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  1. here's a working link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/86uwsf/gearvr_to_vive_lens_adapters/dwdigxa/ Try the headset without programming first. Maybe you won't need the barrel distortion fix, not a lot of people see it, it's a very subjective matter.
  2. I don't think it's kids specifically, they can't buy such expensive products anyway ๐Ÿ˜„ . Per my personal understanding this is to address the VR adoption as a whole. You correctly noted that without the Fresnel the users complain about the dizziness, or the so-called Vertigo effect. Vertigo is caused by a misaligned IPD (inter pupil distance) between the lenses (depth perception). For the non-Fresnel lenses there's a very little room for error in regards to IPD, i.e. you must have it set to your specific value. With Fresnel, however, it's a bit more relaxed, i.e. you can set the lenses at 65mm apart for example, however people with 61mm IPD or 69mm IPD will still be OK using the headset. To me it's something to do with those concentric prisms, the way they refract the light, which almost creates multiple focal centers within a single lens, therefore shifting IPD left or right that is enough for the brain to re-create an appropriate depth perceived scene without causing strain/vertigo.
  3. Fresnel lens on the left. GearVR lens on the right. In Fresnel lens the light scatters off those sharp 'prism' like concentric circles that produces a Halo or glaring/god rays effect. GearVR simply doesn't have those, therefore the light isn't scattered. However, it does introduce some barrel distortion (fish eye effect) around the edges, however it's so minimal that it's very hard to perceive it (i can't, for example).
  4. the lenses will fix the optics issues only. Meaning if you're having a hard time seeing objects in focus or have to continuously adjust the headset on your head (and once you adjust the headset you actually do see them clearly). the lens swap won't fix any resolution challenges (!!) yes, I have done this swap on my HTC Vive PRO and the difference in optical picture quality is significant. I keep saying "optical" because, again, that's all it does Now, that being said, read on: If by Chiseled look you mean you can see Individual Pixels then you are referring to the SDE or Screen Door Effect, which is directly tied to the low Resolution of the display inside the headset. Lens mod will NOT fix the SDE (!!!!) The mod simply makes you see the pixels more clearly. As far as hardware: Samsung gearVR 2016 model is required (so the lenses fit) you need to upload the downloaded files during the order in 3dhub.com. as far as them mailing the order internally - this is something you need to work out with the printer himself.
  5. do a lens swap on your HTC VIVE. 1. Buy a used GearVR HMD on amazon ($20-40), 2016 version. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Gear-VR-Discontinued-Manufacturer/dp/B01HU3J9QA/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=samsung+gear+vr&qid=1571518602&sr=8-5 2. then order the 3d printed adapters - download files from here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2837804 order the adapters here by uploading the files: https://www.3dhubs.com/ 3) watch the vid on how to do the lens swap mod. It's very simple, take your time. Once you've done it the "chiseled glass" look will be gone. The current lens you have is Fresnel, it's a concentric multi-focal lense to prevent the vertigo, however at the cost of clarity/god rays. With GearVR mod there's a single focal length without any impeding god rays caused by additional focal points (take a look at the picture on youtube vid below, left is GearVR, right is Fresnel). Also, read thru this helpful post on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/8c4ggr/gear_vr_lens_mod_for_the_htc_vive_review_and_guide/
  6. that's the interesting thing about the new patch and the plane preferences. Before you'd just get the fastest and the most agile aircraft and be done with it. But now, you actually need to think about what kind of targets you'll encounter and select the machine that fits your attacking/defensive maneuvering abilities.
  7. yeah, it's pretty non-immersive. Especially in P38. Just 2 transparent disks in front of you. I turn them off with 3dmigoto mod.
  8. dive down instead of up... Also, it's obviously aircraft dependent and with Tempest having a pretty serious elevator authority you can't just pedal to the medal in it whilst going 350mph. If you're at slower speeds you can still do all of the pre-patch culbits without problems. It's the high velocity + angle + Up elevator that gets ya.
  9. i feel that air-marshall will bring out the disparity in communication even more and people without discord/TS simply won't fly on servers with AM enabled.
  10. dude, why are you responding.. wasn't talking to you, you've got your own agenda going, just stick to it.
  11. here's a very basic repeatable every-day-every-hour on any server use-case that neither TS nor Discord can meet/provide: 1) join any server with 6-10 people on it. 2) you don't know a single soul there 3) you ask "hey, do you guys want to get on coms?". Everyone goes "sure, yeah, that'd be cool" 4) you ask about discord, if anyone has it. One guy goes "I have TS", another goes "what's Discord?.. what's TS?" .. another guy goes "I have discord" 5) you ask the last guy - hey, since you have a discord, do you want to pair up? 6) he says "sure, yes".. 7) then there is about 5-10 minutes of frantic exchange of chat messages where the server is, where to get the link, etc. ๐Ÿ˜Ž then you sit and wait for the guy to show up. 9) the guy shows up and tells you that he has only 10 mins of playtime left. 10) ten minutes later you're back at 3) Now imagine you have in-game voip. ๐Ÿ˜„ You join the squad, you start organizing a mission, or join an existing one.
  12. if it's set to 1 then nothing changes in-game. However, if you set it below 1 (0.9 or lower) then you'll see the undersampled scenery (lower resolution) in situations where your GPU/CPU can't cope with the workload.
  13. don't be your own echo chamber, bud. If in-game VoIP was a fad it'd pass by now. But it's not. Every single FPS offers it. Even the consoles embraced it. Do you know why? Because it's a no-brainer communications tool. Especially for the noobs. Where do I fly? How do I do this? How do I bomb, etc etc etc... But instead this game offers a limited chat and a manual document that's gazillion pages long. This forum is great, however it's off-line communications when it comes to learning and ultimately playing the game. The 3rd party tools are a crutch that noobs don't expect nor want. I'm being realistic. I know devs won't focus on it. But at least the community needs to understand the reasoning behind why people want it. neither TeamSpeak nor Discord solves the problem, how many times do I have to say that. It may solve YOUR problem, but not others. Neither of these tools is a panacea for a broken communications that must exist in a squad based title. Really, look at any squad based game, or a title that requires a squad based play in order to win. They all offer an in-game voip because it's the easiest way to get people to actually make people play in squads and keep playing. If you've never dealt with any end user product design the first path to adoption is the ease of use. Obviously Il2 isn't exactly an arcade title, but people do come here from the arcade experience and get met with an environment where they can't communicate like they used to. I'm not suggesting for devs to do anything. That's not my point, so don't jump in to conclusions, I'm merely trying to make the seasoned TS/discord vets on this forum understand why their solution is not a solution at all and simply a work-around that for a noob is neither simple, easy to use, or inviting.
  14. missing my point. In VR everything is doable as long as the interface is shown inside the headset. Discord is not a VR application, it's displayed on the flat screen, to which you'd need to alt-tab from the game, take off the headset, etc bla bla bla. You're not offering any solid reasons why it shouldn't be done though. Yes, for some folks something else is important, and for others it's the comms. My point was about the fragmented collaboration/communication and I totally understand the difficulty of fixing it. But brushing it off under the premise "you're lazy, spend 15 minutes to learn about this new and exciting app (that only does X and doesn't fit everyone anyway)" isn't exactly a constructive approach to solving this. I use discord, but it's only useful when the people are actually on-line and inside the comm channels, whereas I join MP and I see a ton of people playing Il2. Where are they? How do I find them? Are they all just so lazy to install some 3rd party app, configure it, find the servers, bla bla bla.. Honestly, I'd like the devs on focusing solving the VR performance issues before any comms anyway. I know this game-based VoIP is never gonna happen. But it is sad because of the above.
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