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  1. moosya

    Lense mod for VIVE

    i've managed to stabilize the cable disconnections by using plenty of duct tape and zip ties.. Now my headset looks like some cyber-Frankenstein helmet, lol.. and it's ALIVE! Hopefully it'll last till I get the replacement cable. play IL2 on the monitor? Are you kidding me? No way, Jose!
  2. moosya

    Lense mod for VIVE

    thanks for the words of encouragement. I had rift for 1.5 years before going to vivepro and the cable was still intact, so it's definitely a design deficiency on vive's part. Also, they do sell the separate cable for the non-pro vive...... Also, i only used the headset for 6 months and the cable's already busted ... anyway.. never had these kinds of issues before in my life and then bam! .. can't play my favorite game!
  3. moosya

    Lense mod for VIVE

    word of caution - yesterday my all-in-one vivepro cable took a dump. The picture/audio goes in&out. Essentially the cable got twisted/crumpled on the back of the hdm where it hangs down. The kicker: Vive has NO replacement cables available for sale anywhere. I contacted the support and even though they honored the 'warranty' cable replacement the ETA to get it is about 4 weeks. I have no words. This is a pretty short sighted product launch/support. There's a wireless kit coming on 09/24 .. for $300... holy crap, how I'll be suffering from IL2 withdrawal..
  4. problem is you can't assign in-line engine's rads to axis. You can only assign axis to radial engines (la-5, fw a5) water rads.. and p40 for some reason. Other planes require buttons. With la5 you can see the flaps from cockpit and in p40 you can easily see the lever indicator, in lagg3 you can see the position of levers, and in mig3 there's an indicator gauge. For the rest of the planes you need to count the wheel rotation's..
  5. it's all about the 'max' speed you can achieve with the opened drag inducing rad flaps. There are some purists who set oil and water rads in accordance to the precise gauge read-outs. For the immersion sake I guess. Practically, though, I have seen little difference in aircraft performance when the settings aren't the same, however I do have separate controls .. i just move them simultaneously... now this is for the inline engines. I will advise, however, to have separate controls for the vvs radial engines, such as LA/ld-fn. If you open up those water flaps too much (because you see oil temp is climbing) you'll introduce way too much drag and it'll slow your plane quite dramatically. Typically with these planes you'll fly with 10-20% open water and 60-70% open oil rads.
  6. moosya

    Best 190 & 109 Variants?

    if you fly MP none of this matters. MP is a sneak/pounce game. You noticed someone first? You have 95% chance of killing them. If you want to dog fight on the purpose build MP dog fight servers (Berloga, etc) then I've seen some crazy skills with each of those planes. Except for may be F2. Honestly it's the worse of them all.. In SP? The rule is the faster the better, and that's simply because of the AI's lack of interest in maneuverability fights.
  7. there are no true black colors in hmd and paired with low resolution and a pronounced SDE you get what you see. However you can get a much better result when flying night Winter missions (snow) with an early Moon. Drop in a 5x5 dog fight and the fireball circus will look pretty magical.
  8. moosya

    Vive Pro

    can you possibly point to a config section in the .ini that does the fix? I want to give it a try.. i stopped using lefuneste's mod due to increased clarity with the vivepro, maybe this will make me re-think my decision.. edit- is this the section? [Key8] ;Global Shift toogle ; Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_LEFT Key = ALT no_shift no_ctrl VK_DELETE type = cycle ; modify here the first value for global shift x6 = 0.02, 0.0 what am I supposed to change 0.02 to? Any idea?
  9. moosya

    Vive Pro

    i think i remembered it from my oculus days where there was this green calibration 'cross'. Plus I had my so measure the ipd with a ruler .. it's not exact but if it's within +-1mm it's tolerable.
  10. moosya

    Vive Pro

    cool, glad you're enjoying it! as far as the vr legs I noticed with the gearVR lenses and the wider sweet spot it's imperative to set the correct lense IPD using the mechanical wheel in the headset. I started getting weird headaches and dizziness after first couple of weeks, then realized i was flying at 67-68mm instead of my correct 64.3mm. Set it to my personal spec and all of that is completely gone. With freznel lenses the IPD didn't matter at all. But with gearVR it's a whole different story.
  11. moosya

    Chess clock for CEM?

    I just start counting in my head.. and one Messerschmidt, two Messerschmidt, three... I find it does the job very well as it combines the timer with extreme meditation...
  12. These motion platforms are really good for racing games where you experience abrupt 200-500ms shakes and bumps. For the flying sims the motion platform needs to implement the prolonged G forces in a smooth curve, it's a completely different type of tech and physics application. The shakes and bumps aren't what you're experiencing the most while flying.
  13. interestingly in .. dare I say it.. VR.. we are forced to learn to read the manifold pressure/rpm numbers and learn which reading corresponds with the appropriate engine mode. And the reason why we are forced to learn it is because turning on the HUD takes away 10-20fps from the performance, which extremely noticeable inside the headset. I have a hotas button mapped to toggle on the HUD for 1-2 seconds just to read the chats or see if my engine is reporting as 'damaged' after a dog fight (if i'm not trailing anything).
  14. moosya

    Realism of zoom

    in VR.. or let's say in the "full immersion" mode.. you can't really use zoom to shoot.. Technically, you can, however it's extremely disorienting to go from full vision depth perception in to almost like a 2d mode while in zoom. In VR zoom is mainly for target spotting/identification...
  15. moosya

    Fw 190 VR

    oh.. i think it's the same thing.. Instead of reset VR view I use num5->hotas bind.. Also, num5 is sort of a universal "reset vr view" for a lot of games, so this bind kind of works for all of them.