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  1. moosya

    The meaning of this game

    no VR no buy.. the usual sentiment from the VR junkies.๐Ÿ˜Š but, seriously, I bought the other simulator first because it had VR support. But i didn't get vested in it because there was nothing to do and as realistic it was/is the 'game' aspect of it wasn't there. Pure simulators are boring. There must be a story, a goal, an emotional attachment that ignites the imagination and swallows your whole. Il-2 introduced the VR support and there was no going back. So many hours spent, so much money put in just to keep on flying and living the dream of flight!
  2. moosya

    Samsung Odyssey +

    oh, the game runs smooth with everything maxed with nobody around your plane, no ai, no real players. As soon as you get 1-2 dynamic objects it'll drop to 45fps period, and will deep even below. So yes, can it run smoothly? Sure. Can you play a decent campaign with these settings? Hell no.
  3. moosya

    Samsung Odyssey +

    yeah, for 300 it may be a green light! I bout the wireless kit for my vivpro for 300$ just to test it out (returned), so i don't see a problem doing the same with the + HDM. but running ultra with high fps in VR - that's bologna.. doesn't smell right and Trapper is full of it.
  4. moosya

    HDR and SSAO on contacts visibility

    tone/shade recognition is the bane of any PC game. However, there were a study done that points towards a better object recognition if you spend enough time with the game. Obviously, it's not a 'solution' per se but ... well.. you make your own conclusions.. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2009/03/news-video-games-vision-correction-sight-medicine/
  5. moosya

    Samsung Odyssey +

    i think i'll go down to the MS store and test it out. A lot of folks are reporting a really bad fit with the light leaking in from all corners/sides. I get the under the nose gap but if it's all around that is not good.
  6. whenever I browse this discord server "il2 great battles" there's never anyone on the actual voice comms. It's a social platform site primarily for message posting, voice comms second (if at all). TS is all about voice, hence less garbage to sift thru. However, Coconut discord is far better, people actually use squad voice rooms there. honestly, the game desperately needs voice support internally per MP server. All of these external apps are crutches. I fly in VR and having external client for voicecoms is a tedious affair, very tedious.
  7. moosya

    Samsung Odyssey +

    anyone in US wants to pull the trigger and order one up? My hands are itching.. you know.. purely from the testing perspective..
  8. moosya

    Ping really bad for us from South America

    KOTA requires 10-15 minutes of flight time to their objectives. Cut it in half you'll have more people. If you're in a squad with voicecomms the time flies, but 50% of players (or more) fly solo, or use text chat for occasional team-ups. And sitting for 15 minutes in a cockpit by yourself is boring. Even in TAW it's not that long.
  9. moosya

    Russian ww2 air war comics needed

    you can find some of the propaganda posters in Russian language here: https://uglich-jj.livejournal.com/1205.html http://lifeglobe.net/entry/1425
  10. moosya

    VKB, Still...

    wow.. that's cool.. they have the rudders available it seems ..
  11. moosya

    Gunsight sun filter

    the filter comes up but it doesn't block the sun. So it's just a novelty that moves inside the cockpit but it doesn't provide any sun filtering.
  12. moosya

    A Thought on Pricing

    Stix_09 is so nonchalant with his soft arguments that it's not upsetting anyone, nor throwing this community off balance, and it almost feels like this topic will continue the life similar to the "DD today". ๐Ÿ˜„ "drop in to get a daily load of the collector pricing arguments. We're open!"
  13. moosya

    A Question on Supercharging

    it seems there was safe-fail 'secondary' throttle, which I believe was relying on a mechanical feedback of some pressure plate. German Punk, man.. ๐Ÿ˜„
  14. The posted 'specs' are usually adapted for the masses to ease the understanding of the underlying technology. The 1080 60hz or 4k 30hz is typically aligned with the desktop monitor specs, so the end user can compare his monitor published spec and find a compared adapter on the computer. In reality, though, HDMI is a protocol that operates using the standard negotiation techniques that take in to consideration the resolution and the necessary bandwidth to push that resolution. Rift negotiates with HDMI at a resolution and bandwidth necessary to obtain 90hz of refresh rate, and it's well within the hdmi specs to offer it, hence your experience is unaffected.
  15. moosya

    A Question on Supercharging

    could it be that your farther confused 2 different technologies? In lament's terms the turbo wastegate is part of the system that is used to build up and release excessive pressure from the exhaust gasses, with the main focus being the reduction of the initial spin-up lag of the compressor (i.e. at low engine rpm's the turbo rpms are low as well without the additional pressure system). But in general the turbo spin depends on the input exhaust gas pressure. The supercharger, however, operates using a different principle and requires a direct drive between the engine's rotational part (crankshaft) and a compressor. In cars it's a belt driven transfer system. The challenge with superchargers (as you can see on vvs fighters going above 3k) is that with a direct drive there's no way to adjust the speed of the super charger, hence the vvs introduced a second gear to their SC for the high altitude flight, so the SC spins much faster and compresses whatever air is left near it at high altitude. The Mercedes-Benz introduced a new way to rotate the compressor, which is via this hydraulic coupling, and without any involvement of exhaust gases. The idea is that it's no longer driven by the 'crankshaft' but by oil pressure pumped in to it. Because you can regulate oil pressure using the oil pump rotation you can therefore infinitely regulate the supercharger speed via this 'hydraulic' energy transfer. There's no gas pressure anywhere in this system, other than the output compressed air. You can read it up in this doc: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://www.flightglobal.com/FlightPDFArchive/1942/1942%20-%200810.PDF&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwianpb03bPeAhWQr1kKHR3ADokQFggUMAA&usg=AOvVaw0Jel4MYeK0aW3MyguYptk_