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  1. keeno

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Hi Semor, the Ai level I always set to "random" in QMB. WRT this: "LooL...sorry, everytime I read this I still think people play a entire different Version of iL2".......... in my opinion, the Ai has been getting tweaked making it slightly better, as I said, still easily beatable 1 on 1, isn't that a valid statement?
  2. keeno

    A.I. in 3.008 patch

    Flying Fw190A5 against Lagg3 in QMB, the Lagg several times drew me into scissors to force an overshoot, or if I got on the direct 6 he constantly jinked left and right, up and down to throw off my aim or suddenly snap roll. You can still bag a few in a row but definitely harder, plus the Lagg took some serious punishment. Flying in a Spitfire v FW, the 190 constantly boom n zoomed taking the fight vertically. The AI is getting better, still easily beatable 1 on 1 but I found myself wasting ammo with my terrible gunnery and their manoeuvring.
  3. I couldn't agree more, I played last night trying a few different planes in QMB. I thought the new DM and AI were much better and more realistic. Cheers
  4. keeno

    TFS Developer Update – Nov/Dec 2018

    Nice update! Cheers
  5. Thanks for the very surprising update, I had a chance to fly some QMB last night....... brilliant stuff!!
  6. keeno

    Village Lights

    This looks really cool!
  7. keeno

    [MOD] Damage decals

    Fantastic, one of the last few things in the game that need attention. Cheers!
  8. keeno

    Rap's P-47 Thunderbolts, HELP YOURSELVES!!

    WOW!!!! Rap.......Just WOW!!!
  9. keeno

    Easy Camel?

    Hi, I liked the old ROF camel which was much tougher to fly prior to the patch which made it too easy to fly (in my option). This "new" camel seem to be somewhere inbetween. I had a QMB play last night and actually found it easier than the DR1 to keep level and didn't spin it once. Still love this latest patch though. Cheers
  10. This looks an unbelievable update......... and I'm at work for 2 more hours!!!
  11. A friend of mines Grandfather was in RAF Bomber Command during WW2 as a navigator in Lancasters. He obviously survived his full tour including several missions over Berlin. He talked about the war and his experiences constantly and always wore a metal Lancaster badge on his tie, he was quite rightly very proud of his contribution to the war effort. His family would groan when he started his war stories but I had the honour of sitting with him one evening following a wedding and he talked non stop about his time in the RAF. He told me all about night fighters and how they would approach there target, he talked about movie mistakes when the aircraft didn't shoot to allow for deflection and about the fear of flak over enemy territory. One of the stories he told was of when he left his position to take a "star shot" to assess exactly where they were and upon returning to his postion a piece of shrapnel had gone straight through his navigation postion stool! He's still very much alive and kicking to this day well into his 90's.
  12. keeno

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Really great update, a little something for all i think! Cheers
  13. keeno

    Single player Campaigns translated

    I just spotted this it looks very impressive and I can't wait to give it all a try. thanks for your hard work! Cheers
  14. keeno

    Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build

    Thank-you, great update! Cheers
  15. keeno

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    As much as I admire TF and all they've done resurrecting the Cliffs dream I've never quite understood the whole "secret society" thing were by very little information is given out about progress and where the game actually is as far as development (not timelines). Look at BoX forums, each week they are buzzing with excited discussion and speculation of what we may or may not see from the DEV's. Any information they give out is met with (mainly) huge appreciation, thanks and praise for the DEV team and the game itself. Even a few screen shots on a more regular basis and some snippets of development progress would go a long way to keeping the CoD fans interested. Cheers