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  1. - for convergence settings make a copy of the "user_keymapping_zoom.ini" file from the 11.3 version, You can reuse the file in the new version to keep the convergence settings the same. I hope you still have it.. I got those error messages as well when I used the old .ini file, however they didn't affect the gameplay at all.
  2. yeah, i've played around with settings for about a week and didn't find any middle ground there. Lefuneste's mod is most obvious on the monitor, however in VR it's 1-2% difference. The brightness/contrast controls in pitools would make everything either super bright where the white color would start clipping and overpowering everything, or too dark without any ability to discern the small details... I use vivepro with the gearvr mod.
  3. they're defining them in "waves" now, so who knows at this point.. I'd suggest waiting for the early buyers to get disappointed in them for one reason or another and sell them off. I'm expecting to get mine this Friday. If I don't like the color contrast due to LCD screen (vs OLED) I'll definitely sell it just like I did with my 5k+, no matter how comfortable it may be along side of some increased FOV. IL2 really shines with deep contrasts and to me it's the candy that I can't let go off.
  4. VR HMD's nowadays are like trying to get yourself a girlfriend. If it's your first then you don't care much for what kind, as long as it has the main properties of a girl... friend. Later on, like when you're in your 30's, you have a taste for certain things. ๐Ÿ˜„ If you know what I mean. VR HMD's are kind of like that. Gotta try them all. ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. ah.. surprise surprise! The aliexpress has nothing, but the vkbcontrollers.com USA has the units! thanks for the heads up!
  6. personally, I can say that 1 or 2 very positive MP experiences (with squad mates or without) can tilt the scale towards liking the MP scene in general. After that you're hooked. You'll looking for that one elusive and awesome mission where everything just fits and it's just perfect. Like in a movie. Good bye, free time.
  7. yup, I've tried his odyssey+ variant first and it worked somewhat.. however the convergence was a bit off and no matter the values I plugged in I just couldn't get it right. It seems the convergence setting is specific to the hundredths... Again, I appreciate your support, man! Thank you!
  8. ah, thanks, man. I did just that, used my old .ini file and it took all of the convergence and the coordinates from it. I appreciate the hint, @lefuneste !
  9. pretty cool FOV write up from the Index guys.. https://www.valvesoftware.com/sv/index/deep-dive/fov and their comment to canted displays, which I think they mean there'll be a SteamVR update to incorporate a fix without relying on the game devs: ********* The main downside of canting is that both the existing software content library and the field of GPU rendering hardware are all typically optimized for parallel eyes. Fortunately, this may be readily compensated for in software using the re-projection techniques we already depend on for maintaining a constant frame rate. We just need to do a tiny bit every frame.... This way, apps past, present, and future may continue rendering in parallel as they always have, and they will "just work" for HMDs with mild amounts of cant angles. *********
  10. it's a silky looking cloth that usually comes with any glasses you ever buy.. (if they're in the case)... Or just use silk cloth - same thing. It's very fine and soft for the optics.
  11. this doesn't work for me at all: to increase/decrease global convergence for a zoom level : press and maintain zoom key (PRIOR, HOME or INSERT) press multiple time Lshift+PAGE DOWN or Lshift+END key to increase/decrease google aims convergence for a zoom level : press and maintain zoom key (PRIOR, HOME or INSERT) press multiple time LALT+PAGE DOWN or LALT+END key I press zoom key (Home), hold it, then press LShift+Pagedown and nothing happens. Same goes for LShift+END. I like the older version where I could modify the actual offsets via notepad and see the result after reloading the file. This current one is overly complicated for no reason, lefuneste. i'm not even sure what to do now..
  12. Repurposed it for my video making rig unfortunately for you..
  13. try to use this shaders based mod. It's advertised for VR, but I believe it works on monitors as well. You can get a x10 zoom on objects. Your mileage will vary since it may require tweaking of the config values, etc...
  14. there are 2 hints: - drop the bombs after the target disappears under the nose - lead the target. Put the cross hairs past the target and keep them there all the way until the bomb release. the second hint I discovered much later after numerous unsuccessful bombings using only hint #1. ๐Ÿ˜„ There are variations to the leading distance, which is dependant on your approach speed. That one you gotta feel it out, essentially with much higher speed (talking >100kphs more than usual) drop the bombs before the target disappears under the nose. It's a pretty crude and unscientific method but your chances for hitting the target will be ~75%.
  15. yak-1. it's just so polished and efficient that the only thing attracting my attention is the bland bee engine sound. If it had a sound similar to the deep bass rumble of D9 then that'd transform yak1 in to to a killer hornet.
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