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  1. Oculus has a small opening by the bridge of your nose that you can use to peek at keyboard/buttons (nose hack lol). Coupled with a small RII keyboard I put on my hand it's a decent solution. Typing messages with one hand is quirky but at least there's a Mouse input...
  2. I think the grass is of a wrong shade as well to tell you the truth. In the summer months its more of a beige ivory variety with the sprinkles of green pine needles.
  3. unfortunately ctrl-1 is the only way what I do however is don't disable ASW (because of smoothness like u said) but assign the "hud off/on" switch to a joystick. I turn off hud when I'm in a close dog fight to get the smooth experience. It's a trade off...
  4. I like the MC.202 Series VIII. It's a very strange plane to fly, but it's so darn confusing for everyone around it that if you master it you may have an upper hand in a lot of situations. The only drawback is its armament in WOL they've disabled its awesome cannons leaving with a rain of .50 led which is good but you'd need to hang on the enemy's 6 for a wee bit longer compared to couple of massive nuclear hits with 20mm.
  5. Look at it as a simple challenge for your imagination. Just pretend that your plane hasn't been serviced in the past 1,500 hours due to intense and never ending scrambles and intercepts. And the mission you're currently playing is the 'last' mission allowed by the service record. Baby your engine and you'll be alright.
  6. I don't agree with you. Super sampling is absolutely not AntiAliasing. It's two completely different technologies destined for obtaining two different goals. AA is based on a sampled signal but that's where the similarities (if you can even call them that) end. Super Sampling in VR is doing the following: - requests the GPU to render the scene at the HIGHER resolution than VR displays allow, i.e. render the image at 3840x2500 an then downsample it to 1080x1200 in Rift. - the downsampled end result will contain a lot more graphical 'density' information if you will, i.e. a lot more shadin
  7. the VR support for this game was introduced only in May of 2017, also I don't think there's any other flying sim game that offers any kind of a zoom so Il2 bringing it in even at x2 is quite a differentiator. There are some dev requests to give us x4 or x8.. but it's ultimately up to the game product management/dev to decide if it's truly needed and how much it would cost them to implement it.
  8. I agree with you and I agree with Fenris_Wolf. I prefer running 4xAA and your setup for SP. It does make the game look pretty. However in MP world it's totally different. And Fenris' tips are for the mp specifically. First of all MP server with a ton of players will introduce a rather significant fps drop, hence anything to improve it goes there. The 0xAA is purely for the enemy spotting. In MP everyone and their mother flies at 50-100 meter altitudes (except for bombers). The 0xAA in MP creates a distinguishable white 'glow' around an object, which helps with spotting tremendously in
  9. it does, I've noticed the effects and they pretty much make everything blurrier. The challenge with this setting in VR, however, is that VR tries to maintain 90fps at all times. So whenever your VR isn't at 90fps that setting will kick in and will stay until the scene is back to 90fps. In my setup with 88-90fps, i.e. not constant 90fps, the resolution drop caused by this setting was pretty much permanent.
  10. you fly in VR, I think (me as well)? Sometimes we need those darn icons, don't we.. But everything else should be on Extreme!
  11. I'll fly them all. The only thing I hope.. and it's really the ONLY thing I hope for is the ability to run the campaigns in Custom difficulty.
  12. in DCS there's a damage log, i.e. it's a text log stating explicitly which part/component of the airframe, engine, electrical, hydraulics, etc was hit. Visually it all looks the same but the log helps determining the root cause of the poor aircraft performance. I wish Il2 had the same. Then you'd have a better idea of why "one time in a band camp I got hit and flew for 25mins and another time for only 1 min".
  13. thank you guys for the awesome product, I truly love the series and look forward to playing it in January, Jason! One question, and hopefully a little request (?) - will campaign be available in CUSTOM difficulty so I can experience it in many difficulty variations other than easy/hard? Please? pretty pretty please? I fly in VR and we're stuck in limbo when it comes to .. well.. you know all the vr drawbacks..
  14. cool, i just got an e-mail from them as well.. can't wait to try it. My pc monitor is away from the cockpit vr setup I have so the desktop access thru VR is definitely a huge plus!
  15. is this something different than Num5 view re-center? That's what I use for getting the right position of the gun sight etc.. I bound it to a joystick button via joy2key client... is there something else on top of it we can use? Problem with my head set up is that sometimes tracking gets lost and my cockpit either slides down or up.. which i think is an Oculus problem possibly.. But then I have to reset the view yet again and it can take 4-5 times to get it right, especially if it happens in a roll turn...
  16. welcome to the destruction timers club E7 has 1 min of boosted power, and per my experience it's a 'combined' timer over a course of a 4-5 min dog fight. I.e. you can either use it all at once for a whole minute, or back off after every 15-20 seconds, i.e. u can do it 3-4 times within a certain period, which is unknown, but I suspect it resets back to 0 after 10 mins. I just trained myself to start counting mississipi's in my head as the cockpit timer requires too much brain power to process during the dog fight.
  17. happens to all, no sweat, as long as you're not a psychopath we're good I find TAW pilots to be the ones most engaged with the Il2 fantasy universe. And they do everything to deepen the immersion of realism regardless of how silly it looks to the creatively dull outsiders. Sometimes I wish this game would provoke the same level of fantasy in yours truly but alas I have other hobbies and prefer GPS so I can fly and get shit done vs. pondering on my mortality for an hour sitting in the cockpit at 3km. I personally don't think TAW type of people are responsible for any demise of any comm
  18. cool it, man.. lol you need to understand that these so-called elitists are just the old spirited folks who simply don't like run and frag action (brought to you by carl's junior). They enjoy a slow paced game with lots of planning, pretend pre-flight meetings, using a special convo over the TS and insisting on using only the convo from the wwII .. and I presume they also the jokes from the 40's. And they like all human beings do have their egos show up once in a while. I think his minute arcade comment was totally out-shined by your hilarious (to me) response in terms of elitism, or
  19. thank you, that's encouraging. I suppose now it's up to il2 devs to figure out the scaling issues...
  20. goofy as in the scale idp is off like in the odyssey? I guess if it's unplayable then what's the point .. yup..
  21. thank you for the feedback, sounds interesting. Quick question - are you able to set the SS higher than 1.0 in this headset and if it affects the clarity similar to cv1?
  22. if Dash would allow me to use team-speak in VR, or any other windows application i have running (or not) - this would definitely be a plus! The little text description blurp about Dash suggests it... how it'll actually work is a different thing. It'd be nice to use keyboard and a mouse on top of the controllers as well.
  23. 1) download a client 2) install a client 3) run a client 4) click on Connect. 5) type in the server url, or ip, and optionally port number (or if necessary a password) 6) once connected you'll be dropped in to a Lobby. If there are people in the Lobby you'll be able to chat with them immediately. 7) you can also create your own 'channel' within the server you're connected (if the server allows for that). Right-click on the server, select "create channel". You can name it, assign pwd, etc, and then instruct your buddies to join that server and then join your channel. 8) in TS client opti
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