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  1. try adding these registry entries to disable the forced updates. They work on Windows Pro for me, Windows just alerts me but doesn't install anything. Not sure if they work for Home version though (if that's what you have)... launch cmd.exe with "run as Administrator", then just paste them in to the command prompt reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU" /v NoAutoUpdate /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU" /v AUOptions /t REG_DWORD /d 2 /f reg add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU" /
  2. d'oh.. 3 hours difference.. i usually fly around 8-9pm-12am eastern, so that may be too early for you but let me know anyway. yeah, the aircraft ID is a tough thing in VR but don't fret: - make sure you can use VR zoom, this is imperative - fly/train in Berloga as much as possible. It's a fast action dog-fight server (don't need to fly far) that'll teach you to tell a friend from a foe. It won't be easy but like you said IL has a steep learning curve. This is one of those curves. I was thinking about venturing in to TAW but a lone wolf won't last long there, so I was thinking
  3. hey, Pshootr, what time zone are u in? I fly in vr as well, we can meet up on a ts somewhere if our time zones match, mine is EST (near DC).
  4. what timezone are you in, Tiger? edit: ah, you're in UK.. a bit tough for the US to accommodate your time zone, most folks here fly in the evenings.. it'd be a super late night for you..
  5. I'd be down for x4 zoom in the style of "let me pull my binoculars out", i.e. there'll be a significant delay in activating this feature, 4-5 seconds, very shaky, etc.. Otherwise every person would use this feature for airplane spotting 24x7. I just want it so I can see which targets to bomb on the ground as you know in VR it's all fuzzy even with x2.
  6. your description is pretty tasty, that's for sure. Thank you for such a vivid picture of your on-line battles in TAW, I think I'll finally give it a try, especially if it starts with the "early planes" and progresses from there. I also fly in VR, which to say the least is rather difficult for the aircraft ID'ing in a tag-less server, so this kind of a review coming from another VR fellow makes me pretty optimistic!
  7. do you guys get paid for flying in such conditions? I swear the more I read about these rules and people's reaction to them the less "game entertainment" I feel. Resembles some Navy academy with bunks and a bureaucratic commission.
  8. hello, dear devs. As a frequent VR flyer may I request the following modifications to the "Limit VR view" on the grounds that the current state of it is bonkers. - increase the size of the VR Limit "bubble". This way I can lean in to the instrument panel to actually see it up close. Right now it's quite impossible, there's some movement but not much - ability to get closer to the outer cockpit glass. Right now in VR it seems I can get only within 10cm of the glass. - give us the ability to disable the "bump in to cockpit with your head" sound? (!!!!!). It's by far the most anno
  9. lol, my dealer is just fine, thank you.. I get what you're saying, I guess by normal I meant "I got used to it". Yes, the getting close to the instruments to read them and the whole scene moving with you is annoying, true. The only way I get around it is by 'zooming' on the gauges, i.e. i don't have to move closer physically. I think what devs should do is increase the lock-in 'bubble' to accommodate the full cockpit movements, getting closer to the instruments .. and disable the damn sound!
  10. yup in Berloga you can stick your head thru the cockpit.. personally I got used to the 'realism' of locking the vr view to the cockpit, it does feel normal now, i.e. not cheating, although imho it's hard to quantify the % of cheating going on here as you can't look backwards with ease anyway, whereas the track-ir folks can easily 'snap-to-6' view with no distortion very very quickly (compared to my head and neck muscles involvement). however what I do hate is the sound when the head bumps in to the cockpit glass.. I wish there were a way to disable it.
  11. It's an interesting conversation you guys are having. I've been contemplating on joining TAW, however after reading these types of 'reviews' it does seem you need a full 8hr work day just to fly one mission for a rather questionable reward. And I thought the 5 min penalty was bad, as in I fly in VR so I literally have to sit and stare at a map for 5 mins.. which doesn't translate too well in to a "game" feel (at least in other VR enabled games you can 'spectate' other players, but not in Il2 obviously). I'm glad TAW has a high number of followers (judging by the MP player screen counters),
  12. if it's Full it doesn't reduce anything. If it's 0 then it's free to reduce it whenever it wants. It's not exactly intuitive, that's for sure.
  13. I've left it at 1/FULL while in VR, mostly because it conflicts with the 90fps requirement for VR. You can use it if you get 90fps about 99% of the time (which suffice to say is very difficult to achieve in VR given the ton of game load variables). However if your VR varies between 45 and 90 this setting (i.e. anything less than 1/FULL) will reduce the resolution pretty much permanently.
