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  1. Looks like an awesome update, thanks to all involved. just need to get off nightshift and gget stuck in! Cheers.
  2. Beautiful....... just beautiful!!
  3. Beautiful plane...... an absolute animal!
  4. Hi all, in trying to get joy2key to work with CLoD I used windows device calibration wizard by mistake and now my VIRPIL throttle is either fully on of fully off at the 70% mark, how can I reset it? it was fine before I opened the windows 10 calibration wizrd. Cheers Doesn't matter, "return to default setting" in windows fixed it! Thanks.
  5. I've waited a long, long time for this, I'm definately a day one buyer! Thanks to all involved with the development of this sim, it looks amazing.
  6. utterly brulliant, the hurricane is such an icon and the female pilot........... beautiful!
  7. Xabi54310, Sorry I couldn't help, maybe you could try a new topic in the General Discussion section and see if anyone else has an idea to help you. My issue was cured by one of the developers. Cheers
  8. Xabi, I had this problem, it was fixed by removing out of date MODs. Turn all MODS off and try that. Then turn on each MOD on e at a time until the culprit is found and delete it. Good luck!
  9. I wasn't expecting a DD after all ther latest work........... thanks and it looks amazing!
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