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  1. ah, wasn't aware of that.. come to think of it i never level bombed in Kuban.. just dove in on those poor targets..
  2. 1) when you outfit the bomber with bombs you can see the plane inside the hangar. Do you a 360 visual of it and you'll see the external loadout. 2) i use the read-outs inside the bombsight and the bomb seem to land right on target.. ..
  3. i'm glad you've tried it, so you have a point of reference! When (not IF πŸ˜„ ) you come back to VR get yourself a Bass Shaker and stick it under the seat. The physical micro vibrations do wonders for VR vertigo. Your mind doesn't receive any physical world feedback from the observed scenery, hence introducing the disassociated vertigo feeling. One way to solve this is - get a bass shaker, it's a cheap and dirty solution. Another one - get a motion platform + bass shakers. Point is it's solvable. πŸ˜„
  4. yeah, the 2X AA is more than enough for anything above 1600x1400, at least on my VivePro I don't see any difference between 2x and 4x, however it's pretty apparent between 0x and 2x, all those jaggies.. Are there any "lines" on the screen, sort of like CRT scanning on the old monitors? I've returned the Index because of it, it also had the LCD, albeit with those 'sub-pixel' tech...
  5. - how's tracking with it? - what's the resolution SteamVR reports? I might try it out even though it's LCD + WMR, a double whammy..
  6. what is the SteamVR reported resolution you're running with it?
  7. The only chance you have with blue is diving on them from way above. P-39 is an excellent diver and will catch up to pretty much anything. However, that being said you have only 1 chance. πŸ˜„ If you dive be prepared to down the enemy in one pass because the road back in to the sky is a long winded one.
  8. hey, @chiliwili69 there's another guy on Reddit that posted the 'vertical lines' issue that I observed in my headset. His picture is a bit more clear. Do you observe these subpixel vertial line formations on your unit?
  9. heresy, I say! πŸ˜„ For DCS - sure.. but for WWII war birds? come on! Although that bomber layout with gunnery stations/sight/bay doors/bom sight <--- that's definitely helpful. In general, for the people without button boxes this is awesome!
  10. I personally didn't see any difference, however I set it to 144hz and enable motion smoothing. The HMD was running at 72fps in heavy loaded scenes, which made THAT fluid.. But when it was at 144fps there wasn't any difference inside cockpit..
  11. apparently this is an old Viking's map (Vinland) from the 13th century depicting the North American coastline.. and the North is.. there somewhere.. bummer, no coordinates either.. πŸ˜€ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinland_map
  12. pomdeterre


    indeed a catchall. πŸ˜„ similar to my industry's answer to any question as "that depends.." πŸ˜„
  13. it's in SteamVR setting, in Video, there are options for 72hz, 90hz, 120hz and 144hz, little selection circle/radio buttons. If it only shows 90hz you'll need to update the HMD firmware, be on a look-out for any warnings that pop-up...
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