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  1. good point.. I'll try it out tonight. It's a first time I'm using VoiceMeter and its interface is pretty darn confusing...
  2. @Andre thank you for the new version. It works like a charm and I don't experience any more crashes! Also, as a suggestion: - can you incorporate a Master volume/intensity slider that controls an Overall Intensity for all effects at once (while keeping individual effects presets at their configured % settings)? If at all possible.. Reason: I mix in my game sounds to the same bass shakers (via voicemeter). Sometimes I need to increase or lower my game volume when flying different planes (game sound engine doesn't offer the same volume intensity for all planes), whilst the SimShaker effects remain the same. It would be nice to be able to match the simshaker effects intensity to the game sound intensity during those changes.
  3. hi @Andre the latest update is pretty unstable. Crashes mid game and on exit. Is there anyway to get a previous version?
  4. I think you're missing the point in my question. Are you using the SAME external soundcard to 1) drive game audio to Shakers and 2) provide Simshaker effects to the same shakers ?
  5. yeah, I do. The flying rig is the first one I got from Next Level Racing primarily for .. racing. That was before IL2 got the VR support. I was using it for Dirt Rally and later added the NLR motion platform to it. Then I converted it in to a flying rig, however didn't use the motion platform for Il2 as it was an underwhelming experience. Not because of IL2 motion telemetry, but because the NLR platform is a basic 2 x Dof system and is very limited in its operation with the flight simulators. So I ended up getting a second rig (r-seat) specifically for racing and attached the NLR platform to it, which is OK for DR1, DR2, not super great but it's at least something. So now I have 2 dedicated rigs one for each. And my sim-shakers are actually powered by the NLR Platform Manager, it has a tactile feedback option on top of driving the motion platform itself.. I looked in to SimVibe but the product being German it has a very limited customer support, I swore never to use it after some bad experience with its configuration and lack of any coherent documentation, etc.. to me it's a hobby software, which if free would've been great, but paying $90 for it and getting zero result was very upsetting... But your rig with 3 DoF is awesome (or is it 5 DoF?)!!! That actuator under your seat really adds to immersion in racing for sliding and some G force simulation.... I was actually looking in to building a similar one but then I realized I didn't have that much time for researching all of the components, blue-prints, etc..
  6. aren't you mirroring it to ROCCAT JUKE (per your steamvr screenshot) ? Is ROCCAT JUKE an 'external soundcard' that is used in SimShaker? ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. so you're Mirroring the sound to the external soundcard AND using the external sound card with SimShaker? I.e. you're combining both Game Sound + Effects ? wasn't aware that SimShaker would work with a 'shared' sound card like that..
  8. in my experience these little tiny shakers are OK if you're in to some very tiny feedback, pretty much a localized massage of 3x3" area.. I prefer when my whole seat/shoulders/legs are feeling the vibration, and for that those 8w shakers are very very weak. For racing as a minimum you need 4 x 50w ones attached to the sides of the seat/pedals frame.. here's my racing setup..
  9. i'm having a hard time following your setup: - "Bought an external sound card and got it to work" <--- did you use the external sound card with SimShaker? I.e. selected the external card inside Simshaker program as 'mono' or 'stereo' ? - "to make it work I mirrowed the external sound card" <---- or you're using the external sound card to mirror game sound? Is the external card called ROCCAT JUKE ? - "my second Buttkicker is attached to my joystick and I need it to work" <---- is joystick butt-kicket powered by external sound card? If you want to have both butt-kickers play the effects from SimShaker then you have couple of options: 1) connect both butt-kickers to a 2 channel AMP (option 2 on diagram). Then direct the audio from the external sound card to the amp. Select the external sound-card in SimShaker in Stereo so the Simshaker sends both left/right channels to the AMP 2) see option 3 on the picture, i.e. have a dedicated amp per bass-shaker, then either use a stereo-splitter to send audio to 2 separate amps, or a mono-splitter (if using Mono channel in SimShaker).
  10. what a beautiful aircraft! Also, I like the fact the initial renders are in dark metal color vs. the greens we've seen for so many years !
  11. an interesting idea, actually.. I was watching the new "Lost in Space" series on Netflix with my kids and there was an episode where they were training/test the pilots how to take the G's of the spaceship accelerating from the planet. They didn't have a proper training facility so they rigged up a makeshift G simulation via the cord connected to the internal bulk doors that go "shhh".. and looped it around the pilot.. So when the doors opened up the pilot was constricted by the chord to the moment of total blackout.. :)) I guess now we have the telemetry for G forces, so it's a matter of time someone rigs up a system with ropes, blocks, and arduino controlled motors to snap you back in to your seat and tie you up in a knot.. ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. thru a gentle yet invigorating butt massage... vibration..
  13. it indicates an increased stress on the airframe signaling thru your butt to your brain that may be you should ease up on the stick.. ๐Ÿ˜„
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