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  1. Jaegermieister, this campaign is brilliant! i'm on mission 5 and it's so immersive. It's beautifully written, so plays out just perfect. The use of the map we have to represent the chosen combat area works very well, kind of reminds me of a Malta campaign. Great use of aircraft to represent planes we haven't got and lovely skins. Top notch, well done! Thanks for the hard work that has obviously gone into this!! Cheers.
  2. Amazing update, so much content to try out.... the 262 is a work of art! Cheers
  3. Thanks for this Spiritus.... this is an update in itself! Cheers
  4. Holy Crap that looks amazing! Thanks for the update!!
  5. Thanks for the update.........i'm satisfied..............for a while! Cheers
  6. Inprogress.......... sorry! you were saying something about "temper tantrum!" 😂
  7. That's bad shit Mystic.....after all you did to keep the fans interested and informed!
  8. Just how hard can it be to put out a few pictures and a few words each month to show how development is going and to keep fans interested?
  9. keeno

    PWCG flying P40?

    Magic, thanks Yogi, I'll give that a try. Gotta love the old work horse...... that's why I want the Hurricane so much! Cheers
  10. Hi all, Pat, I've been flying your campaign generator since it first came out in RoF and I still think it's the greatest, so thanks for all the hard work you've put into it for the flight sim community. I fired up the generator for the first time in a little while yesterday and would like to fly a P40 campaign, could you tell me the map and time period I should be looking for as I couldn't seem to find the correct period to fly the P40. Thanks again for all you've done.
  11. Fantastic update, the detail on the new items is incredible!
  12. Awesome video! Cheers
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