  14. yup, it's definitely implemented in the game. I noticed it when I was messing around with the graphics settings to get my VR run smoothly and at certain configuration the targets were jumping in sizes in front of my eyes, like for 1 second it's large then get reduced to 10% of its size, then back to enlarged, then back to small, at least for the air targets.. I can also tell that there's a scaling thing going on with the ground targets as well, because I can see them fairly well in VR. Now compared to Il2 in DCS the ground targets are freaking minuscule in VR, especially the tanks/bmp's, i
  15. unfortunately in VR the zoom is a must have. All aircraft looks like a gray blob as there's no way to distinguish between dark green or dark gray, forget about any special markings. Even with zoom it's quite impossible. The only way the zoom helps is to identify the silhouette of the wing if you're lucky enough to catch the plane in a "view from top or above" type of a situation. Occasionally the profile of the aircraft is enough to make a correct identification (109's only really).
  16. I've rediscovered LAGG just recently and now I'm truly enjoying learning and more and more with it. It always attracted me with the firepower but its seeming twitchiness and instability at low speeds was really the problem with my flying style. It took me 3 months and now I'm on the road to recovery. LA5 is great in chasing and climbing but its super creaky noise during turn fights makes me anxious, I feel like I'm on some rickety wooden pirate ship with its masts bending under heavy winds and about to give way and snap. Seriously, that noise, is the only reason I hate flying it but if on
  17. p40 can turn as good as spit (imho) but it does lose the energy much quicker so you must keep an eye on the airspeed at all times. Also at WEP in a dive you must keep an eye on the manifold pressure and throttle back as it doesn't have an rpm governor and will overspeed and blow the engine up. P40 is all about the deflection shots at .30 and .40, so just keep practicing those...
  18. i'm all for the realism, however a balanced one. I can see this working in the CoOP mode as the dumb AI won't do anything silly to aggravate the player base. however in the MP, regardless how policed it is (which is never hard enough), there's always going to be cases where this model is abused. Well, at least in the open MP servers. If you're running a locked MP server with your group you can dictate any rules you want, and I'm sure given enough time you can find people who think alike.
  19. my gripe with WEP timers is that I have no idea when it actually resets to 0 after I've gone full boost and then returned to normal/or/combat operating procedure. I suspect it doesn't return to 0 as soon as you pull back the throttle, but when does it? There's definitely a time period between full boost sessions but there's absolutely no indication when and what they are. In DCS spit you do have a 5 minute WEP timer, but it's solely dependent on 2 factors - rad temperature and Oil temperature. So you must keep an eye on both of them all the time, but doing so you can engage WEP at any time
  20. I watched that episode. They couldn't purchase the ammo anywhere so the resorted to manufacturing it themselves. Hence the lame anti-climatic fire bomb end.
  21. lol, wow, I recall that.. i'm slowly becoming infamous for my in-chat expletives (my apologies). I'm working on that, trust me! In other games I've seen one can enable only the certain players to be heard by either clicking on the voice icons or by grouping in to a squad. I do agree that with people constantly joining/leaving this could become an issue, but a person not interested in it could just shut it off completely or again enable it selectively... Edit: What I'm trying to say is that right now with TS or Discord there are 2 extremes: - either you have to be a member of a t
  22. just wanted to thank the devs for everything they're doing, it's an incredible game that I spend more and more time playing.. Now, as far technicals: is it ever going to have an in-game VoiP ? TS and Discord are fine if you're in a team and part of a pre-arranged meet, missions, etc. Unfortunately everyone's schedule is different. It'd be so nice to just jump in to a server and start chatting away with whomever is there..... sigh..
  23. ah, yes, finally an E7 campaign!!! Will give it a try tonight! For the past month I've been flying only E7 in Berloga MP so I got my coordination down with this bird... .. hopefully..
  24. interesting, didn't realize there were dramamine junkies.. Well, if all fails then just adhere to a VR training regiment akin to the jet pilot training albeit with a bit different goal. - Launch VR - Play 10-15 mins or whatever amount it takes you to start feeling uneasy queasy (but don't force it or push hard for it! I.e. as soon as you start feeling it click Exit) - Stop the game - Don't play it for 1-2 days <--- this is important. You must clear your head from the association. - Come back, repeat. - You'll notice after couple of weeks you can play for 25-30% longer, i.e. you'r
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