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  1. I had no idea they'd stuff a person inside the fuselage of the fw190 for transport purposes... 😲
  2. this looks proper. I wouldn't mind adding this to my collection of throttles. P47 for simplicity. P38 for the awesomeness factor.
  3. so it's a vertical rocket when flying upside down ?
  4. i think someone from the russian forum brought up a replica of Berloga.. take a look..
  5. yup, the same issue here. The server is down..
  6. The update fixed the issue of warping/fishbowl in VivePRO! Resolved! Thank you for this awesome quick turn around!
  7. @Han You guys are the BOMB! Issue is FIXED for VivePro. THANK YOU, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!
  8. Thank you for your and your team's dedication, Jason! Everyone here loves your product with great passion! Unfortunately, the very same passion is responsible for the crudeness and crankiness. But the forum etiquette must be upheld at all costs and I agree with it 100%.
  9. but that's exactly what's happening on my vivpro. The non-zoomed view is warped.
  10. yup, I do. The gearVR lenses in vivePro was the best thing that happend to VR world.
  11. i tried 1080p and it "seems" like it helped, but I have no idea anymore since I've been playing/testing it for 2 hours and I have pretty long VR legs, so I might've just gotten used to the effect. But as soon as I take off my HMD the real world just starts swimming in front of my eyes, i.e. there's definitely some discrepancy somewhere...
  12. yup... it's what the game is showing as he maximum allowed resolution (and what my monitor supports). I think there's some discrepancy between the FoV the HMD can render and what the game forces it to render. Like I'm no longer seeing 110degree (VivePro advertised value) but 120 or more degrees... It's similar if you set your monitor to display a wider fov.. but in VR hmd.. it's a weird feeling, especially when you take it off your head.
  13. doesn't fix the issue. The FoV is way too wide and it's not 1:1. I can see clearly my 6 o'clock if I turn my head 90-95 degrees... I pasted the rest in the tech forum. And thank you for the hints, @rowdyb00t, I appreciate it! I removed startup.cfg, the game generated the new one.. restarted the PC, etc. The only thing I didn't try was re-install the game.. Maybe that's the next step on my agenda.
  14. I tried it. It's not fixed. I've set my monitor to 1900x1200 and it did reduce the Fov a little bit. But it's still not 1:1. I can tell by turning my head 90 degrees and I can pretty much see fully my 6 o'clock. That's not possible in real life. The FoV is f&%^ up, it's way too much than in reality, hence I get this 'fishbowl' effect. it does help a little bit but it doesn't solve it 100% in vive. The FoV is still way too wide.
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