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  1. man really the distortion on the prop was on your guys end i thought it was my 1080ti not keeping up with the game lol i spent 2 days trying to figure it out hahaha o well at lest now it works fine. thank you guys for the update and also have a great summer loving the new update specially the 262 what a fine craft and nice work you guys have done to it thank you guys again Edit not sure if its in my end but still has very little distortion on the prop
  2. Thank you guys very very much for this update I can’t wait to try out the 262 I have never flown one this will me my first one I fly in a sim and it’s a very nice one for sure the best looking one in the world
  3. IMO i think now that we are getting P-51's it would be nice to have some B-17's they go hand on hand it would be cool to fly B-17 and P-51 escorts
  4. Nice thanks for the insight i was not aware i was only aware of the P-47
  5. Its hard to keep up with my 2 sims IL-2 and DCS... I was not expecting this update i got off work did some stuff around the house worked on my Mustang cleaned the garage and i jumped on my PC i always check IL-2 and i could not believe my eyes like what an update? what update with planes great. I flew them their very nice and detailed. Fokker D.VIIF is very easy to fly and handle. I like the attention to detail very high end plane i like the smoke it blows and the wheels how they bounce nicely done. As for the 190 D-9 Dora its another very highly detailed plane and its very easy to land I landed perfect on my first try thats very rare for me to do lol again the detail is top notch like the way the suspension works and my favorite part of the plane would be the bubble glass very nice thank you guys again you guys are the best i will always perchance from you guys no question you guys are on a roll.
  6. N e one going this May 4th to the planes of fame in Los Angeles https://planesoffame.org/events/annual-airshow/general-info-2?gclid=CjwKCAjw4LfkBRBDEiwAc2DSlKF5w5hA-dj2U7tgXKOfuYigNyyTFZ57uuqnop7yRYMPDeErZn0MphoCy2cQAvD_BwE
  7. Why doesn't the team 1C studios update the planes with ICDP's textures?
  8. Finally got some WIP on my P-51... Me been American i was feeling left out not been able to fly many American planes on IL-2 it looks very nice my only concern is the sound is it going to have the real Mustang sound and the whistle that the .50 cal barrels make? Will it come with external fuel drop tanks?
  9. you guys should make the B-25 not just AI flyable but finish it and sell it to us im sure i would buy one for my garage
  10. Thank you for all your hard work you guys put in every day to come out with good quality stuff. Take a week off... you guys deserve it o... wait cancel that you guys still have my P-51 to deliver lol some humor 🤣
  11. ive been flying the A-20 missions of course helping my Russian friends im on the 4th mission love the story line very interesting the best part so far i would say its not just the same thing over and over every mission is different and interesting great job on the story well worth it 👍
  12. Just purchased all 3 time to get down and dirty thank you guys and merry Christmas. I hope my P-51 mustang is coming out nice can wait to fly it.
  13. I cant wait ive never flown the German jet plane this is going to be very interesting also its cool that we are finally getting some american fighters out their in the sky's now this is turning out to be very cool i just wish we had some bombers like the B-17 but hey you get what you get and you dont throw a fit hahaha very nice work i cant wait for this next chapter
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