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  1. and you can feel it all on one bass-shaker?
  2. does sim shaker give you the motor rumble? also, looks like Andre just released the beta version of the Wings and mentions IL2.. https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/
  3. looks like you're using the bass-shaker only (it's checked) and Mono (instead of 5.1 surround). Does it change if you select JetSeat and 6 channels or bass-shaker+5.1?
  4. hello, all! I wanted to start this conversation to get as many details as possible in regards to the hardware and software requirements to get the best out of the SimShaker functionality for Il2. Looking for the recommendation on: 1) What is the best recommended hardware: JetSeat (or equivalent) Unfortunately the Jeatseat and JetPad from Andre site are in Pre-order. Can I use Forcefeeel ? https://www.realteus.com/products/forcefeel bass-shaker(s) JetSeat + bass-shaker 2) what is the required software? SimShaker for Aviators? (https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/p/downloads.html) I presume this is to drive the JetSeat actuators? SimShaker Wings? SimShaker Sound Module ? Is it necessary for bass-shaker ? do I need both if I'm going to run Jeatseat+bass-shaker ? 3) what are the features/effects offered by Simshaker in Il2 ? Can someone post a screenshot of the application? Thank you in advance, guys!
  5. so you're using the 8-actuator seat pad, right? If so I'm down to getting one, I think the only viable option for the US players is the Realteus ForceFeel, at least I can purchase it right now.. https://www.realteus.com/products/forcefeel trying to figure that out now..
  6. well, i'm using 2 shakers right now (rear under seat/front under pedals), which is just a straight hook up to the game sound and I can feel the effects thru them just fine. Motor rumble, runway rumble, gear up/down, bullets.. It'd be nice to get a screenshot of the Simshaker for Il2 showing all of the supported features that are offered there.
  7. I think to get the full range of effects you'd need to get an 8-motor Jetseat (or equivalent), but for the Sound Module it seems it's only limited to 2 shakers, left and right... a bit anti-climatic.. https://dreamsimteam.blogspot.com/p/simshaker-and-buttkicker.html
  8. Thanks for the update, guys! On Simshaker - - are there any additional details? Does it require a separate sound card and some 3rd party software (simshaker aviator?) ?
  9. It's not about being sneaked upon, @blitze. The aircraft simply blends in too much. Prior to this graphical patch (forgot the number) if I'm chasing someone, or just trying to follow them, i.e. the enemy is ahead of me at around 1km I could: - take away my eyes from the target - check my six for 3-5 seconds - return to forward position - easily find the target ahead of me - continue chasing it Now? I can't take away my eyes from the target even for 1 second. Because when I return to the general area where the plane should be I won't be able to find it period. Talking about the target fixation here. And not because I want to, but because without it I lose the aircraft completely... it shouldn't be that hard...
  10. yeah, would have to disagree with you there.. In VR the spotting is a mess. I can barely spot the aircraft when it's in a turn, however if it's flying straight to/from me - forget about it. Especially the ones on my six... I simply can't see them until they are 100meters behind me... and shooting..
  11. All I can say is with 4.001 any competitiveness that MIG3 had against 109's in multi-player for slow speed yoyo's and horizontal scissors has been removed completely. Everyone and their mother uses flaps to slow down the aircraft during a pursuit so the enemy will overshoot. The 109 pilots are notorious for this tactic. With the "new and improved" flaps the plane no longer has any ability to reduce the speed to prevent an overshoot. It'll be my second aircraft (after LAGG) to start collecting dust in its proverbial digital storage box.
  12. weird.. all my attempts at using the momentary button pushes (up or down) resulted in zero flaps operation... whether the limiter was set to 100% or anything above 0.. And you're saying it actually works, albeit confusingly...
  13. hmm.. in the pre-4.001 patch days it used to work like this: - push Flaps UP button to set the limiter (starts at 100%, then goes lower the longer you press Flaps UP). If you don't adjust the limiter and simply push "flaps down" the flaps extend 100%. - once the limiter is set you momentarily push Flaps Down button and the flaps extend to the limiter value you set in the previous step Neither step works now. Flaps UP doesn't change the limiter. And I need to hold the Flaps Down button for the flaps to start extending.. the longer I press it the further they extend.. There's no momentary "flaps down" push button action anymore.. edit: added some clarification..
  14. if you keep it at 2700 rpm's and below 46" it won't trail any smoke... Once you go beyond 46" you'll get a trail..
  15. I posted about the 4.001 patch issue with Mig3 flaps in complaints and bugs. Did you actually manage to get the flap limiter to work? I.e. set it and watch the flaps extend to it? In my experience if I set the flap limiter to whatever value and then press 'flaps down' nothing actually happens. I actually have to press and hold the "flaps down" button for the flaps to start extending. I.e. they operate similar to 109 flaps.. the longer you press it the further they extend.
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