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  1. keeno

    Single player Campaigns translated

    I just spotted this it looks very impressive and I can't wait to give it all a try. thanks for your hard work! Cheers
  2. keeno

    Current Status of TF 5.0 'Tobruk' build

    Thank-you, great update! Cheers
  3. keeno

    TFS Developer Update – September 2018

    As much as I admire TF and all they've done resurrecting the Cliffs dream I've never quite understood the whole "secret society" thing were by very little information is given out about progress and where the game actually is as far as development (not timelines). Look at BoX forums, each week they are buzzing with excited discussion and speculation of what we may or may not see from the DEV's. Any information they give out is met with (mainly) huge appreciation, thanks and praise for the DEV team and the game itself. Even a few screen shots on a more regular basis and some snippets of development progress would go a long way to keeping the CoD fans interested. Cheers
  4. Great skins for a great plane! Cheers
  5. keeno

    Developer Diary 206 - Discussion

    Thanks for the great update, looks amazing!
  6. keeno

    Developer Diary 205 - Discussion

    Thanks for the DD so soon after the update. Fantastic work, looks amazing!
  7. Has anyone checked out the animation on the WW1 pilots and the German pilot bailing out on the DR1..........it looks fantastic!
  8. Thanks to all involved, looks great....time to fly!
  9. keeno


    Hey Taog, thanks for making this comparison. Cheers
  10. keeno

    What IL2 games do you own?

  11. keeno

    Developer Diary 203 - Discussion

    Great update! cheers
  12. keeno

    Developer Diary 202 - Discussion

    Really great update, very exciting! Cheers
  13. Hi Spuks, I had the same problem first time I flew mission No2 with icons turned off. Second time I flew it, after take off I used auto pilot to take me to the airfield where the Pe2's were waiting to take off, after that there were no problems. Cheers