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  1. you guys are surely lucky with the levels of medical attention in Germany. The US healthcare is akin to buying a pair of sunglasses at a mobile kiosk in the mall. You get a receipt and a 5 minute warranty.
  2. I came to G2 from VivePro with GearVR mod, which is the best combo of ANY headset as far as the inky blacks, clarity, lack of god rays, and 100% lens wide sweet spot (similar feedback to Fenris' above). However, after using G2 for couple of weeks I got so used to the resolution bump, dramatically reduced shimmering, awesome texture details, etc, etc.. that once I put the VivePro back on it I couldn't stand the low resolution anymore and the god awful shimmering of everything... Give it couple of weeks, you'll come around.
  3. sure, I've used the v9 of the gasket from the link on the first page of this topic (from @chiliwili69 ): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4666466
  4. in my personal experience: - the HMD and the factory plastic gasket+padding already give you the maximum Horizontally displayed FOV of the HMD - removing the factory plastic gasket and sticking the padding directly on the HMD: simply brings the HMD closer to your eyes and gives you a false impression that the horizontally displayed FOV has been increased. It hasn't. It's just closer to your eyes, that's about it. You're still seeing exactly the same pixels as with the gasket. However, with this setup you get a bump in a vertical FOV. The factory plastic gasket indeed reduces the vertical FOV and when removed you get a feeling of the increased space, FOV, etc, which some people erroneously attribute to a horizontal FOV bump. this setup isn't the best as the sweet spot is greatly reduced despite having a feeling of increased FOV. You can't use it because it's pretty blurry except for the clear spot right in the center. Also, with lenses being so close to your eyes you start getting some weird optical aberrations, almost like a polarization effects with some parts of the image getting darker. in all I wouldn't recommend this, but it's easy to try. - getting a custom 3d printed gasket has its limited benefits: can't really use the odyssey+ padding, it's way too thick. I've used the VivePro padding from VRcover, it's thinner, smaller, and a lot more manageable to stick on the gasket you can get the lenses 4-5 mm closer to your face without the side effects of aberration/polarization, however it's difficult to judge if it adds anything to the experience you'll get a noticeable increase in Vertical FOV, the HMD will feel a lot more "open". <-- real benefit you'll get a nose gap which allows you to use a keyboard without taking off the hmd <-- real benefit that's my $0.02
  5. 1) the increased resolution is really nice, man. With MSAA x2 and native g2 steamvr resolution (2100x2200 sic!) there's very little shimmer on High preset. Definitely a step up in the right direction 2) the cons are the horizontal FOV is reporting 94 in-game. The only downside of this FOV is looking at your 5-6-7 o'clock where I need to make an extra effort to rotate my head + my upper torso to get a clearer image. 3) the vertical FOV is also pretty low, however this is fixable with the 3rd party plastic gasket (above). I think this fix alone is worth getting G2 and adopt this next gen hmd. This is a must mod imho. There's a 'break-in' period for sure, at least for me it was. Interestingly enough the high resolution is the first thing you notice, but its benefits are quickly overshadowed by the FOV and the sweet spot challenges. However, don't fret, after 1-2 weeks of use you'll get accustomed to it and if you put Index back on the first thing will jump at you is the poor resolution, godrays, and poor color contrast 😄 and after that there's no way going back to Index... in short def worth it.
  6. I got the same printed gasket. However: - the plastic gasket itself stands away from the hmd the same distance as the original, i.e. there's no horizontal FOV increase. I even shortened the four stand offs by 4mm, but that didn't make any difference either. - There's a significant Veritcal FOV increase and that is an excellent change. I didn't realize how bad the vertical fov is with the original gasket. It feels a lot less claustrophobic now. tldr: Mod=increased vertical FOV=Awesome.
  7. it definitely sounds "cooler", almost like the exaggerated spaceship sounds from the Hollywood blockbusters. Probably not realistic though.. probably.. edit: Frankly I don't understand the dilemma. So far I saw the reason not to give us the effects volume sliders is due to some unicorn cheating, a.k.a. hear the planes on your 6. But we can already hear them if we open the canopy. I feel like there may be a logical way to fix this 'cheat', i.e. lower the outside sounds by 90% when canopy is closed, regardless of the slider's position on the volume specter.
  8. yup, highly recommend everyone get a buttkicker and enjoy the sub base rumble of every plane in the game. It adds so much to the immersion factor that I can no longer fly without them... All of the engine volume level "shortcomings" will be more than made up by the sub base rumble, I guarantee it. The Emil E-7 in this configuration sounds down right menacing.
  9. This is brilliant. But a metal KG12 would've been better. 😄
  10. thank you for finding this solution, @chiliwili69 ! I was hoping someone would engineer a closer gasket and this is it! in US I found a print service where it'll get built + shipping for a total of $20.. ( craftcloud3d.com ) I used to order parts from 3dhubs.com but they've implemented a minimum $60 order, which gets added to any work item below $60... very strange indeed.. anyway, I hope things are on the level in your country.
  11. Personally, the new sounds are excellent. I think the critique coming from the unsatisfied players is based on the fact that everyone has their own immersion levels. If you look at the car simulators (Dirt rally, Project Cars, iRacing, etc) they all have at least 2 sound modifiers for, i.e. a) effects b) engine, which allows the player to set them to the levels they feel represents their reality. You have already introduced the Radio volume modifier. Why not go a bit further and add guns, engine, wind, effects, etc volume modifiers? In the Telemetry they are already independent and I can tune them to the separate levels for the bass shaker. I think if you separate them in the sound domain you won't have any more complaints. 😄
  12. the ones I remember: la-5fn p39 spit (v and xi) p47 p38
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