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  1. I never quite understood the realism behind this indicator. If the AF crew has indeed identified the planes as bandits (and thusly being able to track their location) in the vicinity, then technically that information should be known to the ground crew who'd then pass that info to the pilots, i.e. there should be a clear indication of "where" the plane is on the map (gps style). Instead we get this vague presentation that serves no purpose or benefit other than raising the blood pressure of the pilots about to take off.. It should either be fully visible or disabled altogether..
  2. I wonder if it's some additional engine fire effects... The current engine fire modeling is amazing. I'm still at awe when I get to see the following effect: 1) shoot the enemy's engine 2) the engine briefly gets engulfed in a fire ball 3) fire ball disappears 4) you could see the fuel vapors changing the refraction of the air 5) the engine gets set on fire fully.. every time: niiiicee..
  3. never had that happen to me. However, the automatic auto level shut off when I switch to bomb sight is an extremely annoying "feature".
  4. then it's not a horizon lock, is it. It's a lock to G-forces, if you will. But I'm pretty sure it'll be a lot more vomit inducing than the other 2. For racing and flying I prefer the instrument panel lock. I move around in my seat a lot as it is (because of the motion platform), so any additional g-force movements would disorient my head even further.
  5. the video doesn't look like a proper example in the context of a flight simulator where the cockpit moves in full 3d space x/y/z. The horizon moves up and down as part of the basic operation of the aircraft. What are you supposed to lock on to when you're going vertical? If it did a partial lock to horizon during horizontal flight and then switch it off during dive/verticals you'd barf your brains out because of the lock switch.
  6. gotta grow them vr legs πŸ˜„ But in seriousness, that's pretty much it. 1) start playing 10 minutes at a time 2) as soon as you feel vertigo take off the hmd and go for a 2 hour break 3) come back again, 4) rinse repeat in a week or two your 10 minute sessions will become 60 minute sessions, etc. until you won't feel vertigo at all..
  7. check the PSU to make sure you can get all the power you need for that 2080TI plus everything else.. The GPU will need 2 x 8-pin VGA power cables, preferably from the separate psu power ports.
  8. change it to Low and the cockpit will look horrible. I think there's plenty of additional cockpit fidelity with Ultra just based on that Low test.. but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. it's an interesting comment. Definitely, that's not going to be an experience once you put the HMD on. What you're seeing is the recording from the point of the renderer, not from the point of your human eyes. Even though your head may be shaking your brain will stabilize the picture for your perception. To give you an idea of what I'm talking about is: 1) strap on a video Camera to your head (go-pro, or a phone, doesn't matter) 2) turn OFF all optical and software stabilization in the camera <-- important 3) get on a bicycle and drive around 4) observe the jerky footage you recorded on camera.. why is it so jerky when in your eyes the ride was very smooth? same thing in VR.
  10. for the lazy: https://store.steampowered.com/steamawards/nominations But I could only nominate for "labor of love" category. All of the other categories are for the games released in 2019.... i.e. for new games...
  11. I like how you used a modern jet fighter ergonomics to argue a wwii topic.
  12. I'm definitely enjoying the spotting improvements in VR. I hope it's not just a 'feeling... πŸ‘
  13. oh, yeah.. 9T will be a very interesting machine to fly! And the 12 gun Hurricane? Are you kidding me? Pre-ordered!
  14. but it's only Tuesday... .. πŸ˜• πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ Far out, guys! You rock!
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