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  1. All i can say is omg... I know one day IL-2 will look this way cant wait until that time comes.
  2. Thank you guys for this big update only thing ive seen so far is the wheel doors on the P-51 dnt extend when you set the parking brake... can wait to do some flying on the new maps. Edit: the sound the p51 makes when the air flows thru the .50cals sound great Edit: 109-K4 has some tire texture issues you can see thru some of the tire
  3. For the past month ive been learning how to fly and ive been learning on this Trojan T28 1.1mm its a very easy to fly aircraft
  4. since the beginning ive been waiting to fly my P-51 but now im not so sure i think the P-38 is going to be the first one im going to fly well i cant wait i was hopping today was the day but o well ill be busy this weekend to be doing IL-2 and DCS flying
  5. N e body into flying Rc aircraft if so i would like to hear some input videos and pictures feel free to post Rc aircraft stuff
  6. Its a japanese 4x4 light vehicle type 95 thanks @voncrapenhauser
  7. Working on this Japanese vehicle that came in a Tamiya plane kit I know it’s the wrong color I used a u.s. color does n e one know what’s the color used on the us cloth on the Willy’s jeeps tops and seats I use Vallejo air colors
  8. I would have to agree with you 100 percent unfortunately your probably right but it would be nice
  9. As long as theirs no more 109's and 190's ill be happy my hanger is full of those variants what i hope to see not touching the pacific theater yet would be... Horten Ho 229 Hurricane B-24 B-25 B-17 B-29
  10. Thanks I’ve gotten better compared to last years
  11. My finished Tamiya v1 rocket 1/48 scale Now working on this Corsair needs windshield and canopy to be done
  12. Nice I would love to see in the future the matching p-51 and p-38
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