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  1. I am available and i am an Italian native speaker. With a good English level.
  2. Mi piacerebbe saperne qualcosa di più...nelle prossime settimane sarò molto più libero e potrei iscrivermi... sono un lupo solitario che gioca esclusivamente single player.
  3. has someone a profile for this? https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=137670 it is an app made for DCS and DCS-bios (not keyboard driven but event driven) and can make use of exports It has the option to work as keyboard emulation for sims like il2 that don't have interface like dcs. I have the multi panel and the switch panel, that program can also do keyboard emulation.
  4. Ottimo joy il t16000 stessi sensori del warthog (anche se con 12 bit di precisione). Peccato non ci siano joy high end force feedback oramai
  5. I have to try then.....have to find the time to read how it works....download it configure...modify my warthog profile for the zoom commands....i will Anyway also your result are impressive but they show that a 2080ti gives no gain over a 1080ti...well you can use an higher supersampling but i can read the instruments quite well with mine...i don't think going higher will bring more improvements in clarity.... But our i9 is really a cool chip...
  6. Are you referring to me?Is it a question? Anyway i don't use 3dmigoto mod....i have to try it for the labels but i never used it
  7. Hello guys, i am sorry for the delay, but finally i had the time to repeat scientifically the test. First of all differences from my previous one (with 3.006) obviously the game updated to the last patch (3.008 i think) then i upgraded from 16gb to 32gb of Ram (8x4 sticks) using XMP profile i have no difficulties to take it to the advertised frequency (3200 Mhz). Also i tried and had no difficulty to bring my 9900k to 5100Mhz...Wow impressive as impressive is the work that 777 has made on Il2....what difference is the new patch (i don't think the additional 100Mhz on the CPU and the additional 16gb of ram do something here...as in DCS performarces are the same as always). Then as Chiliwili69 requested i made more screens of my steamvr environment for showing how i am running it Here are the results of the test...repeated 4 times they speak for themselves 2018-12-06 22:58:37 - Il-2 Frames: 10537 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 87.808 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 2018-12-06 23:02:08 - Il-2 Frames: 10515 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 87.625 - Min: 41 - Max: 92 2018-12-06 23:05:15 - Il-2 Frames: 10551 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 87.925 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 2018-12-06 23:08:01 - Il-2 Frames: 10529 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 87.742 - Min: 44 - Max: 91 New CPU mark single thread 3090 Multi 21991 Steam Vr default settings and Steam Vr settings used for the test (to match the 6 millions pixel...and as you can see i am still higher that the pixel count reported in the first page of the topic) Il2 settings used as for first topic i am speechless...i don't know if it is only the patch or something that i made wrong for the last test...but here the results are impressive...i tried an 8 vs 8 dogfight in the kuban map (109k4 vs Spit Mk IX) and the results were the same (never under 90 fps) i see something in the money i spent
  8. regarding the bolded items.... I saw this: 7.- Remember to not use "Advanced Supersampling Filtering" settings in SteamVR I will not be at home until Friday (last weekend I couldn't try anything) but can you tell me if the performance will improve using this? Because I didn't know and probably I have it ON. Anyway I will do also this one as soon as I can 6.- Try to run the test with the monitor. If you have a good fps then the problem is with the Rift/Vive
  9. I think you are wrong...i tried the rift and now i have i lenovo explorer...well the motion reprojection (asw equivalent on mixed reality headsets) is much better then ASW I really cannot tell if it is on or off until i activate the indicator or the fps indicator. You have to activate it editing a config file.
  10. thanks for your reply...will have a look this weekend.... without labels something it is too difficult to spot planes, but wiht labels it is too unrealistic....
  11. it there some fps increase using this mod? it is possible to customize labelsin order to have only a dot and not the entire label with the plane name? Thanks
  12. i got a 360 as well...and as written before for now i tried at 5.1GHz without surpassing 50 degrees both in dcs and il2...when i will have time i will try 5.2 and maybe 5.3 disabling HT
  13. i have a 360 aio cooler and both in il2 and dcs i have never had temperatures higher then 50 degrees...using passmark benchmark no higher then 68 degrees...i already use msi afterburner and i never saw the indicator below 5000MHz i also managed to get the CPU to 5100MHz (single thread passmark 3150) i think that also 5200MHz should be fine as my temps really are good. I tried to disable hyper threading but nothing changed...both in temps and performance...so i really don’t know...bext week end i will do more tests and then report back
  14. i already did this math if you see my post about the results as i used 1830x1830 per eye that are 6.697.800 pixels...so i think you could add my results to the excel...but now a question...should i have gotten more from my system or it is what expected? I mean...the passmark numbers are ok...but i saw that someone with a similar system to mine (8086k instead of 9900k) is having more then 70fps on average while i am at just above 50 average...also the clock speed is similar (he is at 5.1 while i am on 5)...
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