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  1. HI JM, the error goes like this: lunascripts/worldobjects/ships/LandboatA/LandboatA-MG30.txt lunascripts/worldobjects/ships/Subtype2B/SubtypetorpedoturretL.txt lunascripts/worldobjects/ships/Subtype2B/SubtypetorpedoturretR.txt lunascripts/worldobjects/ships/Subtype2B/SubtypetorpedoturretC.txt Thanks again
  2. Hi JM, sorry to bother you again, your latest mission will not load for me, a dialogue box pops saying "Luna scripts, world objects, missing etc" and the PC more or less locks up. Some missions still play out ok. Any ideas what i can do? Thanks in advance.
  3. Too much left of WW2 to do first!
  4. keeno

    Work in Progress

    ............. it still looks incredible!
  5. keeno

    Work in Progress

    Holy Shit that looks amazing!
  6. I think the new feature is great and seems to be modelled perfectly (although I've never felt G-LOC), the complainers are the people who've been flying in a manner which a human could not sustain.
  7. I think this new feature is great and having never experienced G-LOC it seems to be modelled correctly! Much better than pulling ridiculous moves which a human could not handle.
  8. Thanks for looking JM, I'll try again and see what happens. I'll make a note of the dialogue box text to see if it helps. Cheers
  9. Hi JM, loving your missions, great as always. the "Bombing - He 111 H16 - Tank repair facility NEW!" mission causes my PC to crash to desktop with a "warning" dialogue box open which will not go away and needs a hard reset of the PC to continue. Any ideas? Thanks again though, the B25 escort mission was amazing!
  10. Tomcat, I think all work, all i know is that the smoke doesn't fade in and out and can be seen from a distance, sorry I couldn't be more help. Cheers
  11. This MOD seems to work just fine for me, no fading in and out.
  12. Thanks JM, I'm looking forward to trying some of these out! Cheers
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