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  1. πŸ˜„ I would what you'd say after sitting in and flying the actual 2,000hp deafening and vibrating wwii flybird monster. πŸ˜„
  2. yeah, I think Ju-88 has decent indicators but for the rest of the planes you need to be creative: - any Yak: needs to count the wheel rotations (1 rotation=20 degrees) for both air/oil rads - Mig: for air needs to count the rotation of the crank handle; for oil there's a little indicator - La5: cowls are visible so you can sort of guess; the oil rads - a nice lever on the left side - E7: for oil on the left there are little tiny notches; for water need to count the crank rotations For E7 you can of memorize the positions of the handles respec
  3. i fly in VR for vvs/axis and I only use the keyboard for text chat and some rare commands, like 'feathering'. The rest is mapped to my HOTAS and I use them by a simple blind feel. You just need the proper hotas: - water rads - on axis - oil rads - on axis - radial inlet shutters - on axis - radial outlet shutters - on axis (same axis as water rads for inline engines) - stabilizer/trim - on axis - mixture - on axis so for flying I-16 for example I use: - radial inlet rads axis <-- same for I-16, La) - oil rads axis <-- same for all pla
  4. 1) we join a server and there's 3 vvs and 25 axis. 2) how can you defend an objective with 3 people vs 10 attacking planes exactly? 3) so there's a more or less even number of players on both sides. Take the yesterday's gameplay for example: - Early war - 4 vvs vs 20 axis - VVS has I16's, LAGG, Mig3, P40 for fighters vs E7's, 110's, F2's, Stukas the planeset itself is imbalanced from the point of capabilities, the qty of players is out of balance. All our attempts at 'defending' our positions were shut down within the first min
  5. that's one way to look at it. However, the complaints are about the actual gameplay imbalance. Even if the average number of players is equal on both sides, the actual gameplay on the server is always unbalanced. There's no point in fighting for the underdog because I can always wait for when my side gets higher number of players and then engage the enemy. I understand it's not an easy problem to solve, but brushing it off using a simple average doesn't address the problem in any way. edit: if you do have the night/day shift statistics then maybe you can arrange the pl
  6. i'm as hopeful as you are, bud, but i'm a realist when I see what happens on MP servers day after day for the past 3 years. πŸ˜„
  7. yes, it's a nice dream, albeit a pipe dream at best for general MP. I can see it as a possibility for a large and organized squad that hosts a locked down server for its squad members only, or again in a private coop. But for the general public MP servers it's a distant fantasy. πŸ˜„
  8. flight organization is the weakest link in the IL2 series. You can blame lack of in-game VoIP with assignable squads, the myriad of discord 'servers' for dedicated MP servers, TeamSpeak clients, SRS, etc etc. Plus, you're outline a very specific battle scenario, which limits the player's attention span/interest if he/she doesn't have that particular plane, or simply not interested in flying it. Hence all of the MP servers are in to: a) historical war (with large plane selection, target areas for everyone's taste b) ahistorical war (same as above but with larg
  9. there was a response from the devs stating it's an optical illusion. I.e. the aircraft actually stays the same size but the background gets closer/bigger and the brain can't cope with it in a logical way.
  10. I completely agree with you if you're dealing with AA set on medium. But TAW AA? That's something else entirely I personally experienced its wrath when I was at 3K altitude, diving on the objective in FW190 in a parabola curve path at almost 700kmh when a SINGLE flack took me out. πŸ˜„ I mean.. .. i'm still speechless .. i can't come up with any arguments for that, man.. lol edit: and by "SINGLE" flack I mean there were neither flack explosions prior nor after my ultimate demise. It was literally a "one shot=one kill" flack. That's some Gandalf "you shall not pass" stuff right t
  11. the Internet and its vast informational archives are at your finger tips, my friend. Use it! It can bring pleasure and enjoyment to an otherwise mundane task of the yesteryears. πŸ˜„
  12. I honestly don't follow your line of arguments. If you want historical setups then someone somewhere can research the use of these driveable AA's and set them up for some scenarios. Or they can just use them a-historically. The devs are giving us (well, selling us) another tool, it's up to us when and how to use it.
  13. - TAW doesn't need player controlled AA because they use aimbot for their AA, which is much better than any human controlled AA. It's not in their interest to provide this functionality. - SP career/scripted campaigns follow the appropriate timeframes. - MP? Well, MP is for fun. You want the historical grind fun? Get on SP dynamic campaign or TAW. You want to have fun in general? Then join MP with various historical, ahistorical or fantasy setups. The driveable AA's are for that.
  14. it's SP career vs. MP servers with custom maps. You guys are talking about 2 different things.
  15. I think you're possibly mixing up your desires and expectations vs. what's actually happening in these full real servers. Also, what do you mean by 'don't have free tanks' due to a bug? Are you saying that 2 tanks that are included in BoS aren't playable? I've never tried to actually play in them, but they are definitely available to me if I select the tank spawn in MP..
  16. I think it follows the spirit of any vehicle use in IL2. If it was available on a whim without bailing out of the plane/exiting the game then these could become camping magnets. In full real servers (Finnish or TAW) you can control tanks (without TC) and attack the objective on the ground. These AA can also follow the same engagement style, protecting the player controlled tank(s) from the plane. there's plenty of game scenarios to make use of these AA's. I understand your sentiment, but have you actually played on Full Real servers with player controlled
  17. why does everyone keep bringing up TC? In the IL2 base game there is a possibility to drive couple of tanks. I think these AA units will be added to the IL2 base, not TC.. Unless I'm wrong?
  18. I seriously doubt anyone would be sitting in the vehicle the whole map period and waiting for the enemy planes. These vehicles will be used on the basis of the "hey, our objective shows 2 enemy planes are near, let's spawn in AA and see if we can tag those bastards... play for 5 mins, planes are gone, ok, let's get back to flying.." etc...
  19. I think it's an awesome addition to the game for the full real servers. Having a player controlled, maneuverable AA vehicle that can sit quiet behind some ground target ready to pounce on the unsuspecting aircraft, all of this introduces an additional dynamic to the game field. some will argue that it should be already included in the base game. My argument is: you want cool new stuff? Support the devs!
  20. too much of a good thing (frequent game patches and the latest awesome Visibility update) and our community's standards for Dev's releases became too damn high! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ @Jason, it's your own doing, you are spoiling us! πŸ˜„ I have one question: do these vehicles require IL2 BOx or the Tank Crew?
  21. the reason why Reshade keeps coming up is because it's a tool that allows for "visual hacking". It doesn't meant that everyone is doing it, but the tool exists and it can be abused. Examples of reshade manipulation that can be used in the game (the ones that I have personally seen): - remove clouds, or modify its shader to be pretty much transparent - external airplane shader can be configured to block the sun, so if you're chasing some in to the sun they are still perfectly visible to you - spotting trick as for high contrast for moving objects 3dmigoto mod f
  22. ok, fair enough. Thank you for answering my questions, @LLv34_Temuri
  23. how does it affect the frontline move? The enemy just turkey shoots the players on the ground... The planes can be resupplied from the back just as easily. There are no defenses being destroyed, no depots. Just pounding any freshly spawned player on the temp airfields. They can wait for the plane to start up and take off and then pounce on him - it'll be exactly the same result... What am I missing?
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