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  1. Even without the final changes that are to be made, this still looks amazingly cool!
  2. This sounds very interesting! I'll give it a go. Thanks
  3. Great pics, the shot of the plane taking off with the dust clouds looks especially good!
  4. Hell yea...... but with exactly what Sokol said a few comments ago. It could have been and still could be gold but it does have some awful bugs and half finished elements. Hopefully though TFS can turn the rough diamond into the jewel it could and should have been all along. cheers
  5. I don’t think you can alter fuel load in quick mission builder.
  6. Sybreed, yep... just opened the Virpil software to check everything works and calibrated then close it down and everything worked first time with BoX. To get everything to work in iL2 1946 and cliffs of Dover you have to use JoytoKey set to 128 inputs then BOOM! a whole new flight simming world opens up, (Thanks to Sokol for his advice there!) Good luck
  7. Sybreed, I've got the same throttle, the E1, 2 and 3 knobs work great for the 3 trim axis and the 2 larger knobs for inlet/outlet cooler flaps. Cheers
  8. ICDP.... fantastic gesture! All the best for 2020.... you deserve it!
  9. Fantastic.... so looking forward to the final release! All the best to the TFS team for 2020.
  10. Hi, I have one of these and it works just fine with RoF, DCS, iL2 1946, CLOD and BoX series. Have you tried using a different USB port, this has worked for me in the past, or unplug and re-plug it in then restart your PC, this worked for me the other day when BoX stopped seeing my throttle. Good luck!
  11. Just found this.... A really good channel with lots of well presented, informative videos. Cheers!
  12. Happy New Year and all the best for 2020 Cheers!
  13. Just watched it again... brilliant.... just brilliant!
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