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  1. Brilliant work............ I love a good P39! Thanks
  2. Awesome stuff........ that Spitfire looks a complete beast! Thanks.
  3. I think the Ai is getting their slowly. I'm playing the brilliant "lightning strikes" campaign. My wing-men form up after take off, stay in formation, alter formation at my command, attack and destroy ground targets. During one mission I fought German P51's strangely, 1 guy I couldn't defeat even though I tagged him. After 5 minutes and short on fuel and ammo I gave up and ran and he followed for a short while but disengaged and turned for home. Definately an improvement!
  4. They look amazing....... the level of detail is incredible. Thanks.
  5. .......and the hits just keep on coming!!
  6. Amazing work......... the latest i16 looks incredible. Thanks and Happy Near Year!
  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, thanks for a year full of flight simming. All the best for 2021!
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