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  1. cool, good job! I don't use JSGME either, just use plain old copy/replace/delete
  2. I do.. I use the game x2 zoom and x5 mod zoom. Works great. great job, lefuneste! Installed 10.6.2 without problems. The sun shader is fixed, all of the previously observed pixelation is gone! Thanks a lot again! 1) you don't need to 'enable mods' in game, this is a graphics shader based mod and it doesn't modify the actual game files. 2) what JSGME reports has nothing to do with the actual correct installation of the mod files, i.e. it'll just report that files have been written to whatever folder you specified. Make sure you 'install' or copy the files+folder in to the correct location of your game. I.e. if you play through Steam then: Disk:\\SteamApps\Common\Il2Sturmovik(or hwatever it's called)\bin\game\ Make sure all of the new folders included in the .zip file (i.e. ReplacementTextures, ShaderCache, ShaderFixes, ShaderFixes.manual, users_settings) and .dll, d3dx.ini etc files actually have been copied and exist inside the ..\bin\game\ folder. 3) If it's all there then make sure you're using the correct keyboard shortcuts. let's start with the obvious troubleshooting first. πŸ˜„
  3. I installed it yesterday as well and I noticed that SteamVR automatically enabled the "motion smoothing" in the settings. That'll definitely introducing the warping you're talking about.
  4. moosya

    Hydraulic or air system damages?

    I'd be more interested in seeing actual holes and some mangled metal in the cockpit side walls (not canopy) whilst sitting inside the VR cockpit after being hit in the fuselage for the immersions factor. I guess, anything visual carries a lot more 'wow'. πŸ˜„ But in your case there must be a fully simulated air and a supporting hydraulic system before it could be integrated in to the dm model.
  5. moosya

    Hydraulic or air system damages?

    I guess it'd make sense if there were clickable cockpits with fully simulated subsystems. But alas there are none, hence just adding another button for manual extension and requiring hitting it a gazillion times may not quite carry the immersion you're after. πŸ˜„
  6. crocheting hook.. πŸ˜„ anything in a small and rigid hook form.
  7. ah, yeah, if the tracking is lost then you'll experience this weird behavior. Honestly, I can't stand MS's AR platform. I tried it, vomited all over it and the nuked it from the orbit. Anything advanced like that should be a stand-alone solution and not some half-baked-embedded-in-to-OS mess.
  8. moosya

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    the point of the server is the flight envelope training. There's enough sneaking up as it is. The idea is to see/identify the target as soon as possible and engage. Adding a map/time of day rotation diverts the attention from the fight.
  9. springs are a biatch to install in these units. But don't fret, there's a very easy trick. 1) Get either a fishing line, or a strong thread, or just unfold a long paperclip. 2) install one end of the spring on the post 3) grab the other end of the spring using the thread/fishing line/folded in half paper clip, pull/extend the spring and install it on the other post. don't use pliers. The spring will slip out 50% of the time. πŸ˜„ kind of like this.. πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  10. if it only happens when you get closer to the instrument panel or when you lean left/right too far then you have the "Limit VR view" enabled in Game settings, which is going to impact the SinglePlayer and MP games. If it only happens in MP then it's a server setting, not yours. But check your game settings first.
  11. so a forum member @chiliwili69 was kind enough to build a below matrix table that shows the physical resolution of the HMD's vs. SteamVR upscaling of it in terms of the %. I don't have Rift, so I don't know what the current SteamVR %100 for Rifts means, however you will be able to clearly see the resolution numbers in SteamVR under the percentage slider. If you look at chiliwili69's table then 100% in SteamVR is actually at 1.6 SuperSampling (real 160% increase). If you want to get the true rift resolution then you most likely need to move the slider to the left to 60% area. I would think that you don't need to go that low, try it out with 90% first, then drop it lower.. etc..
  12. moosya

    Too many problems

    I noticed on "New Wings" server the Start button is grayed out and unselectable. The disconnect/reconnect to the server fixes it. Later I noticed that it's only grayed out if you get killed, i.e. if you bail or land the button works fine. So it seems the server admins didn't implement a restart counter on the Start button giving a false impression of a broken server. In reality it's just not configured properly.
  13. thank you for the quick fix, lefuneste! The smoke, trails, etc - all fixed now! Thanks, man!
  14. with vivepro you get better resolution and the built-in headphones, and with the gearvr lense mod you get the best VR clarity out of all HMD's as it stands right now. Before vivepro I had rift and the jump in clarity with vivepro (with gearvr mod) was pretty significant, night&day of kind a thing and to me it was well worth the additional cost (although not everyone shares my enthusiasm here πŸ˜„ ). But I can't go back to rift after vivepro, especially after the gearvr mod. Also, I tried the original vive as well and it felt much worse than the Rift. The ergonomics lacked, there were no headphones (need to bring separate ones, or upgrade to DAS module for $100). Now I'm waiting on my pimax 5k (pre-ordered), it should be on par with vivepro but with much wider FieldOfView.
  15. for my vivepro there was no changes in any of the files or any other software. The replacement is pretty straight forward. Two things to note: - your IPD will change slightly, so just set it to a comfort level, rather than precise IPD mm number. I believe that's due to the lens adapter design. - be careful with the hmd screens. If you see dust on them do not use the compressed air from the spray cans. The gas is very cold and can easily damage the screen, which will result in dead pixels. Use some other method of blowing the dust off. I have a camera lens cleaning kit that comes with a little dust brush pump, it works pretty well. In general if you do the swap in a dust free room you won't have any on the screens.