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  1. Maybe, but given the way he appears to be looking left and right along the engine, I suspect he's just trying to make sure he doesn't hit something obscured under the nose.
  2. Oh I don't know, maybe a performance hit? My point is, that these extended flak defenses don't typically exist, as airfields are currently set up, but they may well be required if RL is any guide.
  3. The 262 creates a bit of a problem for the game as currently structured. Whilst it's true the landings and departures of the 262s were sometimes covered by piston engine fighters, for the most part, this job was given to ancillary flak companies specifically deployed along the length of the flight paths in and out of the 262 airfields. These augmented flak defenses would extend out many kms (up to 10 kms in some instances) beyond the airfield boundaries. Given the highly vulnerable state of the 262 on landing and takeoff, it's hard to see how they'd be viable, in-game, without the augment
  4. Anyone know what's happening with the DED Normal server. Seems to have been offline for days now.
  5. I've noticed you've mentioned this before in one of your posts. Who would you list among your "fringe screamers" i.e. people who you consider to be neither reasonable nor moderate "Lufties"?
  6. That's interesting to know Gavrick and to some extent quite compelling. However, what interests me more is the test data I assume the Team must have on LaGG-3 and La-5 roll-rates. Would you be so kind as to tell me where this information came from? There's a story going around on the internet that La-5FN data was used for this purpose. I know, that's crazy but that's what they're saying ...
  7. Well, if you're a jerk and you're looking for some justification for acting like a jerk; then I guess you just found one.
  8. Yes, except; if your enemy is at 1500 m and you cunningly position yourself at 2500 m, what's to stop yet another EA appearing overhead at say, 3500 m? The answer is there is nothing to prevent that happening. That is why, in a largely unstructured environment like multiplayer, people who fly aircraft with limited turn (ie German) and increasingly inadequate climb, speed and 'non-magical roll', are always going to prefer a top down approach. The entry of the La-5FN will simply confirm the correctness of this well established trend. So anyone flying German who wants to try and get the
  9. And just exactly what is it that Red guys believe they might have to complain about? Come on let's hear it then. What is it that you see in the historical record that isn't available to you and then some. Is it the roll rate; is that the problem? Do you think the LaGG and the La-5 and Yak don't roll quickly enough????? Is that where this is going????
  10. There is little or no dominance because the best attribute of the 190 (its roll rate) has been nullified. As we know, pretty much every VVS fighter in the game with the exception of the Spit somehow manages to roll as well as a 190. It's not mentioned in the historical record but that's what we have 'in-game'. Now we know for a fact that the FN rolled better than the La 5 ( the Russians went to great pains to make that happen and the Germans are agreed that they came up with the goods) so how much faster will that be? Are we now going to have a lol crazy uber-roller on our hands or are
  11. Why in this scenario would you take the FN all the way down to the deck? The 202 can't run away. Just stay above it and kill it at your leisure. What's the 202 pilot going to do to stop you?
  12. So, if I understand you correctly; you're saying the roll rates for the LaGG and La 5 are historically accurate? Really? So that's your position is it? So how much faster do you think the FN is going to roll?
  13. It isn't about who had the better aircraft. It's about being deceived.
  14. Wow ... it sure is going to be interesting watching this one play out. Very unfortunate if the devs ended-up getting porked in the butt, so to speak ,with their own 'unintended consequences'.
  15. If that's the case, BoB Spitfires and Hurricanes would have failed to stop the LW in 1940 - so not true. Cannon do a better job but standard rifle caliber machine guns will destroy aero engines.
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