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  1. Great news.........Can not wait! Cheers
  2. JadeMonkey, Yes! that was my problem completely, I turned off MODS as suggested by Han and BOOM...…….. back in the game...……….literally!!! Back to yours and others fantastic missions! Cheers
  3. Still unbelievably good value for money!
  4. Fantastic news, I love the BoN theatre and the plane set is great. 3 collector planes and the latest release all pre-ordered today...……….. I'm in! Cheers
  5. Tapi, during the intro music when the diary entry is on screen to read a banner appears on the bottom of the screen with the word ‘skip’, if you press this word you can ‘skip’ the intro. Don’t press ESC to skip this part of the intro. Cheers
  6. Han and Hash, you guys are my [Edited] heros!!! That was it!!!, one of my MODS was causing my campaign problem. Thank you both soooo much...........back to it!! Awesome and thanks a million. Cheers
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