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  1. Diamondaxe

    Steam question

    Terrible timing. I bought everything moments before the announcement.
  2. Diamondaxe

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    I for one welcome our new BF-110 C6 overlords. Important question critcial to the progress of TF 5.O: When do I get a CLOD badge?
  3. Diamondaxe

    Location of key binds file

    I had to reinstall everything. I have my old BOX installation available and I do not want to have to bind everything again. Where can I find the files I need to overwrite? Thanks
  4. Diamondaxe

    Steam question

    Great thx everyone I'll get it off this site. It seems there is a problem with Kuban and Steam? Hope they work it out soon. But I need Moscow or Stalingrad to play multiplayer. It looks like very few Kuban aircraft are available for multiplayer maps. HOLY MACKERAL!!! BOS is on MEGA sale!!!!good timing!
  5. Diamondaxe

    Steam question

    I use steam a lot and I like it....but can I buy Stalingrad off this site and still get a steam key? If not I'm thinking I'll get Stalingrad off the main site anyway just to support the developers. Is there a reason why Steam might be worth it besides the convenience of the downloadbility and multiplayer server / chat system?
  6. Diamondaxe

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    Agreed. We as a community need to help as well. We should get involved at other game's forums and talk CLOD up. We could post links here and people can join in on the conversations involving CLOD. Great update. I feel that 1 per month updates is too short. Weekly updates is a must. Even if the update is full of propaganda you have to keep the troops motivated. If four items come at once....release the news one at a time over 4 weeks to give more feel of a steady progress.
  7. Diamondaxe

    Bodenplatte early access

    Ahhhh....but clearly it was the work of St. Pius XII! But yeah I'm considering buying the BOP preorder.....I think I'll get BOS first because I only fly the 110 and sometimes the G2 isn't available.
  8. Diamondaxe

    BF-110 rockets

    Maybe I'm going crazy but When the BF-110 G2 first came out for the preorder, I recall it having rockets. Around the same time I was also trying out the 110 from 1946 and CLOD just to see the difference. Perhaps my memory is mixing up the 1946 version? Or am I blind and I can't find the rockets in BOK?
  9. Is it possible to use galaxy/google applications to take pictures of the materials in question and translate to more friendly languages? I will try wait patiently for the Pacific just as I waited for CLOD Blitz. I love you Il2 team!
  10. Diamondaxe

    Thank you

    TF has stated that after TF 5 Fw190's are the priority but P51's will also be in high demand. As for missing out on the fun.....no...I'll have tons of fun blowing the hell out of the P38's with my 110.
  11. Diamondaxe

    Thank you

    Wow thx. You made it easy for me! I'm confused. Battle of Bodenplatte has these mustangs and P38's right? TF would definitely eventually want these aircraft. I agree that BOX won't go to England anytime soon...or the Mediterranean for that matter.
  12. Diamondaxe

    Thank you

    you got the joke... I don't visit...I play CLOD and visit ATAG forums. TF6 would likely introduce the planes in question. While there may not be a presence of P51's P47's and P38's on CLOD, players may leave CLOD for BOB. That is the competition I'm worried about. My sulking isn't meant to be taken too seriously...at the same time I don't like a company promising one product then delivering another. I resurrected this post to point out that I bought Kuban partly to encourage their development of the Pacific theater. EDIT: I'll go look into this delay on the Pacific expansion.
  13. Diamondaxe

    Thank you

    So last week I discovered that the new expansion would be Bodenplatte...After the crashing problems I had with Kuban I quit playing and went to CLOD for the last 9 months or so. I started up Kuban hoping the crashing problem would be fixed (it was) and hoping I could preorder a Pacific campaign. I suddenly discovered a bad case of indigestion as I read about this Bodenplatte campaign. Why would the BOX series compete with CLOD directly? Why would they back out of the Pacific? Maybe I'll head back to CLOD...two more weeks and we'll have F4F's and BOX can have their P51's and other Army Air Corp nonsense...I'm not bitter...
  14. So my controls seem to work fine in quick missions. When I switch to Multiplayer my prop pitch button to turn off the automatic prop pitch control fails to work. The same for my water/oil rads. I was flying on a server called wings....it seemed to be the most popular one by far. I prefer not to use the automatic prop pitch because I feel it slows me down way too much. I'm using a thrustmaster without the TARGET software. On an unrelated note I cannot seem to find the function to switch my fuel gauge between tanks. I've spent an hour searching and there just doesn't seem to be a button for it but I know there must be because it keeps randomly switching as though one of my binds is also bound to the fuel gauge selector. Thanks all!
  15. Diamondaxe

    Would you like to see advanced Engine Reliability in TF 5.0?

    CLOD should punish you if your throttle is at max and RPM's are running too high. I want that. I do not want to do everything right only to have to restart a mission because I drowned when I figured out I had a lemon 30 minutes from land. Nobody has that kind of time. I guarantee anyone that even thinks they want this feature will eventually turn it off when they get aggravated one too many times at the wrong moment. We burn enough engines on our own without the random chance of failure. If you want to experience random engine failure build a SP mission around it....maybe the follow up mission could be in an enemy plane while you try to dodge friendlies on the way back to friendly territory. But for the love of God do not waste time on this feature.