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  1. that supersampling thingie? It's unchecked in my SteamVR client. Maybe it's persistent in the users folder though, i'll double check. Thank you!
  2. i think it's exposed in the SteamVR client in the Developer section, I definitely saw a checkbox for it there couple of days ago..
  3. ok a misunderstanding I guess, but with this alternate visibility setting you're speaking off I can't spot anything far away in VR, just like in the pre-3.201 patch version, hence I call it "distant spotting" and "alternate spotting, aka no spotting at all" 😄 . I'm sure on 4K monitors the 'expert' spotting looks great, but in VR it's simply not there, the pixels don't show up beyond the 3-4 km's. And that's the VR impact I'm talking about. I'm actually happy, just FYI 😄
  4. on my VivePro the blurriness went away when I switched to Sharp filter for landscape. But it's SteamVR VivePro... however people with WMR may have completely different results... also, I noticed on the servers with 'alternate visibility' option (i.e. without the 100km spotting turned on) the performance is OK in MP. However, any server I join that has the distant spotting the VR performance drops by 30-40%... (5.1gz 8700k + 2080ti 2100mz).
  5. strangely enough my experience was rather opposite. I guess the WMR device you're using is affected differently from the direct SteamVR ecosystem (vivepro).
  6. haven't played the game in couple of days and went out on to a couple of servers and here's what I noticed: - the ground effect filter was set to "Blurred" and everything was.. well.. blurry. Firstly, I switched it to OFF but it looked very sparkly, regardless if my AA was at x2 or x4. Then I switched it to "Sharp" and everything was back to normal, no more blurriness in my VivePro - VR performance - there's a huge difference in performance between servers configured with that latest FarDistanceSpotting=ON and FarDistanceSpotting=OFF, sorry for paraphrasing. With the setting in OFF position the performance is almost similar to pre-patch levels, there's still some occasional stutters here and there but overall the game runs pretty smooth. But after joining the servers with the spotting ON everything turns to molasses.
  7. I remember we had a similar discussion about the VR-only servers, unfortunately it didn't really go anywhere. You can't really enforce it in the server settings and the password will get out eventually. Also, with the current visibility update and the new physiology the track I/R guys barely have any advantage if at all.. if that's what you were after? But an idea to host a small server with 1) lower qty of people + 2) smaller map + 3) hardcore preset/ no icons/no gps is a great one. Given the latest patch update the VR performance goes down the toilet after 20+ players join in.
  8. I can attest to the poor VR performance after the 3.201. Even with PP there are pretty frequent dips below the 45fps waterline. And that's on Balanced with 8700K at 5gz and 2080TI at 2100mz. At this rate if IL2 devs keep on adding more stuff to the engine without focusing on its optimization the VR will lose its playability completely. And that blows. Seriously blows.
  9. you're really quick shutting down folks yet can't take any criticism yourself. You provided a video after 2 pages of constant "you guys are noobs"... give me some time, I'll get you a vid.
  10. i'm not even sure he used the rudder to keep the horizontal axis straight, which resulted in a pretty deep dive that required a serious elevator pull to get out of. Your roll is all messed up here.
  11. this convo reminds me of a great roller coaster flick on youtube. Honestly, if you look at those impossible machines you can clearly draw a line to the pre-3.201 IL2. but not anymore.. 😄
  12. @lefuneste, thank you for updating the mod! The old settings from the previous versions worked fine.. As far as the mod itself there's an internal cockpit shader that pops in and out. I think it's a sun reflection or something similar, it's all over the plane's dashboard...
  13. nothing specific, it's just the picture 'frame' in the plane uses only 3/4ths of the square image, and it's on the left side. See it like this:
  14. awesome, lefuneste! Thanks for the update! quick question: will it still work with the older v10 or v11 user_keymapping_zoom.ini file for convergence/etc? I had it dialed in since then and couldn't get the new format to work for me...
  15. I noticed with every update I need to reset the graphics settings to get the best performance back. I.e. after any hotfix go to the graphics settings and change something in it that will require a game restart, i.e. switch from balanced to high, or modify the AA, whichever. After loading the game switch it back for another restart. The game seems to run better after that. I don't know if it's some sort of a reshader cache clearing or something else... but it seems to work for me.
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