the announcement.
  8. I for one welcome our new BF-110 C6 overlords. Important question critcial to the progress of TF 5.O: When do I get a CLOD badge?
  9. I had to reinstall everything. I have my old BOX installation available and I do not want to have to bind everything again. Where can I find the files I need to overwrite? Thanks
  10. Great thx everyone I'll get it off this site. It seems there is a problem with Kuban and Steam? Hope they work it out soon. But I need Moscow or Stalingrad to play multiplayer. It looks like very few Kuban aircraft are available for multiplayer maps. HOLY MACKERAL!!! BOS is on MEGA sale!!!!good timing!
  11. I use steam a lot and I like it....but can I buy Stalingrad off this site and still get a steam key? If not I'm thinking I'll get Stalingrad off the main site anyway just to support the developers. Is there a reason why Steam might be worth it besides the convenience of the downloadbility and multiplayer server / chat system?
  12. Agreed. We as a community need to help as well. We should get involved at other game's forums and talk CLOD up. We could post links here and people can join in on the conversations involving CLOD. Great update. I feel that 1 per month updates is too short. Weekly updates is a must. Even if the update is full of propaganda you have to keep the troops motivated. If four items come at once....release the news one at a time over 4 weeks to give more feel of a steady progress.
  13. Ahhhh....but clearly it was the work of St. Pius XII! But yeah I'm considering buying the BOP preorder.....I think I'll get BOS first because I only fly the 110 and sometimes the G2 isn't available.
  14. Maybe I'm going crazy but When the BF-110 G2 first came out for the preorder, I recall it having rockets. Around the same time I was also trying out the 110 from 1946 and CLOD just to see the difference. Perhaps my memory is mixing up the 1946 version? Or am I blind and I can't find the rockets in BOK?
  15. Is it possible to use galaxy/google applications to take pictures of the materials in question and translate to more friendly languages? I will try wait patiently for the Pacific just as I waited for CLOD Blitz. I love you Il2 team!
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