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  1. so I finally broke down and got one. Have Index on pre-order, currently running VivePro. Previous setup: - 8700k 5.0ghz - 3200 cas14 ram - 1080ti, oc'ed to 2050mhz.. I had smooth fps pretty much anywhere in MP with SteamVR motion smoothing turned on. However, the settings I was using were Balanced pre-set. The SteamVR resolution I ran was 1700x1900 per eye (roughly, can't remember exact numbers). I was in 20+ ppl furballs and it was definitely playable. Got EVGA base 2080ti ($999 on evga site). Got a water cooler block for it, another $150. Swapped the 1080ti for the new puppy. Well.. the performance is pretty noticeable. It's hard to believe, I'm still testing. But.. now I can run High preset and the SteamVR resolution is ~2100x2200 per eye or smth like that. Smooth experience like before in the same size furballs, etc.. so, is it worth ~$1150? I say hell yea. The game looks sooo much better.
  2. yup, I miss this feature as well. When flying in MP, going for a bomb run, surviving the enemy attack from the ground (flak) and from the air, once back home on the ground I want to reminisce about the sortie, look at all the holes I got from the flak, bullets, etc.. It'd be super cool.
  3. the pilot uses the gray sight (rear) to align with the reflector sight (forward) for aiming purposes.
  4. hello, I was wondering if there's any way to have the 'mission update' messages in-game can be accompanied with a sound? Current behavior of sound notifications is for Kills, player joining the map, network problems (debug), and some other ones. However, any mission updates, such as "Allies have destroyed 4 out of 5 objectives", "plane spotted near location X", etc. that pop-up on top of the screen aren't producing any sound notification. Use case: flying with HUD off I'm missing ALL of such updates.
  5. the key is to not give up. There are some players who when are being pursued just do a snap to 6 and fly backwards anticipating your shots, very gamey, imho. Some vvs folks I've seen do some interesting speed reducing maneuvers which are kind of cool, but again very gamey because they all fly backwards looking at you following them, i.e. very wide turn followed by a very quick snap to the opposite direction. If you want to practice that stuff - go to Berloga, that's really what it's for - trying to learn to shake the guy off your 6. There ain't no magical maneuver that would work even 50% of the time... may be 25% chance is all you get. But that alone is enough to survive against the average "un-trained" or rusty players.
  6. above is the biggest drawback for the MP. 80% of survivability in MP is awareness and enemy spotting. 15% is technicals and %5 luck. I fly in VR and the altitude depends on the plane's strength, i.e. turner, diver, etc. But in any plane whilst flying my head is on the swivel constantly checking 5 and 7 o'clock, with occasional weaving so I can see what's under my nose. If you happen to spot an enemy you're already at the advantage: engage or climb away (if you're outnumbered). Everything else (dive/speed/maneuvering) is dependent on your plane's chars.
  7. get on Berloga and ask for 1v1 duels.. someone will always respond.. teaching, however, is another thing.. nobody will teach you anything there, unless you come across an understanding soul..
  8. yup, bought a bunch of stuff from it before.. including VKB extension.. etc..
  9. anyone waiting on get VKB just fyi aliexpress has some stock of the units with MGC grip.. i'm sure this won't last long.. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/3023007?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dZ127AZ
  10. there's a lot of information in those images that can be misrepresented depending on the camera used, distance from the lens, filters, side lighting, camera sensor, etc.. etc... For a general VR user all it represents is "hey, it's working"..
  11. yup, exactly. I don't know why, but these 'lens shots' are becoming a de-facto reporting standard for VR enthusiasts, when in reality there are nothing but a bait-and-switch material. I remember seeing Pimax lens shots, Odyssey+ shots, Oculus, Vive, pretty much all of them. NONE of them looked anything close to when I actually put the HMD on my head.
  12. an honest mistake, I'm sure.. In my experience p40 looks like a 109 from a wing profile but not from dead 6. The wings are way too short and it's way too chubby.. I do, however, confuse Spits from 12 or 6 for 109's... that's even more upsetting.. spits are slim with huge thing wings.. waay too close to 109. 😄
  13. on mine I can't apply too much force on the grip nut to lock it in. If I do the whole unit goes berserk. The blue/green lights on the blackbox started to flicker and ultimately reboot. There's a short in the grip somewhere that gets developed when the tightening nut is overtightened.
  14. if you have no use for the one you have (kg12?) I'll gladly buy it off of you. I don't want to deal with VKB because.. well.. i don't want them to waste my time. They'll lead me down to repeating/rerunning all of the possible tests on the unit for the next 2 weeks, finally coming to realization that the grip is bad. 😄 I'll buy the virpil controls next as VKB is very unreliable (after a year of heavy use), has zero stock except for once in blue moon, etc.
  15. by the 'quarterly' update I mean the spring/fall updates Microsoft releases for the Win10. The last update was 1809. The new one coming next month is 1903. You can re-install the 1809 using the Update Assistant from here: https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10 It'll reset all of your settings, and will require additional updates released since October. etc.. but it'll fix the WMR issue. That's my biggest issue with Windows WMR platform. If it's broken there is no way to 'fix' it by just removing it, reinstalling, etc. It's so deeply baked in to the OS that reapplying this spring/fall "service pack" is the only way.
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