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  1. Totally iconic, I've wanted this since BoS, looks amazingly fugly but an absolute "must have!"
  2. I agree, some aircraft seem to have a lack of visual damage modelling and yet the Spitfire damage modelling looks absolutely incredible!
  3. Great DD, so much info.......... but that Hurricane!!🤤
  4. Thankyou for the swift reply, found it. Cheers
  5. Hi all, in update 4.009 it states "7. Each Bodenplatte aircraft now has its own single mission" I can't find them in me "missions" section, I have all bought all game content but it only shows missions for Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban. Is my download corrupted? Cheers
  6. Option No1.............. Keep as it is now, I think it is excellent!
  7. Thanks for the update, short but a few interesting titbits in there. I’m glad the Hurricane got a mention, (I was getting worried!), fuel system upgrade is cool n the iconic shots of the C47.... beautiful!
  8. Holy Mother of God............ just played the first few missions and it is amazing! The added immersion from the American radio chatter is incredible. The action going on all around both at the home airfield, en route to and from the target and over the target is just fantastic, there is actually a war going on. So far....... brilliant! Money well spent. Thanks.
  9. first the Cliffs update and now a great DD......... what a week! brilliant and thankyou.
  10. ok, I've only had a few hours but, install went nice n smooth plus I didn't have to remap my controls. I've only tried a few quick missions in Trobruk, the Ai seeems improved, sounds are great, the map looks well done, the few planes I've flown, P40, Gladiator and Hurricane all look very nice, I couldn't find where the ammo belts can be customised, this was always previously a very awkward affair and so I wanted to see if this has been improved. So far so good, I need to give it a full day though! Thanks to all involved, ps. I don't mind the price tag!
  11. Looks fantastic! One more day!😃
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