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  1. the guy hosting it SDV_Fin*19_ is having some financial and job related issues unfortunately.. Go here to donate http://il2-berloga.ru/donate/ to keep it running.. I think he'll bring it back up shortly.
  2. How's that going to help with what I just posted above? Single shot and I'm dead. Single shot. 1 shot. Uno discharge from flack. What is this, a duck hunting game?
  3. AAA is getting ridiculous, guys. All it takes now is a single 37mm shot in my direction and I'm down. That's akin to a Flak being used as a pellet shotgun. There's no calculation of my position. It's just point and shoot and I'm down. Yesterday we had a flight of 4 with 3 getting shot down by flak. I know you're after the simulation aspect, but this isn't it. There's no point in bombing anything any more, because the chance of surviving now is 50% regardless if there's 5 flak guns left or only 1.
  4. every time when I think the devs can't make me any more happier they come around with stuff like this and totally redeem themselves.
  5. interesting, in that case Index isn't for you either. At max up close and personal setting Index's lense frame is drilling holes in the eye brow line...
  6. do a gearvr lense swap on your vivepro. You'll have a sweet spot across the whole FOV.
  7. 2xShKAS only for me. The 50 cals are nice but they need a precise engine hit in a single pass, which is hard to do, especially when all you have is a 1/10th of a second shooting window.. The ShKas fill that role quite nicely even if you don't hit the engine, they manage to do plenty of other structural damage. Plus it just looks cool, similar to the old gun cam footage where you don't see any tracers but the enemy in front of you is being ripped to pieces.
  8. for me it doesn't work, the game won't launch VR with a gamma below 0.8, i'm just getting a black screen in the headset..
  9. yeah, they go back to November last year. Which ones? It's your testbed, start with the oldest one (416.81 it seems on the site), see if it improves, if the same jitters persist then it's probably a hw issue then. If they're gone, step it up to a next month release.
  10. that is indeed a peculiar issue and if it's hardware related then it's a double trouble.. another thing you can try is get the different versions of the old nvidia drivers going back to May/April timeframe. On couple of occasions I remember keep on using the 388.x drivers 5-6 months after they already went on to 400.x versions...
  11. for what it's worth I played Combat Box right after getting the 3.102 update and the framerate was abysmal. I went to graphics settings, lowered the landscape detail to normal, dropped the horizon to 70km, lowered clouds to Medium. Restarted the game, the framerates improved. I changed the settings back (except for clouds, on medium they look OK to me), went back in to the game and the framerate was OK again. So, I don't know if it's the settings change that made the difference in some core game files, or it was simply the flying by the seat of my pants feeling.. but framerate is back to pre 3.102 update.
  12. 😄 right on.. I had similar flashes, albeit very very quick, with VivePro. The recalibration of the space in SteamVR pretty much eliminates it, although I have to re-run the calibration every month or so.. which isn't too bad..
  13. remove WMR app remove SteamVR plug-in remove SteamVR update the Nvidia driver (clean install) reinstall everything back Also, the flashback to SteamVR maybe due to loss of tracking in WMR. So you can try adjust the lighting and the surrounding environment. Someone here said that sitting too close to a single color wall (no contrast) it confuses WMR and it loses tracking because of it.
  14. p38 is.. well.. TITS!!!!!! man.. i haven't been that excited in a while!
  15. ah, wasn't aware of that.. come to think of it i never level bombed in Kuban.. just dove in on those poor targets..
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