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    Highly Detailed Luftwaffe Aircraft Modeling in 1/48 , 1/32 scale for high collectors and museums. Some of my model work can be seen on modeling websites like AIMS here's a link: http://www.aimsmodels.co.uk/Customers_1-32_Conversions/Capt__Rick_Allen/capt__rick_allen.html in case anyone wants to see my work. My hands are to old and shaky now so I no long build models. Hyperscale alos has an artical about one of my planes I also spend every minute of my day with my 3 Border Collies. They are my co pilots when I fly.

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  1. It just keeps getting better and better. THANK YOU for all the hard work thats put into making IL-2 Everything. Please consider a late war Night Fighter's over Berlin ??? JU88G1's and G6's and HE219A?? PLEASE. Any way please keep up the amazing work as far as I'm concerned the IL-2 series is the only realistic Sim out there. It has also given me more respect to the poor guys who were forced to fly new aircraft like the ME-262 with so little training. Thanks again and Keep up the good work.
  2. Hi. That would be so cool if it's possible to save my pilot. I kept this last executed pilot but, I already deleted the first one. Thanks for all your help. Have a Great New Year. Rick
  3. Hi, I reported about a week ago that on Single player Career mode BOK That I was Executed for war crimes and it's happened again today. Is there any way I can get my pilot UN-EXECUTED and back to normal? I lost my pilots entire career the first time and was pretty upset about all the time I had put into that pilots career and didn't want to play the game for a few days afterwards. But, since it's happened again today it's really upset me as I was doing very well (Well for me anyway. Lol.) got my first train kill since the upgrade changes and then bang career over. It happened on the f
  4. Hi, Sorry I'm not that great with computers and my son wasn't home at the time. I will try to do that if something ever happens in the future. Have a great holiday season. Can't wait to see whats going to be released next. Night Fighters over Berlin 43-45 would be very cool somewhere down the line.....Luckily, I have plenty of IL-2 to keep me very busy for awhile. Love the new A-20 over Kuban with ship attacking missions. Thanks for your help. Rick
  5. Thanks for the information. I'm sure they will find the bug and correct it soon as they are pretty good about fixing any problems when they pop up. I wish the fire and smoke lasted a bit longer after you attack a parked aircraft. The fire and smoke only last several seconds and it seems that in the real world these burned out park aircraft would take much longer before they were extinguished. The fire and smoke goes out so quickly after your attack its sometimes hard to tell which planes you hit by the time you've turned around to make another strafing attack. From what I've read and heard f
  6. Hi, I just had a strange thing happen after I returned from a mission in Single player career mode on BOK . My pilot was "Executed for War Crimes" does anyone know why this would happen? I was flying a FW190 attacking an enemy airfield (Well behind enemy lines). Whats strange was the "Friendly Fire" warning came up several times during that mission as I was attacking the parked aircraft yet, all the kills were saying they were parked LAG3's on an enemy airfield with marked red AA targets (I still use the aiming help mode). The mission was completed successfully and it said to return to
  7. Thanks for everyone's help. I used to play the older version before the updates and I also loved finding a moving train. I just got pretty good had hitting them when the game changed. I guess they also did away with the level number on pilots I got up to level 20 but, I still don't think I am good enough to battle on line yet. Now, that you mention it I do remember coming across a few moving tank columns when I tried my hand at the HS-129 too. I'm best with the JU88A so I tend to fly that more often. Can't wait till the BOB is fully released. I would love to see them do one with Night Fighte
  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has found any ships, Moving trains or moving tanks in the single player career modes for 1 or all 3 Bos, Bom and Bok Careers. I have played many hours on all 3 and have purposely flown deep into enemy territory looking for these items and have yet to find any. I have only found 1 train and it was stopped at a station. Before the 3000.1 upgrade I used to see them in the original versions of these games but, not since the upgrades. Is it possible that the ships and stuff didn't up load to my computer or do they just not have them in the single player care
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